10 comments to “James Harren’s Venom Symbiotes”
  1. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a standard Venom where Brock’s face was revealed by the symbiote unhinging it’s jaw like that. It’s such a simple approach. And the way the tongue goes under the chin? Excellent!

    The one thing that has always bothered me about Venom is how some artists draw his mouth as somehow cavernous. Brock’s head would have to go completely missing for that to be possible.

    They’ve worked their way around it by explaining that the symbiote can change it’s mass and cocoon the host entirely. But I still think that’s cheap.

  2. These are so fantastic, such an obvious idea that I’m surprised this hasn’t been done before.
    I have to agree with hinge jaw looking great, and super duper extra creepy as well, to see a face emerging from within the face. Makes things that much more visceral and icky.

  3. I like how the symbiote makes a mocking effort to replicate the heroes’ normal costume. I can feel it infest their heads with terrible thoughts and urges.

  4. Love them, Wolvenom especially. Due in no small part to combining the two characters’ names and stressing ‘nom’, as in ‘om nom nom’. I hope there are more to come, they’re awesome.

  5. It’s very reminiscent of Ultimate Venom, with the face coming out of the mouth and the monstrosity of it all.

  6. I think a marvel event involving a symbiote invasion would be cool. I also like how made them feel truly alien (daredevil has a xenomorph feel to it.)

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