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  1. These are good improvements. But it would also help if the actress who played Diana were a little more statuesque and didn’t look like Megan Fox going to a Halloween party.

  2. MUCH BETTER! Is it great? No but definitely a step in the right direction. I think it needs the straps that the Jim lee design had to give it a bit more functionality and not worry about wardrobe malfunctions.

  3. Those little changes add up to a big improvement. There are still some weird choices here, especially the clunky belt, but I can live with this one.

  4. Notese que cambiaron el pantalón de goma por uno de gamuza, y el color en las botas ahora esta mucho mejor. Lo que me sigue chocando es el corset y la tiara de plástico.

  5. Yay! Red boots! No high-heels either! :D
    This actually doesn’t look too shabby. I don’t know if it’s just the lighting, but the darker pants work and they don’t look like pvc leather. The belt and the eagle still look tacky though.

  6. I like the non-shiny pants and the new boots much better. I’m not so sure about the top half now, though. It just looks a little plastic-y. Still, it’s not a bad translation of a superhero costume to the real world, which isn’t always easy to do. I think I approve overall.

  7. It’s a nice improvement but far from perfect. The gold and silver parts need to look less “cheap costume” and more “actual armor”, the tacked on pieces (I.E. the red stars and the =W= on the boots and bracelets) have to go, rework the side seams on the pants, bring back the white on the red boots and the stars on her pants, ditch the belt, breast plate, and tiara for the Terry Dodson versions, and the corset needs to look less plastic and put on some straps in case of any “slippage” (might wanna refer to the link below, forth photo down to get what I mean).


    And I gotta agree with Tom Brazelton on this one. I would have gone with a slightly older and more statuesque to play Wonder Woman. I’d go with Jessica Biel ftw but this is one fellow’s opinion.

    Mr. Q

  8. My biggest issue with the costume was the shiny plastic bustier- it looks like a Halloween costume that you’d buy online.

  9. It looks much better, but she is so covered up from the bust down I feel like she needs something around her shoulder or neck line. Also it still feels cheap over all…

  10. One thing no one has mentioned yet is the fact that they didn’t throw that BRIGHT red lipstick on her, which was something that really distracted me in that first photo. I always figured WW as a natural beauty, not prone to too much makeup (if any at all, really). So I do like that.

    And quickly to address any criticism as to the age of Adrianne Palicki- 1) We’re a youth-obsessed culture, and 2) by picking a young(er) actress to play a role for a series that you as the show runner hope will get picked up and go on a Smallville-esque run of 10+ years, rule of thumb is YOU CAST YOUNG.

  11. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the pictures of the new outfit, but it doesn’t look that bad in the video.

  12. I still have some gripes, but I do love how this costume is so distinctly Wonder Woman. If they could just play with the materials a bit more, make it look a bit less fake, I’d be okay with it.

    @Tom B: I think the actress is pretty tall; does “statuesque” mean bustier? I also feel like Wonder Woman’s got a stature of personality as much as a physical stature (did that make sense? I haven’t had my coffee yet) so I’m going to withhold judgment until I see her in action.

  13. It always bothered me when people use light blue for a costume that is based on the American Flag which contains dark blue so the pants are an improvement even if they look like designer jeans.

    One thing I really like that not many people have picked up on is the return of the Eagle!! In the 80’s DC made the greedy move to replace the iconic eagle with the double W, a logo they could trademark. So yay for the Eagle!

    I have to agree with all the little complaints most people made. In my experience its an indication to the content as well.

    But hurray that internet input has made a difference, however small. If you’ve been all over the web where they’ve posted the costume the comments they were all overwhelmingly bad.

  14. @Karl. The girl is 5′ 11” and 28 years old (or will be in May). It’s not like they cast an 20 year old in the part. They cast appropriately for the part, IMHO.

    I’m not sure what the problem is. I’m not sure I’ve seen as much vitriol against someone for something no one has really seen in a long time. Honestly, it’s like a mobius strip of hate. It’s been hard to look at and at times saddening.

    Dean, if you think the comments in moderation are bad, head over to the EW article and check out those comments.

    I think that it’s a matter of managing ones expectations and desires. I’m not sure a lot of things that are being suggested here would work in live action. Designing for TV, on a TV budget, is different than designing for movies or comics. Those are facts. I think that we’ve had a long time to think about what she might look like on a TV show in our heads. There’s an idealized version there, between the comics and the old TV show, and well, that’s a hard target to hit.

    The Spider-Man movie costume cost somewhere in the rage of 100K per suit. Yes it looked spectacular (with CG enhancements and the like), but in no way is that practical or possible for television.

    Lastly, I’m hearing a lot about realism (particularly with the corset top). To heck with realism. We’re talking about a character that can bench press trucks and run 70 miles an hour. We’re gonna get hung up on whether or not she can fight in high heels or that her breasts are going to spill out? Really?

    Sometimes the realism model works (Iron Man, Captain America) sometimes we need to ditch it (How does the Hulk keep those pants on? OMG, his junk is going to spill out all over the place!). I’m all for a four – color Wonder Woman. It might look a little fake, but that’s cuz, you know, it is.


  15. As I was saying to my friends, it’s much better. The only thing I wish they’d also done (which aggravated my guy friends) was add a little more coverage to the cups. It’s completely possible to have a bustier stay up and not risk breasts flying out of the top when you’re running. You just have to have the cups come up a little higher. Which would balance the look a bit.

    But this is muuuuch better than the last one. Still nowhere near perfect, but you know? It’s a much better starting point.

  16. A significant improvement. I’d probably have picked this to pieces if it were the first thing we’d seen, but now that we know how awful it COULD have been, I’m decidedly in favour of this. Ditching the heels, lipstick and shinypants is great. Keeping the shiny plastic top and crappy-looking rope is bad. That said, they’re leapt towards a much better look, so edging towards a good one is indeed possible. If the show sticks around.

  17. It’s an improvement, but…

    The accessories are still far too over-designed. Anywhere they thought they could stick something shaped like a “W,” there it went. Bracelets, boots, bustier, belt, tiara…too busy. Par down. Simplify. Especially on that ridiculous belt. Ditch the little red stars too.

    In the back of my head, I also think it’s stuck too much between the traditional Wonder Woman look and a modernization. It went halfway and got trapped in no (wo)man’s land. Tacky accessories and pants do not a superheroine make.

  18. The more action shots I see, the more it reads like she got to the scene but didn’t have enough time to change from Diana to Wonder Woman. She’s still got her jeans on! *LoL*

    Speaking of change, how are they going to deal with the ever-popular, iconic transformation spin that Ms. Carter came up with?

    BtW, if ya’ll haven’t YouTubed “Wonder Woman Transformation” your life’s not complete.

  19. been drawing and woke up in the middle of the night thinking about WW’s costume. One thing I do like: she wear pants, not diapers.

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