16 comments to “Logan’s Angels of Fury by Phil Noto”
  1. Y like the concept, and even the team would have a character for every “role”, but maybe they need color on their uniforms… The classic black & gold would work, with more black than gold on the girls, yellow accesories (Pixie’s globes, Rogue’s scarf…), and Logan’s current yellow outfit.

  2. I’d love a series like this! Some of my favorite characters are in that group. I’m just wondering though, when was Pixie every Wolverine’s sidekick?

  3. Awesome! Wasn’t aware Pixie was one of Wolverine’s sidekicks. But this could actuallymake an interesting story. X-23 (Still think she should take the name Talon) and Jubilee are about to cross paths. Greta pic though.

  4. This isn’t doing anything for me visually. The concept of the team dynamic is interesting just not liking the white…almost like they’re ghosts or angels or something…wait…ohhh, now I get it.

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  6. It’s a pity Marrow/Sarah was not included. I always thought that relationship was pretty interesting and loved Marrow and Jubilee’s interaction when Marrow tells her to man up. ; D I love them both dearly

  7. Wait, were the costumes suposed to be white? I was under the impression that he just didn’t finish the picture yet, and hadn’t got around to coloring the costumes. Hopefully thats the case, because the X-men look weird in all white.

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