The Amazing Spider-Marvels

Note: Via BleedingCool, the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #667, by Humberto Ramos, with what appears to be a fun way to promote Dan Slott’s upcoming “SPIDER-EVERYONE!” storyline. Great, great choices here, merging Spider-Man variants with Marvel heroes, Amalgam-style. Hahaha, seriously, I love this cover too much. – Dean Trippe

Humberto Ramos

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  1. That Shang-Chi x Spider-Man Unlimited one is super-hot. Reminds me of a teen-aged fontasy I had about Spider-Man learning All The Martial Arts (Bruce Wayne style), and becoming unstoppable. Like, if he can beat up villains with super-powers and no training, imagine what he could do once he knew The Secret Techniques! He would wear a karate headband over his mask, obviously.

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