10 comments on “Static: Redesign of the Cool, Part Two
  1. Love alex Mitchell’s urban warrior look! if that is white face paint, then i’m REALLY sold on the design. Everyone else did a tremendous job in this batch, with Dennis Culver and Jemma Salume visibly having fun with their designs.

  2. For this page I’d say my favs are:
    1. Rashad Doucet- I really like the extreme sport look, and the sleek look with the sunglasses instead of goggles. The trench looks more like a cape, which I like.
    2. Stefan Grambart- Also reminds me of Black Lightning most recent look with the bald head and color scheme. I really like the simplicity of this look. The face however looks a little alien, but its still a great look.
    3. Jemma Salume- Very original take. I like how he fits into the regular clothes as costume club of Superboy and Wonder girl with this.
    4. Dennis Culver- Making STatic a full on superhero with a cape was risky, but he pulled it off.

  3. Salume’s design looks FABULOUS ;)

    I like the second one from the waist up especially, really elegant. The bottom half could do with something to unify the costume and make it appear less casual (and by casual I mean Andre 3000 out buying groceries casual.) Blue boots maybe? It’d feel more superheroic that way, I think. Overall, great stuff though.

  4. Awww thanks for the comments guys!

    It’s an honour to be included in this tribute alongside some damn fine talent! I need to thank Rick for reminding me about this P:R deadline though… Thanks!

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