All-Ages All Stars: Bill Walko’s Teen Titans

Note: Rooftop Readers will recognize the work of our good pal Bill Walko, who’s been sending us fantastic All-Ages All-Star entries for a while now. Today we’re taking a look at Bill’s Teen Titans collection, which, if you follow Bill’s work, you’ll already know, has become something of a magnum opus. His most recent pic, Teen Titans: The Early Years is the one I’ve really been waiting for. That’s my favorite roster, from the original series. Good grief, Nick Cardy ruled. We’ve also rounded up the rest of Bill’s Teen Titans illos, so check ’em out, with notes and commentary from Mr. Walko himself! – Dean Trippe

Season One: Ginchy Get Together

Robin! Aqualad! Kid Flash! Speedy! Wonder Girl! Get ready for the ginchiest get together ever, daddios! It’s the fab five Titans coolin’ their heels in Titans Lair between missions: Robin-O reviews fan mail, Gillhead raps with his Aquachick, Speedio lays the charm on Wonder Chick while Flasheroo returns with almost all the pizza intact! Dig it.

Season Two: Dig That Spooky Cemetary

Well, we’ve really gotten ourselves into a hairy scene this time,” gulped the fleet-footed Kid Flash. “Yes, I’ve never felt such evil vibes in one place,” echoed Lilith, sensory teen siren extraordinaire. That’s actual dialogue from an early-70s-era Teen Titans comic. In the course of Teen Titans #33-43, the series was largely driven by Lilith’s mysticism, prompting the super-hero team to tackle various supernatural goings-on.

I always liked this era, because it reminded me of those old Hanna-Barbera cartoons, where a group of unsupervised teens would tool around investigating mysteries. So in this piece, I drew our favorite ghost-busting teen team supreme [from left to right]: Kid Flash, Robin, Mal Duncan, Lilith, Gnarrk, Wonder Girl and Speedy. Zoinks! Enjoy.

Season Three: Saturday Night at Gabriels’ Horn

In the late seventies, DC Comics revived the Teen Titans into the Swingin’ Seventies. Their headquarters was a disco in Long Island and they fought some roller skating thugs. Hey, it was the seventies. The line-up: Herald, Bumblebee, Robin, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Harlequin (aka Joker’s Daughter) and Aqualad. Speedy and Herald played in a rock group known as “Great Frog,” so here’s the team getting down and funky in between super-heroing. You really can’t make this stuff up! And what was with the 70s and all those adventurous teenagers in bands?

Titans West: Crime’s Down, Surf’s Up

Before the Avengers, Justice League or X-Men, the Teen Titans was the first super-team to franchise itself. In the Swingin’ 70s, Titans West hit the scene. It’s membership: Beast Boy, the shape-shifting green-skinned orphan; Lilith, the teen psychic fashionista; Flamebird, the self-proclaimed Robin groupie; Golden Eagle, So-Cal slacker turned hero-for-profit; and Hawk & Dove, the brothers balancing pacifism and aggression.

I wanted to capture the fun spirit of the team merged with that So-Cal lifestyle. So here’s the crew chillin’ at the beach right after taking down that super creep, Captian Calamity.

Titans: Zero Hour

IN COLOR! Titans: Zero Hour: Here’s the Teen Titans team after DC’s “Zero Hour” event. I always thought it was a pretty cool line-up: Arsenal, Darkstar Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, Supergirl, Terra II, Mirage, Damage, Impulse, Minion and Rose Wilson. I was always bummed we never got a full “group shot”. So here it is, by me. :)

A Titans Tower Christmas

Here’s a sequel to last year’s Teen Titans Christmas party with the new roster (plus a few visiting friends). From left to right: Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Robin (Tim Drake), Ravager, Superboy, Beast Boy, Robin (Damien Wayne), Miss Martian, new Titan Solstice, Zachary Zatara and Raven. I wish Beast Boy a lot of luck trying to get Ravager and Damien in the Christmas mood….