All-Ages All-Stars: Bill Walko’s Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

Note: Bill Walko does it again! P:R readers should remember his work from the frequent submissions he’s done for us over the years, and this newest piece really digs deep into a fondly-remembered 80s cartoon series of mine. Stay tuned for Bill’s commentary below the art! – Chris A.

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: “Chillin’ In The Crime Lab”

Ah, the Spider-Friends. One of my favorite cartoons as a kid… probably because Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar were so much cooler and funnier than the Superfriends. And remember how their apartment converted into a high-tech crime lab with the twist of that football trophy? Well, here it is — the Spidey Pals – Pete, Bobby, Angelica and even Ms. Lion – in their civvies. I took the look they had in the show and gave ’em some more modern looks. Spider Friends…. go for it.

11 comments to “All-Ages All-Stars: Bill Walko’s Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends”
  1. I really like it, and the temperature-controlled snacks are a bonus. What’s the little note on the computer say?

  2. There’s so much potential for an all ages book like this. And by “all ages” I mean what Lee, Ditko, Romita, Kane, Buscema et al did for about the first 130 issues of Amazing Spider-man.

  3. Great pic. Brings back memories. I’m hoping there’s a nod to this in the upcoming Ultimate Spiderman tv series like there was in the Ultimate Comics.

  4. Why is Pete holing that dog? Anyway loved this show when I was a kid and this could work like a sitcom if done right. They could say things to Firestar like “You look hot today!” and to Iceman they’d comment when he does something mean “Man, that’s cold.” Also pretty nice computer!

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