Daniel Govar’s New Mutants Collection

Note: Artist Daniel Govar (winner of our recent Aquaman: Sea Change contest) has taken his mind and drawing hand to the second generation of Marvel’s X-Men, the New Mutants. This are characters close to Daniel’s heart as well as more than a few fans, and these innovative designs are a testament to that. – Chris A.

Cannonball was the first in my doodles where I think I nailed down the idea for the uniformity in each of the costumes. I wanted them all to have a unique quality that spoke to their region, in cut and style, but also retain the group motifs. For Cannonball – I knew I wanted greys and blacks for his colors, and played around with a few round shapes and patterns early on, abandoning those for something that bespoke “speed”. I remember turning tight in the comic was always an issue for him, and thought retractable tail-fins would work. The military bar strips at the top of his flight jacket I thought were just to touch to say “leader.”

This was actually the first I did. Thought the tattoo version the best way to preserve the uniform look of her character when she was all flamed up. In her orange and red outfit- I wanted something off the shoulder so her tat was visible, and thought the curves and peaks in the boots, top, and bottom were nods to her fiery nature.

I wanted her costume to truly function – the idea being that the lower portion of her costume peels back when she transforms, to either side and she has a place for her shoes as well. Again, I wanted to keep the duo-tone leathery look as a constant, but with Irish nods – braids, knotwork in belt and top… This one is one of my favorites.

Bobby – coming from money, I figured would have the nicest threads. I also saw him as slightly detached from the others – not having any particular buddy or pal. I originally gave him an all white loose-fitting uniform, with an X badge belt-buckle, but the more I thought about him the more I pictured posturing wrestlers. I tried going for an ornate version of a WWE belt. I gave though to giving him an “X” tattoo as with Magma, only inverted – sort of the yin-yang of each other, but abandoned that idea.

Her outfit was probably the toughest for me to wrap my head around. She has such a mish-mash of styles going on by default with the Eldritch armor, and demon portions – bringing in her own identity – was hard without going too far one way. The badge/communicator X and the duo-tone leathery motifs being the pieces that married her to group. I tried to give what was there of the cut and blade style to be Russian with a twist.

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  1. LOVE EM! Though with Cannonball the fins aren’t truly necesarry any more as he’s pretty much mastered his powers and can do alot with them. The fin though give an almost western look to him which fits. Magma and Wolfsbane are just amazing. I also really like Sunspot. I would have to say i’m not that fond of the demon portions of Magik, as I always thought the satyr legs looked bad. I do like the horns and the over all look though. What happened to Moonstar and Mirage?

  2. I stopped reading New Mutants when Bill Sienkiewicz came on. While I love Bill’s work now, back then, it was such a departure from what Bob McCleod (sp) did and from what was going on in Uncanny, that, as a kid, I couldn’t get with it.

    If I could go back in time, and insert Dan in there, I would have never stopped reading. Hell, if Marvel tapped him to do the book now, I’d jump on. These are great!

  3. A superb job on each character’s costume. It still has the feel of a uniform but it allows them to retain a sense of individuality. Each drawing is unique in their own inventive ways and tells a short story of who they are without saying a word. My one complaint is the X symbol. Not too keen on the curved blades at each end, perhaps the classic X symbol would have worked better imo. Aside from that, this was marvelous.

    P.S. I would have loved to see your Aquaman re-design over what Jim Lee is currently bringing to the table. =)

    Mr. Q

  4. These are gorgeous. The women’s costumes, in particular, are how you do sexy without being overt or excessively revealing. I love the design on Magma.

  5. All nicely done, but Magma is tops for me. The bit with the tattoo really works well. I also like Sunspot’s, esp. the contrast between the with of the uniform and the coal black of his body when he’s powered up, but that belt buckle (?) seems like it would be kind of painful and hazardous to a number of sensitive areas. (Also, as I recall Bobby and Sam were best friends in NM, but I haven’t read the book since the days of Claremont and Sienkiewicz so maybe the status quo has changed).

    Nice job.

  6. Wolfbane’s peeling design is the kind of design that rings all the bells for me. I would love to see but a sketch of it’s human unrolled variant.

  7. I’m bucking the trend here it looks like by saying that I think Magma’s is the weakest of the set in my opinion. It feels too western, too similar in tone/region to Cannonballs. Maybe going for more Roman-esque design patterns would be apt given her origins.

    I think Sunspot’s is really intriguing and quite beautiful. As Mario mentioned with Rahne’s outfit it might be nice to see a non-transformed version. Same holds true on your magnificent take on Magick.

