18 comments to “Static: Redesign of the Cool, Part One”
  1. …yeah, no lie! They’re all cool, but that Kris Anka design is SICK! That needs to show up in continuity immediately.

  2. Diggin’ Anka’s also. The glowing white is perfect and I appreciate the omission of blue, keeping Static comfortably apart from Black Lightning.

  3. Chistopher Duran’s has a great super-hero feel. like a static all grown up, or one thats trying out for the justice league.

    this is a great batch, and yes, Kris Anka is amazing.

  4. Kris Anka’s art actually channels his original costume quite nicely which I much appreciate.

    Can’t wait to see more of these.

  5. I second G.D.’s comment. These are all wonderful but Anka’s is a thing of beauty. Great design and great art. Can’t wait to see the rest throughout the week!

  6. Daniel’s comment got me thinking, and I’ve been trying to pair these designs with the team each would belong to.

    I agree, the Christopher Duran design feels at home with JLA, and both the Paul Milligan and Diana Mallery are fresh takes on a new start with the Teen Titans.

    Samir Barrett’s piece is like an older, angrier Static that finds his way onto the Outsiders roster.

    and the Kris Anka is as if Static pulled a Captain Atom and found himself in the Wildstorm universe. In that picture, I can’t see him about to deliver some nasty stuff onto the Midnighter’s head.

  7. All great stuff. Gonna join the band wagon, and say that Kris Anka’s redesign is stunning. Paul’s also gets some love for his retro design. Awesome stuff.

  8. Man, I hate that I have nothing original to post, but Anka’s is amazing. I feels like Static and while the redesign is amazing, the finished piece takes it to another level. Just awesome.

  9. My favs on this page in order are:
    1. Kris Anka- It’s just a bad ass pic! Simple design, and well drawn.
    2. Paul Milligan- Reminds me of Black Lightning but if he were a teen. Love the Morpheus shades.
    3. Diana Mallery- It’s an updated version of his comic and toon look. I’m down!!

  10. DC needs to put that Kris Anka design into motion immediately. I don’t want to see anything else in the comics, now.

  11. At the risk of jumping on the bandwagon, Anka’s design really, really works. Practical, while true to the spirit of the character, and would look very charismatic for a superhero in the real world.

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