Kris Anka’s Wonder Woman

Note: Kris Anka just sent over this very war-like rendition of DC’s Wonder Woman. Look below the art for comments from the artist. – Chris Arrant

Wonder Woman by Kris Anka

Kris Anka explains his approach, saying:

I was definitely trying achieve a more legit gladiator look. I went with a majority of leather armoring for a more flexible/useful look. I really wanted to remove all aspects of daintiness from her; make her truly seem someone not to mess with. I always felt the corniness of her costume held back her potential/appeal. The stars were definitely something I was keen to be rid of. Bare feet seemed more proper for fighting than high heels.

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  1. AWESOME! This has got to be the best WW idea ever, Mr. Lee should have done so well.
    I agree on the whole potential of the character not being realized, but something like this could do her a lot of good.
    If I had any critique it would be the bare feet. Boots would work for me… not high-heels.
    Over all though, this is great.


  2. This needs to be in the comics, right now. For all the talk about Wonder Woman’s new costume (and I agree it’s not great), I think Anka is dead on when he says “I always felt the corniness of her costume held back her potential/appeal.”

  3. I really like this!
    After DC published a few warrior Wonder Woman designs, I think mostly in Elseworlds stories, I tried a few variations on the gladiator/Greek warrior theme, but none were as cool as this. I like the subdues colours, and the leather-armour-like look of her bodice

  4. Very interesting take, love how you managed to get rid of such an iconic imagery that were the stars but still preserve the general feeling they gave to the original costume. Not completely sold on the barefeet, though.

  5. Being a woman, these are things I like: shoulder straps to keep things up. Hair up and out of the face.

    However, if I’m going to fight, I’m going to want shoes.

  6. One of the best updates I’ve ever seen. A++. I’ve always been taken with the idea of integrating the warrior discipline into her costume.

    Maybe we can add some soles to her shin guards. Sort of sandal like.

  7. Really, really fantastic. I think this is the strongest and yet still feminine look I’ve ever really seen in a Wonder Woman costume. I mean, it’s almost Power Girlish in what it’s saying. “Yes, I’m strong and yes I’m a woman, I can be both”. I would also love to think that Diana can just throw on a cape when in the presence of her mother. I have to agree with Red though. I think shoes are kind of a must if your going into battle.

  8. LOVE IT. I’ve always been a fan of the more traditionally Amazon-looking costumes for WW, and this is great. I love the colors, the straps, the shin guards and the tiara-cum-headband. Not crazy about the W armband, but whatever. As for the bare feet- when it comes to heroes in the power class she’s in, I stop caring about the practicality of the costume. WW once emerged from a vat of molten lava unscathed, so I doubt she’ll be phased by a lack of arch support.

  9. I’m going to start the camp of ‘Yes To Bare Feet’ here.

    1. People need to know how to draw feet. If Wonder Woman was a barefoot character, then that’s already a screening process for artists getting assigned to a WW book.

    2. I get bent out of shape when it comes nit-picking bold costume choices, in the sense that these are super-powered individuals and their skin can deflect bullets and withstand scrapes and falling from the sky into concrete and all sorts of stuff. Anyone who’s that tough does not need shoes OR CLOTHES for that matter. This means it all gets boiled down to the character’s personal preference.

    Does WW NEED to wear shoes? No. Our suspension of disbelief would not come crashing down if we read a comic about a shoeless WW running around. Shanna the She-Devil, Tigra and plenty of other characters don’t even own a pair of socks, let alone a comfy pair of sneakers. They get into plenty of adventures and do just fine, and they’re not even as god-like as WW.

    Shoes serve a purpose, definitely. A good purpose. They protect our feet and toes! Shoes are super-swell. I know I need mine. Don’t leave the house without them. I can easily see this WW wearing shoes because Kris didn’t draw her toes, and the design is still top notch.

