Marko Djurdjevic’s X-Men

Note: Marko Djurdjevic has become a prolific cover artist and character designer for Marvel Comics, but he first got noticed by doing some X-Men redesigns for fun back in 2006. Although these designs are years old, they display an immense creativity that made Marvel quickly snap him up. – Chris A.

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  1. These are awesome but what are they supposed to be? Re-imagining the X-men in Street gear? An alternate universe? Whatever they are they look pretty cool.

  2. I love the renderings themselves, and think that Magneto, Juggernaut, and Sabretooth come out strong, but otherwise can’t really get behind the homeless hipster X-men.

  3. Juggy looks like kinds of awesome in more realistic proportions. He looks even more intimidating for some reason.

  4. I had the hardest time trying to find these for a while last year. Some of these are excellent, and would work in the 616 or something extremely close. I know I would totally eat it up if Sam rocketed around in cowboy gear at all times, and Banshee looks so cool here. Nice to see his Juggernaut (or at least the helmet) got semi-recycled into Fear Itself!

  5. I’d actually never seen these! First I saw of Djurdjevic’s work was that He-Man stuff. Sabretooth looks menacing.

  6. I admire these for their creativity, but they make a lot of the X-Men look incredibly out of character and would only work in an alternate universe/reimagined storyline, IMO.

    Would Bishop really ever dress that way? Storm looks good, and would probably wear that.

  7. They’re all beautifully done, but I just don’t get it? Is this meant to be a more realistic take on the X-Men? Mutants as a civil rights group as opposed to a para-military strike force? Cause that would be awesome! I just wish I had some context. My favourites are definitely the Colossus, Bishop and Sabretooth costumes.

  8. Let’s not forget that before Marvel, Marko’s job WAS as a concept art designer (I think for Massive Black, the guys that run where these were first posted by Marko). He was not an “unknown” or unfamiliar with re-designs by any means. Don’t want people to look at this and think Marvel just hired the guy based on these sketches alone. He kinda already had the resume for it.

  9. Brilliant!!
    I loved these designs the first time I saw them, but then they came with descriptions about changes in the characters’ backstories that could have made an interesting alternate world mini-series about a real-world street x-men team.

  10. I tend to have the same arguments about these redesigns others have already posted but the He-Man related redesigns at the link Avi posted are out of this world. The classic He-Man / Mad Max mash-up really works.

  11. Could Wolverine even get a tattoo? I think his healing factor would somehow prevent it so maybe he drew them on with sharpie. And is there anyway Prof X would let Iceman run (slide) around with his pants sagging so low?

  12. I’m confused as to why Angel has a Mohawk… other then that, this is fucking AWESOME!

    MARVEL! Give this man a job!

  13. love them all except for colossus. too much garment for the muscle of the team. not suggesting skimpy clothes just, a little less bulk… and the mild mannered piotr definitely looks off with a cigarette…

  14. I remember seeing these designs ages ago and like another poster mentioned up thread they had a back story. It was one of those “everyone’s a petty jerk” AUs: Angel had had sex with all of the XWomen and they (the Xwomen) were plotting against him; Bishop was a gang leader. And I remember not liking the designs then…and I still don’t now.

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