Aquaman: Sea Change Honorable Mentions

Note: Here are the Honorable Mentions and late entries for our Aquaman: Sea Change contest. Thanks so much to everyone who entered. As usual, I think batch of contest entries is the best we’ve ever had. You rock hard, P:R artists! – Dean Trippe

Ming Doyle

Lee Chen Fang

Joel Carroll

Brian Mead

Casey Cookson

Katie Cook

Jason Horn

Note: Lots more Aquamans after the jump! – D.T.

Michael Dake

Michael Magtanong

Michael Mucci

Michelle Sciuto

Lucky Johnston

Braden D. Lamb

Charles Rouse-Rodriguez

Dennis Culver

Felipe Sobreiro

Fernando Rofe-Bouso

Giovanni Costa

James Mosingo


Jesse Aclin

Keith Howell

Mr. Walters

Patricio Oliver

Paul Salvi

Ramon Villalobos


Robert Wilson IV

Ryan Cove

Samir Barrett

Stefan Tosheff

Stephen Andrade

Tom Kurzanski

Vincent Istria

Yifan Jiang

Matt Grigsby

Teemu Matinlauri

Joel Carroll

22 comments to “Aquaman: Sea Change Honorable Mentions”
  1. Woah. These are all fantastic! My favs have to be Michelle Sciuto’s, Lucky Johnstone’s, Jesse Acins, Mr Walters’ and Joel Carroll’s. And anything’s better with Katie Cook. Does anybody else get a Venture Bros vibe from Paul Salvi’s entry?
    I had an idea using white and orange colours to emulate a sort of clownfish pattern, but I never got round to actually designing it.

  2. Whoa, that Stefan Tosheff design is incredible! If DC wants to sell us on the whole grim n’ gritty Aquaman look once and for all, this is definitely the one to go with.

  3. I like Jeremia’s!

    Tho a wallpaper of Michael Dake’s would be super cool. I’d put that on my computer in a second (I work at Clean Water Action).

  4. Wow, these look really awesome!
    Did some entries not get put up? Because I put a ton of work into mine and submitted on time, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the honorable mentions and I’m just a little bummed out to not have made it on the page. :(

  5. @Maggie – Sorry you didn’t make the Honorable Mentions, but only about 20-30% of contest entries actually make it onto the site.

  6. Okay, that’s totally understandable, I’m blown away by how many entries there are! I’m definitely spurred to strive for more next time. :)

  7. Dang couldnt crack this one! next time. Anyways awesome work everyone! Jesse design one is so cool and unique~! Giovanni design is killer personally. Thanks for all the art. Keep it going!

  8. I loved the bizarre, rough around the edges, pulpy qualities of Teemu Matinlauri, Mr. Walters, Jesse Aclin, and Lee Chen Fang redesigns.

    Likewise the flair for high science adventure suggested by the work from Samir Barrett, Matt Grigsby, Tom Kurzanski.

    Nicely done, all.

  9. Thanks for the honorable mention, guys!
    Teemu Matinlauri wins this one for me because of the great suit and incredibly tiny hat but Stefan Tosheff’s version has the best pants.

  10. Glad to be in the honorable mention. Thanks Rooftop guys!
    Dave: Thanks for noticing the Dunkleosteus shoulder armor.
    Glad you guys like my redesign. :)
    Many great redesigns here. Specially like Walter, Samir Barrett, Stefan Tosheff, Vincent Istria, Teemu Matinlauri’s redesign.

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