Toks Solarin’s Red Robin

Note: Rockstar character designer Toks Solarin did this re-design of DC’s Red Robin, a.k.a. Tim Drake. Solarin’s thought-out design would give Batman himself a run for his money when it comes to costume design. – Chris A.

On Solarin’s DeviantArt account he describes the genesis of this design, saying:

This redesign came about because I didn’t like Red robin’s suit, It looked to much like Dr Midnite’s and the cowl just looked like Batman’s without the ears. So I figured put my money where my mouth is and this is what I came up with. The younger generation is always more willing to embrace technology so i thought Red Robin would use tech to enhance his abilities. His armour is made from a very flexible, strong, temperature resistant alloy. I gave him a helmet rather than a cowl for many reasons , it offers more protection, can have a whole host of readouts (like Iron Man) and is extra handy when it comes time for a head butt! I made the cloak jet black as I imagined it was made out of some kind of none reflective material. It’s experimental but it some how dampens light and reflection making it perfect for stealthing in shadows. I kept the cape lining yellow just as a nod to him once being Robin.

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  1. I very much like it. My only issue with it is something you have no control over-the name. If only he could be called Raven, or Redhawk or something. Anyway, very cool design.

  2. As much as I like this (and I like it a lot), I want an “R” logo. Somewhere. I know Tim doesn’t use one anymore as RR, but something like that, as an identifier, would be cool. To me anywhere. It probably doesn’t need it.

  3. I love it!! It’s very Gatchaman, but that was a design element that was already in the final Robin costume (cape with “feathers”, and an overall bird motif). The helmet makes it a little more evident, but it’s completely appropiate.

    I hope DC is watching this, it’d be a really welcome design update, avoiding confusions with the current Robin.

  4. YES!!! This is Awesome!
    It definitely takes all that is Tim Drake and puts it into a fitting legacy costume.
    The helmet’s a great idea, too. It bothers me in a Nolan-esque why the Robins don’t wear headgear. Sure, they’re supposed to look bright and cheerful, but, c’mon, Bruce. They’re kids.

  5. Love it! I agree with everyone – cool japanese hero influence à la Gatchaman. This costume would be really complemented with similarly themed Robin motorcyle.

  6. Before I even read these comments I was thinking “OMH, BATTLE OF THE FREAKIN’ PLANETS!!!” — so thanks for stealing my thunder folks… JK. Seriously though, this design is killer.

  7. THIS IS SWEET! The Gatchaman influence is perfect, they even did it in the last two seasons of “Teen Titans” with Robin wearing a helmet that looked like theirs and his cape had feathers and was used for gliding, at least in an episode. I really agree with everything the artist has said. Tim has always been a techy guy, so for him to have his outfit decked out with it makes sense, but he wouldn’t have to rely on it due to his trianing and years without it. I also like the way the helmet looks like a bird’s head. i think the use of yellow on the inside of the cape definitely helps seperate the rest of the costume. great look all around and one I think DC should really use or at least something like it.

  8. Very nice! I’ve been wanting someone to do a redesign of Tim for awhile. His costume and name are awful, but his book is actually very good. Luckily I recently saw an interview with Marcus To that hinted at a costume change closer to a far better costume he wears in the undernet a few issues back. Now if only someone would take a crack at the worlds worst costume. Ravager. Poor Ravager.

  9. Gatchaman!! :D
    Big, big improvement over the last costume!
    I’ve got to agree with Vito though. There needs to be an RR somewhere.
    Love the pale yellow though.

  10. Great design- looks sleek and functional, but with nice nods to Tim Drake’s individual characteristics as well as his Red Robin persona.

  11. While the gatchman influence is present I don’t think it’s so immediately derivative to make someone go “oh, pfft. Gatchman knock-off.” Toks has pushed the design to be something unto itself and that’s very commendable. The look is far more armored for one.

    I’d also suggest that he doesn’t need the “r” or any other embellishment — the belt logo does that heavy lifting. Now, you could certainly argue that the logo itself might not be “ownable” to the character since other characters bear similar (The Blackhawks, Hawkman/Hawkwoman, Raven, etc.) but that’s not Tok’s issue per se.

  12. Wow thanks for all the positive response guys!
    Chris A thanks for putting my redesign up here, and for any one that’s interested here’s an answer to a question I got on my Deviantart page which gives a wee bit more detail as to what I imagined the suits capabilities were :
    When I was designing the suit I imagined it all as one suit, a super high tech light weight flexible battle armour.
    Something that would enhance his natural abilities it would also regulate his body temp,as well as being fire proof, water proof, bullet proof. It would have state of the art Surveillance and communications abilities and stealth enhancements very much a prototye for the Batman Beyond suit.

  13. Nice. This fixes the fundamental problem with the Red Robin costume–the cowl. Some artists can pull off the ear-less cowl, but most can’t. Having it be a more defined piece with side flaps to provide definition and shape is a good solution.

    I would remove about 50% of the techno-lines on the main costume, but definitely keep the red on the helmet and that red collar. It looks excellent when the cloak is at rest. One or two of those red stripes around the boot area also helps to break up the black of the pants.

  14. This is sublime. The side view with the cape closed really seals how badass it is – and what a run for the money it could give Bats costume.

  15. Nice design, definitely an improvement. The beak-y cowl and tech-y approach remind me of Eric Canete’s Nightwing (which I really wish DC would take up).

    Todd Klein highlighted the problem with the Red Robin symbol – and by extension any bird-references in Robin costumes – which is that they have almost nothing to do with this guy. Which is perfectly understandable – cute and spherical is probably not the image any nocturnal vigilante is looking to evoke, but it’s the only logical endpoint to the Robin-as-in-the-bird take. Of course, Shiner’s renaming suggestions would solve that.

  16. EPIC! Young, slick, modern and functional. LOVE the panels on the side helmet (that extend over the jaw line), they have a kind of centurion thing that comes out of nowhere and that’s cool… sweet!

  17. You know what I think I like most about this costume redesign? Solarin drew Tim as a young adult and not as a teenager. That’s the one thing that really keeps from from getting into the character. I kind of feel like he’s still Robin but just playing dress-up. Something subtle like increasing his bulk would very subtly communicate that Tim is more substantial as a fighter. More mature.

  18. About the Robin ‘symbol’… I always liked the one used in the (bad) movie ‘Batman & Robin’. It looked cool, was distinctive and messed well with the bat symbol although it obviously wasn’t an actual robin shape. But then again the bat symbol isn’t exactly a true representation of a bat.

    So in short, everybody use that as Robins symbol, or the “R”

  19. This is a gorgeous, clean design. The lines in the breast armor and on the thighs work in harmony and have a layered feel not unlike feathers. The cowl, while being high tech, is very like a predatory bird. The negative red in the boots gives them an almost talon look. Well done.

  20. I like the helmet in place of the cowl, I like keeping the cape instead of going with the wings. Those are very strong points of this design.

    The rest I could take or leave. Although I will say I’m pleased there are no Cable-style yellow belts anywhere.

  21. Love the redesign, but now RR looks like an evil member of Science Team Ninja Gatchaman.

    … On second thought, that’s not a bad thing at all. Can his cape double as a personal glider?

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