Yuko Ota’s Storm!

Note: Artist Yuko Ota has given us a familiar 80s era Storm and given her clothes to match her hair color. Want to know about her friend? See below for her comments – Chris A.

Yuko explains her design (and the interesting creature next to her) by saying:

So in Pokémon Black/White, there’s this little electric zebra called Blitzle.  I caught one, named her Ororo, the nerdy cogs started turning, and then this happened. Pokémon-inspired 80’s Storm costume.  Yup. The costume definitely isn’t meant to be practical by any means, it’s just meant to take some visual cues from the pokémon.

8 comments to “Yuko Ota’s Storm!”
  1. Well I love it! And I know it’s a small detail, but I like that her fingernails are painted black like a punk rocker’s. They easily could have been painted white, but to compliment the toes of her boots and the Blitzle’s hooves, you went with the black.

  2. I saw this on her Tumblr and loooooved it. This 80s Storm looks like so much fun. And honestly? Pokemon/X-Men mashups could be a thing.

  3. Wow, I love how dark the skin tone came out. I think Storm looks her best with darker skin, and I’m always a little annoyed when colorists lighten her. It’s an awesome piece.

  4. I like the detail with the belt on the side, kind of like those big low-slung belts of the 80s. And great expression on her face. I am definitely not messing with her.

  5. Love it, love everything about it. This looks and feels like Storm to me and I would buy any book that featured her with this look.

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