10 comments to “Sketchbook Saturday: Nate Bellegarde’s Joker”
  1. A little too “horror” for my taste, but I can’t deny his creepiness. I think it’s a great character design, but for a mainstream Batman book, he’s a little too Two-Face.

  2. Truly horrific takes on the Joker make me feel like people miss the point of the Joker. That said, I would pay good money to commission a Two-Face from Bellegarde. I bet it’d look even more horrific AND snazzy.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Nate’s Joker for a long time, and I still think this is awesome!
    I’m with Vito, these have to see some Trippey colours on ’em!

  4. Someone’s gonna color this right? Tell me someone’s gonna color this. Someone color this. This needs to be colored! This is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!

  5. Tim Burton forever scarred the face of the Joker, and Nolan further carved this look into canon. While it’s not “My” Joker, the drawings are fantastic, from his haircut to the shape of his head. I like the Joker a little more menacing and formidable then the super-skinny weakling he’s so often portrayed as. Remember people, in his first appearance, he duked it out with Bat-Man! Very nicely done.

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