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  1. @Jay Originally it was a mask but after the costume was grafted to his body the mask became his new face.

    @ANdy here is the backstory I had for Blue Devil:
    Dan Cassidy was a hollywood whiz kid, a double threat special effects artist, and a master stuntman. While on location in Japan making the movie “The Blue Oni” he tested his greatest creation, the superpowered Blue Devil costume. When a group of actors accidently awakened the evil spirit goddess Amanozako Dan is forced to use his devil stunt suit as a weapon to defend his friends from the enraged spirit.

    During the course of the battle he was able to send the monster back to it’s etherial prison while being bombarded with mystic energy unleashed by Amanozako. When he returned to his trailer, Cassidy realized his costume was now a part of him; he was forever changed into the Blue Devil. Described as a “strange magnet” by his friends Dan has found his life plagued by aliens, robots, mystical entities, super-heroes, and super-villains. Now with his immense strength, lightning speed, extraordinary healing abilities, mystic senses, and his energy Naginata which can melt 6 inch steel, shoot electrical bursts, or disrupt a person’s nervous system when it “cuts” them, Cassidy has taken his new role of super hero to new heights making Blue Devil a role of a lifetime!

    @everybody thanks for the kind words everyone!

  2. He actually has a lot of really cool redesigns over at the deviantart.com website. I favorited pretty much all of them because I like them so much.

  3. I can’t imagine what sort of stories would be told using this character (maybe this says more about the limitations of my creativity than it does the design). I like most of the costume, though.

  4. This is great… it makes me think of the Blue Spirit from Avatar, The Last Airbender, but not in any “this is a swipe” way. I would love to see DC take the character in a new direction with this look.

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