McDuffie Week at Project: Rooftop

In memory of our friend and fellow creator, Dwayne McDuffie, Project: Rooftop is announcing an open call for redesigns of Virgil Hawkins, the electromagnetic metahuman hero known as Static. Created by McDuffie and artist John Paul Leon, Static was the most successful break-out character of the Milestone Comics company, finding success in the animated series Static Shock on Kids WB!, and eventually joined the Teen Titans following McDuffie’s merger of the DC and Milestone universes.

Submissions should be sent to by Friday, March 4th with the subject line “McDuffie Week.” Be sure to include your name and website with your attached submission. We’ll showcase the entries throughout the following week. (If you’d like to send in fan art or redesigns of other characters you associate with Dwayne’s work, feel free. We’ll round those up in a separate post.)

Dwayne’s work in the field of comics and animation was near-universally respected. His knowledge and understanding of the DCU heroes in particular, always meant a lot to me. He worked for Marvel, DC, founded Milestone along with Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle, achieved more respect and admiration as a screenwriter for Justice League Unlimited and other DC animated projects, faithfully bringing the light of our heroes to the non-comics-reading public. Dwayne has left us far too soon, with too many wonderful stories left untold.

The passing of one of our own always leaves us with that feeling, unbearably aware of the unfairly stolen future. So now, that friendship, those kindnesses, and all those stories fall as new responsibilities to us. Please join us in celebrating Dwayne McDuffie’s life and work here at P:R.

Dean Trippe

11 comments to “McDuffie Week at Project: Rooftop”
  1. This man was a huge inspiration to me, I wouldn’t be doing half of what I am now if it wasn’t for him. I’m so glad you’re doing this, I definitely want to participate in this.

  2. really sad. everybody else seems to be gushing with their memories and condolences and personal experiences or whatever, but it just doesn’t feel right doing that.

    man, March 4th, you guys get intense with these deadlines. i really want to do Static but i don’t know if i can do anything substantial by then. i’ll try. i do have my Blood Syndicate pin-up i did for Milestone Forever, can i submit that for the separate post even though i drew it a while ago? :\

  3. I’d love to get in on this. McDuffie was my hero.
    May he rest in peace, and all blessings to his family.

  4. I wish I knew about this, the Milestone Imprint and his work on Justice League/Unlimited and the DC Universe animated movies are huge inspirations to me. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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