P:R Redesign: Albert Hulm’s Wonder Woman, Space Amazon!

Note: Super-heroes are no stranger to space, with some venturing out into it like in Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet to some hailing from space like DC’s Adam Strange. For Albert Hulm‘s submission to P:R, he took DC’s warrior princess  and retrofitted her for space combat. There’s alot to like here, from the tiara-as-visor to the unique skirt that brings in the the patriotic blue that some redesigners miss about WW. – Chris A.

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  1. First off, the coloring is amazing! I’d love to see this WW in a more dynamic pose but when posed all crazy you often can’t see the full details of the suit- so I get it. Even though this wouldn’t really work for current day Wonder Woman it would be great for a future descendant or something. From the waist up it’s nearly perfect but the legs feel a bit clunky. Are those jets on the back of the boots? Lets see the rest of the JL in this style!

  2. That actually looks pretty damned cool. Diana Prince of Mars!! LOL. Seriously it’s a pretty interesting take. The shoulde rpads actually fit her really well. I’d love to see others done like this.

  3. You know, thank goodness that the so-called professionals don’t seem to know how to come up with an eye-pleasing, practical design for the characters they are paid to understand and draw. Otherwise, the artists we see here would not be compelled to come up with gems like this one. Just a few subtle tweeks for a more Earth-bound WW, and this is leaps and bounds better than any recent official redesign.

  4. I . Love. It.

    It keeps the Wonder Woman stylistic but ramps up the attitude for outer space. It’s consistent and practical at the same time.

  5. Awesome! This should be Diana’s alternate outfit for space missions. She should have numerous different suits for different situations. It gives the toy companies options for different action figures (What? Merchandising is not a crime!).

  6. I love most of the design, but for some reason, the skirt just doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the costume. For the most part, it’s very metallic and strong looking, with a lot of practicality. Fix the skirt and I would think it’s perfect. :)

  7. OH MAN THAT VISOR. That is just fantastic. It’s recognizable from far away (which is essential with iconic characters), but still has some really neat design notes that make it stand out as a redesign. Like rocket boots. Always needs rocket boots.


  8. Nice! Loose the Visor and it works as a replacement for Jim Lee’s design! Not that there’s anything wrong with the Tiara-Visor, I love the Tiara-Visor, it’s just too Space-y for Earth.

  9. Thanks a lot to all for the great comments. It´s very motivating to do some improvements of the suit and create some other characters in this style.

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