    On a personal note, the women I’ve known have tended to HATE shoes (wearing them, not owning many of them), and as soon as the weather permits shoes are cast off until the cold weather comes back. It’s a stereotype I like to entertain through anecdotal evidence of my own experiences, but in this case it’s a reason why a shoeless, bad-ass Wonder Woman appeals to me— because girls love running around barefoot.

  10. This is beautiful. Just breathtaking.

    The gladiatrix look definitely makes her look powerful, formidable, and on par with Superman and Power Girl visually.

    I like that she still has the “American Flag costume” vibe but it’s more subtle and not as over the top. The stars on the bottom of the outfit were great in the 70s but this costume is very now.

  11. I love it! I wouldn’t mind seeing some subtle stars worked in, though, like maybe the rivets at the ends of the strap skirt?

  12. This is the exact look I would’ve wanted for a film, except for the hair (Down is more iconic). EVerything brown should be burgandy or maroon, and she should have boots on under the leg gauards (just no heels). Very Xena-ish and what i would like for a real world WW.

  13. Re-designing WW is a house of cards.

    Quinones’ was well-drawn, but the themes that inform the character were only assembled, not sifted and matured. Part of the supersuit was Superhero stock, some was mythological armor. This one dwells too much on her Xena-like qualities, which is nice and good, until the woman has to exist in 2011. Superman’s underwear suffers similarly, but Quitely can get away with anything.

    Still, I love the artwork, and I feel the choices made were intelligent and correct.

  14. Looks great. I really love the way Kris incorporated so many elements of the original costume, but really went for what makes sense for an Amazon princess. This outfit blends the ancient Greek aesthetic with Diana’s classic iconography.

    While the whole outfit looks like it could be made by hand out of tanned & dyed leather, cloth, and crafted metals- there are still the modern touches. I particularly like the W’s as armbands and as accents on the parts protecting the tops of the feet. Also, I like the segmented pieces that really seem to work as flexible protection for the torso. the small stars on the forearms are also a nice touch.

    Additionally, this outfit has flexibility. A regal cape could be added for formal occasions or even the length of the skirt (?) could be changed, as well as removing some of the protective pieces on the arms and legs- if there was a ceremonial on non-combat reason to do so. Superman gets to be Clark and Batman can put on his civilian duds- but WW spends a lot of time in the exact same outfit. So, I think Kris has left this design flexible and versatile, which (to me) is a huge improvement. I think an outfit like this would really let Diana, as a well-rounded character, show through. Maybe someday we’ll get a design like this. In the meantime, thanks for pointing the way Kris- Great Work!

  15. Amazing! This really brings the warrior angle up and still keeps the classic style and red, white & blue (although muted).

    The classic costume is fun (and classic for a reason), but really made no sense considering the Greek heritage and the combatant nature of the character. This is a re-imagining that pays service to the fans, but really captures the essence of Wonder Woman in my opinion.

    Way to go Kris! Keep up the great work!!

  16. There’s something so classy about this (also your other designs). Fresh and pleasing to the eye. The color combinations, the interesting shapes, the way you blend practical and fanciful elements — I’m a big fan.

  17. I’m not all that sold on the barefoot thing. Having said that, though, you managed to redesign the costume, but still have her be recognizable as Wonder Woman, and still have it feel iconic. That can’t have been an easy task, but it’s SO AMAZING. This might be one of my favourite Wonder Woman redesigns of all time.

  18. Definitely one of the best Wonder Woman redesigns I’ve ever seen. It maintains the silhouette of the original, but looks so FIERCE! I’ve been watching Spartacus (the one with Lucy Lawless) and I could see this version of Diana stepping into the ring with gladiators and kicking some major butt. Great work.

  19. I keep coming back to this design. It’s just gorgeous. It’s intricate yet bold and striking but not garish. The stance helps immensely. She LOOKS like Wonder Woman, y’know?

    I’d love to see some other artists take this design and create some art pieces of her in action, different angles, lighting etc. to really get a feel for how this would look in a comic.

  20. Oh wow, I love this. It’s tough and gorgeous, all at once. I’d make the little gold rivets stars, the bring back that imagery.

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