Charles Rouse-Rodriguez’s Wasp & Yellowjacket!

Note: Artist Charles Rouse-Rodriguez reunites and redesigns the diminutive duo of the Wasp and Yellowjacket in this two-toned tech upgrade. Although they’re no longer together in comics, Rouse brings new life to these costumes and their partnership. Bonus points for the Mega Man-esque energy gloves and fingers on Hank Pym. – Chris A.

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  1. Yellow-Jacket was always my favorite hero design wise, the black and yellow just did it for me (I was also a sucker for Stryper). Unfortunately this isn’t doing it for me. The absence of any kind of eyes make them look like robots and the energy hands enforce that ‘inhuman’ quality in YJ. I am glad that Charles gave YJ black leggings but would’ve liked to see his take on the boots.

    On the positive side I love how they have a unified look, Wasp never really had a definitive look and this could be the one, if she had visible eyes. Love the yellow wings, they are a nice departure from her usual light-blue/grey wings.

    Oh, and the artwork is incredible!

  2. Can I say how much I love the rounded gauntlets on Yellowjacket? I love them a lot. Perfect mix of design and tech and really sells the simplified aerodynamic shape of most insects.

    I’m not crazy about the visor, though. I want to see the eyes.

  3. Overall, I love these. Janet Van Dyne (I’m assuming it’s Janet in the costume) finally really looks like a superhero. The only quibble I have is that I can’t figure out what’s going on with the hands on the Yellowjacket costume. But other than that — great!

  4. I like the co-ordinated costumes. They feel both modern and within the tradition of the characters.

    One quibble, is that Wasp has never had her face covered before. It strikes me as a bit out of character.

  5. Those are great. Always loved Yellowjacket.

    So what is supposed to be going on with his gauntlets? Are they firing bolts that have been drawn to look like fingers just for coolness’ sake? Are they prjecting “prosthetic” energy fingers? Also be curious to hear if their waist lights and Wasp’s boot bottoms have any practical purpose.

    I guess I’ll check Charles’ blog for possible elaboration.

  6. It is odd that Wasp hasn’t really use a black and yellow colour scheme before. This really makes them seem like a team, and it’s so obvious yet so original.

  7. @dnwilliams
    “you know what it is…..”
    *ahem.. sorry, couldn’t help it.

    I like these designs, the gauntlets in particular are new and refreshing. Another strength is the symmetry between the two suits. I’m not against the opaque visors completely- but I do think they might need a little reworking. Maybe lighten the opacity of the visors a little so that some semblance of the underlying facial features can be seen, but without really defining their features too much. I don’t know what the best answer is- but I feel confident that Mr. Rouse-Rodriguez has a pretty good handle on what makes these characters work.

    Great job Charles.

  8. The gloves on Yellowjacket rock. I’m surpised that some of the commenters seem puzzled by what’s going on with them. They’re clearly energy projected fingers. I’m guessing they can be manipulated into various shapes and the hand units probably double as wasp stingers.

    I’m coming up short on a story reason for the waist lights though.

  9. George:
    It is odd that Wasp hasn’t really use a black and yellow colour scheme before. This really makes them seem like a team, and it’s so obvious yet so original.

    She has:

    I adore the redesigns though and frankly with all that pym tech and the attenae and such I’m sure they can have high-tech holographic huds conveying info to them. My quibble is around Pym’s buggy symbol. Would’ve loved to have seen the patterns on Wasps torso tweaked and used for him as well.

    Love the belt buckle.

  10. I guess MY biggest issue with the energy hands are that they don’t appear longer than the average forearm. It looks as if Dr. Pym may have been a bit careless during one of his experiments and blow both hands clean off. I think I even see one of the stumps behind that yellow glass/energy dome thing.

    Actually, that might be an interesting story…are there any double amputee heroes out there? Who better to overcome a injury like that than a scientist who at times builds (evil) androids? Now I like the energy hands idea, it has legs…so to speak.

  11. Thanks so much for all the input! For some reason I really like designing my tech characters with “Digital Digits”; so they look like hard light constructs of fingers or toes. I also thought it worked for Hank cause the gauntlets look more like bee/wasp stingers.

    The idea for the opaque dome heasds was that underneath they would have data streams ala Iron Man movie, so instead of looking out of a mask they have displays with 360 degree views and incoming data from their onboard computers. I thought of having like a digital display of their eyes on the vizors instead of making the mask a little more see through so people can see their faces.

    As for the glow on the belt of YJ and the waist of Wasp…. just to add a little flash.

  12. I know it’s kind of uncommon for her, but I like that Wasp is rocking a cybernetic helmet. All the better for communicating with insect life, y’know. Besides, Jan’s old looks never really looked like a wasp as much as they looked like Tinkerbell.

  13. Looks fine, but the mask don’t do it for me, especially for Jan. It just seems out of character

  14. I hate these characters.

    I love these designs.

    They are incredible, striking, and scream “husband and wife tech0-enhanced crime-fighting duo” to me.

    Oooh there’s a thought – what if this was a picture of Wasp and Yellowjacket but not Janet and Hank?

  15. @Bear Thats an interesting idea! It would be cool like this was the new team. Janet dead and hank just wants to invent and be a scientist so he gives two other people the suites to fight crime and continue the Wasp/Yellowjacket legacy

  16. @ George, Wasp used a black and yellow color scheme tons of times, especially in the John Buscema-pencilled Avengers stories before and during the ‘Under Siege’ storyline.

    The YJ costume looks fine, but I don’t think Jan would wear that costume. As others have said, she wouldn’t cover her face (she’s one of the few heroes with a public identity, for a start), and she wouldn’t need the stinger devices on her wrists as she could generate stings herself.

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