Carly Monardo’s Starfire

Note: Here’s a redesign of Tamaran princess Koriand’r, AKA Starfire, of Teen Titans fame from our good friend and awesome character designer, Carly Monardo of being amazing fame!  This look has a more formal, perhaps grown-up, kinda vibe than Kori’s usual uniforms, and it reminds me a lot of the awesome pseudo-classical alien costumes in old b/w sci-fi serials. Space-classy! – Dean Trippe

Carly had this to say about her redesign:

My take on Koriand’r, better known as Starfire! I wanted to accentuate her feline qualities, so I gave her “whisker”-like freckles and thin pupils. I kept her hair big on top (flat-haired Kori just doesn’t do it for me), but pulled it back in a thick braid so it’s slightly more manageable. The armor was partly influenced by ancient Persian armor; the symbol I designed as a sort of Tamaranean emblem that could also appear on a flag or…more armor I guess. I kept some cleavage cos I thought Kori would want it that way.

8 comments to “Carly Monardo’s Starfire”
  1. I like this, but think the hair should be bigger. Also, I’m not sure about her “feline” qualities, but I do like that she looks more alien here. Love the armor. Makes her look more like the regal warrior she is.

  2. She looks like she could be at home on Paradise Island. I don’t mind the feline qualities– I like them!– but I would like to see some kind of “effect” with her hair.

  3. Wait, but I didn’t think it was Starfire if she didn’t look like a stripper?
    The old costume may actually win the prize for Most-Ridiculous-of-Famous-Mainstream-Characters. Ever.
    This is much better. Though it lacks for otherworldliness. This looks very much of Earth.

    Still, she’s moved here and we’re Kori’s adopted land, so that’s not so hard to believe.

  4. I really enjoy this redesign. It makes me think Alien Localized. Since Kori is now living on Earth, of course she’d adopt some style from our civilizations. I like the hair, but I think I might have done something else instead of the bands holding her hair. The straps holding up the chest armor are very nice. The perfect width. Fantastic job!

  5. Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats H0ooo!
    This could be Lion-O long lost sister who was raised by WonderWoman, I love it.

  6. Yay! Finally we have a modern female superheroine who doesn’t look like she was just getting dressed when Per Degaton attacked!

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