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  1. I like it actually. Though the colors look a little wierd on Hulk and Wolverine, the uniform look works for them. Hulk needs pants though.

  2. Did anyone else ever consider Ghost Rider a hindrance to that team ever coming together for more than a couple of issues? I mean, how exactly are you going to put the Spirit of Vengeance in a uniform?

    That said, I like the design a lot. No reason this couldn’t work for a “main team” design. Although the arm and wrist bands on the Hulk seem a little superfluous.

  3. I really dig that costume design. I’d like to see that in the comics to replace the weird white ones.

  4. The simple, stylised ‘4’ look kind of works, and I like how each team member has a small variant of the same costume. I’ve never been pleased with the FF costumes but this is a step in the right direction. Great colours too.

  5. On these characters the uniform mostly does not work, except maybe for Ghost Rider because it’s pretty close to his original outfit. Webs on Spidey’s head only seems put of place with this suit, the bands on Hulk’s arms seem meaningless, and the colors on Wolverine just don’t work.

    On the positive side as a uniform for the original FF these would look pretty good. Also the “4” logo works well in that it could contain the actual seems for zippers or whatever. They are much better than that white outfit the FF been seen in lately.

  6. The color scheme is too much taken from the Ghost Rider IMO. For him, this looks just like a little tweak to his regular outfit. For the others: too blue and bland for my taste.

  7. <3LOVE<3
    How great is the Fill-in Four. I want see more adventures about this bizarro ass crew being thrown into Cosmic Adventures.
    These costumes are great halfway marks between the classic F4 and the new FF costumes, and the blue gray is a particularly elegant choice of color. The classic costuming added to the mix has the perfect balance of uniform/individual.
    My one picky point is that the repeated kirby line decoration(around hulk's shoulders, Logan's boots and Spidey's Wrist) might be too thin and fussy. Made slightly bolder they would stand out better. In fact the bold banding around Hulks Bicep and wrist might make for a stronger repeating motif.
    And Hulk doesn't need no stinking pants.

  8. I think Wolvie’s mask should be the darker color of blue that we see on his belt,Hulk’s armbands, Ghostrider’s boots, etc. instead of the light blue, and I think the ‘4’ on his belt is unnecessary. Also, I’m left wondering what certain parts of Spidey’s costume that we can’t see clearly look like, such as his back and waist. I agree with Dedpool, Hulkie needs some pants. Those are my only gripes though, and honestly, the matching outfits here are fine the way they are. I really like this one a lot. Great job, Darren!

  9. Am I the only one who thinks that the Hulk’s suit looks painted on? Explains where Wolverine and Ghost Rider are standing – to save our eyes from nekkid Hulkness.

  10. I definitely think in the case of the New Fantastic Four it’s appropriate to (1) get rid of Spidey’s webbing and (2) let Wolverine go mask-less. Both elements remind us of the character’s individual backgrounds, which seems a bit inappropriate for a team book like FF.

    I like, though. Maybe see what it’s like with Gray Hulk?

  11. Ha ha, thanks for all the great comments and design points everyone! (I particularly like all the Hulk pants comments!) I’m glad everyone likes it. I was just messing around really. This is more of a happy accident.

    Anthony’s point about gray Hulk is actually spot on. I totally forgot that in the comics, it WAS the gray Hulk. …Green, Gray, Red… whatever! :P
    And I believe Logan was typically in his civilian jeans, boots and shirt outfit.

    Thanks again my friends!!

  12. amazing designs! love the color tone although shiner’s statement up there does bring up the question about the length of hulk’s pants…

    and don’t you think there’s too many guys with anger issues on the team?

  13. everyone’s got some great points so far, but imagine the DIALOGUE! plus the fact that Wolverine and Hulk have a rocky past (at best). not to mention Ghost Rider’s short fuse and Spidey’s cracks! my only problem is… COME ON!!! another team with Wolverine?! to borrow a bit from comedian, Brian Regan, he’s like Cranberry- the guys in everything!

  14. Wow!! This is too weird – JUST dug those two specific FF issues (348/349) out of storage for the first time in 20 years to show my 9 yro son who didn’t believe me when I told him it actually happened once upon a time. Then not two days later we stumble across this kickass illustration. Love it!

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