Marvel’s “X-Men: Evolution” Variant Covers Costume Cavalcade!

Note: Marvel really been thinking outside the box lately when it comes to variant covers. From last year’s Iron Man: By Design variants to its Tron: Legacy covers and now this. This series of covers, dubbed “X-Men: Evolutions,” hits the high points of costume design for a host of X-men as well as two notable villains. The stand-outs for me are the diverse array of designs for Storm drawn by David Yardin, as well as thinking about how many designs for Wolverine that didn’t make it into Patrick Zircher’s line-up. – Chris A.

Storm line-up by David Yardin

Wolverine line-up by Patrick Zircher

Kitty Pryde line-up by David Lopez

Hope line-up by Michael Ryan

Sabretooth line-up by Patrick Zircher

Beast line-up by Lee Weeks

Magneto line-up by Khoi Pham

Havok line-up by Larry Stroman

Iceman line-up by Brandon Peterson

Emma Frost line-up by Greg Tocchini

Angel line-up by John Tyler Christopher

Rogue line-up by Chris Stevens

Jean Grey line-up by Paul Renaud

Cyclops line-up by Mario Alberti

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  1. I’m just stoked to see something (anything!) from Larry Stroman

    There are few nice pieces of artwork here, and it’s nice to look at the design evolution. I’m not big on covers that are completely unrelated to the book they appear on, though. And I might be showing my age, but the best designs seem to all lie within the first two stages.

  2. I’d seen most of these before. Glad they’re still puting them out, though kinda wish Storm had her Hammer in the pic when she’s in her Asgardian gear. My favs so far are Storm, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Emma, Jean, (why does hope even have one? LOL) Magneto, and Beast but I like them all.

  3. It’s a bit jarring at first to see the title name along with the completely unrelated character. For example, that’s a nice piece of Storm artwork, but it says “the Mighty Thor” on it. I would have liked to see a few different, long-standing characters rather than Hope and Sabertooth showcased. I suppose Gambit, Psylocke, and Colossus wouldn’t have provided much variation through the years (similar to the included Iceman). It is amazing how many designs for Storm, Wolverine, and Rogue had to be left out. Too bad some of Emma’s Generation X outfits aren’t there, either.
    I like that Shadowcat’s costume evolution also shows a progression of her attitude and confidence, too.

  4. All nice work but for me I think Paul Renaud’s piece really stands out. Also makes you realize how many changes the X-Men cast have been through. I like browsing Micro-Heroes {} to see all/most of the changes.

    The most substantial missing look is Angel with his razor wings, that was a landmark change for the character. Kitty Pride really needs a definitive look and can’t Beast get some sort of laser eye surgery?

  5. IMO, Storm should be the next Project Rooftop competition. She’s about the MOST iconic superherine Marvel has.

  6. It is interesting that Paul Renaud chose to highlight the great Frank Quitley design in his piece, but those designs ignored by the Cyclops and Wolverine artists.

  7. Dean Hacker:
    It is interesting that Paul Renaud chose to highlight the great Frank Quitley design in his piece, but those designs ignored by the Cyclops and Wolverine artists.

    I dunno; I like the Quitely designs, but they’re uniforms to the point of all basically being the same suit. It’s nice that one artist gave the design a shout-out but I don’t think it needs to be everywhere.

  8. You know, for a long time I thought that white fur on Sabertooth’s costume was actually him. It’s kind of odd seeing him in an entirely different sort of look.

  9. And I’m willing to bet that Jean only wears the Quitely costume because that’s what she died in.

  10. I’m surprised Kitty’s “Sprite” look didn’t make the cut just for sheer ridiculousness.

  11. I wonder: has the Storm character ever had a look that actually made her hair look African? An afro, braids, dreadlocks, anything?

  12. “She had braids once. Might’ve just been a whim of the artist though.” Yeah, must’ve been pretty fleeting. Can’t turn up any images of it.

    Sad, really. Still, a good idea there if they do decide to a competition on Storm.

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