  8. These are all great and takes the characters to a higher level. There is something gritty (but not too much) that is really appealing to me. Almost has a fantasy feel. Sunspot is my fav of the group, such a unique take on his look. At first I wasn’t liking Cannonball’s duds but the more I looked at it I got the no-nonsense feel that Cyclops gives off as a leader.

    Good stuff here!

  9. Your style really reminds me of Frank Quitely, who of course did some of his best work on X-Men. Great work! That Magma illustration in particular is brilliant.

  10. Love ’em, not only do I want to see these costumes in the comics, I want a full Daniel Govar drawn run of New Mutants.

    The only one I don’t flat out love is Magik. Tho I must admit I’ve missed out on the bit with her having demon legs and don’t really remember big horns.
    And I need to see your Moonstar, is she still a bit valkyrie?

    How about these costumes in a New Mutants movie?
    Brilliant work!

  11. I have to agree with Dan here. All the designs are gorgeously executed, but Magma’s costume has a very stylized ‘old west’ look to it which doesn’t really reflect the design possibilities of a character from a lost colony of Romans in the jungle.

    That said, I love the others.
    Sam’s look, especially, really captures his character and personality beautifully. And I love the little pieces of flair and flourishes on both Sunspot and Wolfsbane.

  12. Wow – thanks for such awesome responses everyone. Hopefully you all will enjoy the second set as much :) (Yes, Mirage is in there ;))

    Chad – Thanks! and Yes – she is indeed a Scot. I plan to include an untransformed version of her in the second set.

    Dedpool – Merci :) I was going for “modern south meets the Rocketeer” with Canonball :) I go back and forth on Magik myself. I like the Satyr look – the ideas behind her going more demonic the longer in Limbo, but I adore the old school Magik also…http://danielgovar.com/comics/magik/

    Vito – Ha! I started reading them more when Bill came on. I loved his painterly/sketchy style and the crazy cerebral directions the NM went in. I just wished his interiors at the time were in the style of his cover pieces. Thanks for the kind words, mate! I’d love to do a NM book someday.

    Mr. Q. – Thanks so much! And I can certainly understand the X symbol crit – it is certainly a departure from the usual X and more organic/ornate. Thanks also for the Aquaman nod :) Very kind of you to say!

    Adam – Thank you:)

    Eden – it warms my heart to hear you say that Merci!

    Bryan – She’s already done, just waiting for me to polish off the others :)

    Kalorama – Thanks for the comments. Yeah Bobby’s costume was certainly one of the extreme departures. I am not a big fan of wrestling, but wanted something that screamed “power” “stout” “strong” and the wrestling belt is hard to top. I also drew some inspiration from Japanese plate armor – http://www.japanese-armor.com/images/source/Samurai_Do_maru_armor_piece.jpg

  13. mario – I will throw that in the next set. Thanks for the kind words :)

    Fossilord – Thank you! Very generous of you, sir.

    dan – She is very similar to Canonballs – agreed. And unlike the others this one is more about herpower and less about where she hails from. This one may need a revisit… Thanks muchly for the comments!

    Jay – Really glad to hear that fantasy vibe comes through on these. That non-nonsense thing was exactly what I was after with Cannonball – growing into that leadership role.

    DoctorSmashy – Wow – what a huge compliment. Thank you very much!

    Langrygg – ha! I’d love to oblige :) Moonstar is coming, along with some others, and perhaps another take on Illyana…

    Ralph – Awesome. Thanks, man!

    Pól – thanks for the comments and crits – much appreciated :)

  14. love most of them. great drawing and design. the only issue i have is with sunspot’s boxing championship belt…

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  16. Hey for cannonball i like it so much i was wonderin if there was anyway i would be able to do a cosplay of him?

  17. Jamie – Thank you :) Glad you dig most of them – Sunspot is definitely a departure from the norm and most principles of functional fashion.

    B34R – Sure thing! Cosplay away – you have to send me pics, deal? :)

  18. ya np saulone will make shure to post alot of pics but gonna be a while befor i can get the costume done have to work out a bit im 10 or so pounds away from machin him lol ive got hair and hight down :)

  19. Easily one of the best redesign ensembles I’ve seen. All the costumes are attractive, well-designed, and in keeping with their nature. It’s clear that a lot of love was put not just into the art, but also on the design ideas that went into it. Excellent work.

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  22. I sooooo hate Wolfsbane’s current renditions in the comics. I soooooo love your interpretation here. Kudos. Also like your take on Magma, particularly her hair. Current art just makes her look like another blond with straight blond hair. But you seem to go back to her roots. GOOD JOB!

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