Daniel Govar’s Justice Society of America Collection

Note: After wowing people with his new take on Marvel’s New Mutants, Daniel Govar is back and taking on DC’s original super-hero team, the Justice Society of America. Govar is no stranger to DC having won the Zuda competition with his webcomic series Azure, but today’s illustrations see him take that style to DC’s old-school heroes. – Chris A.

Green Lantern – I went back and forth on eliminating his cape entirely, and finally settled on keeping it as that and the red on green are what are most identifiable to me. I wanted his high collar to be part of his top, as opposed to his cape to modernize his look. Making the pants tan and making the boots match his belt and cape seemed to make his costume feel more natural to me.

Flash – Not wanting to stray too far in his design, I thought sliming his helm and making his costume more of a running suit – complete with running shoes seemed right. The metallic shiny finish to his suit was also something inspired by track athletes and the Roman god Mercury, from which Flash’s helm is derived. Additionally – I always saw Flash with a runners physique – not so bulky as he’s typically depicted – more of a distance runner.

Dr. Midnite – Going for a falconer’s look, but less medieval, I wanted his costume’s cut to have more graceful features. Also, I felt his moon motif should be more subtle – killing the symbol on his forehead. Aside from that I didn’t want to change his colors much, just tone them down a bit.

Dr Fate – I chose the spiral pattern as a motif throughout his outfit (a repeating pattern in nature), and thought of his costume as being something that grew over him once the helm was worn. I put a little more detail into the shape of the helmet, and wanted the cloak to be slightly more regal, with the two split pieces coming over his pectorals.

Hourman – I confess to not knowing much about him before researching the character for this piece. After reading about him – I couldn’t shake the thought of him being this uber parkour runner, popping a pill to increase his abilities for an hour at a time. That being the case I did lose his cape, but went with a hoodie, running shoes, and fingerless gloves. I also would put a stopwatch on one arm under the hoodie so he knows when his time’s up – his trademark hourglass turning into a logo.

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  1. These are all so great. Making Hourman about speed (but not a speedster) is one of those great “why has no one ever thought of that before” ideas.

  2. Great work as usual, Dan. My favorites here are the two doctors. Fate looks mysterious and exotic at the same time, and Midnite just looks badass (his is my favorite picture overall).
    You did something else here that is significant, you made Hourman interesting to me.
    Can’t wait to see more .

  3. I love them all but Hourman is genius and something DC should really pick up and use as a legacy character in the new U. Doesnt even need to be related to the now defunct JSA concept but just a cool stand alone character in terms of look and potential story. Others are good and I really like Alan Scott and Dr. Midnite but Hourglass takes it for me. Sad to see no Wildcat

  4. that Doctor Fate is absolutely BRILLIANT! the others? not so much.
    But That Dr. Fate, I can’t stop Gawking at it….

  5. Before seeing Hourman’s shoes, I thought he was going for a junkie look. Which would make a lot of sense. A superhero for an hour after popping a pill?

  6. All of these are beautiful. I never followed JSA much because the heroes seemed out of touch with the times. I don’t know if modernizing period characters is a good idea or not – but (without having any connection with the characters) I would buy a book with these characters.

    Green Lantern: looks kind of creepy, I wouldn’t break any intergalactic laws in his vicinity.
    Flash: finally looks like a runner! You ever try running in boots? Also I suspect he wears red to hide his bloody nipples.
    Dr. Midnite: great take on this character.
    Dr Fate: Perfect, the strongest piece of the bunch.
    Hourman: at first glance I thought this was Green Arrow. I know little about HM but he doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the group.

    again- great designs and artwork all around. Wish I could draw anywhere near this level…

  7. That has got to be the single greatest Doctor Fate design I have ever seen. I love the way it blends into itself like that, like it’s organic. Amazing.

  8. This is just amazing. As someone who put together a steampunk revision of Cpt. Marvel as a Science Hero instead of magic, I totally get the directional change to Hourman and really dig it. The rest of the designs are top notch as well. Just kudos.

  9. Awesome work! I love them all, the only thing I miss is at least one ankh on him somewhere. Hourman especially looks awesome, someone you could see jumping into an alleyway to take down a pair of thugs without even stopping to hear a thanks from the victim he just rescued before bounding up a wall and away. Would love to see more of the classics like Wildcat, Hawkman, Sandman and Starman!

  10. I really like all of them, except Hourman. I like the premise but Idunno. They look too much like street clothes. A hooded top works, but the seem down the middle makes it look too much like a plain old hoodie. My question is was this to re-imagine them when they frst debuted or as they’d appear now. I’m guessing how they’d appear now in modern times. My personal favs are GL (love that the cape i black and not purple), Flash (Loved the runner physique and streamlining), and Dr. Midnight. I like Dr. Fate alot too. Basically as I said Hourman is my only isue and it still works.

  11. yo man submit these to DC and make them pay you handsomely for your concepts/design ha ha…seriously I would buy JSA if they looked like this, great stuff honestly.

    –Fate & Midnite are off the hook w/both concepts and design, I almost fell outta my chair…

  12. I like all the designs except for Green Lantern. A high collar on a cape is understandable, but when it’s on his shirt, it just looks like a big popped collar. :P

  13. Love GL and both the Doctors best. Hourman is the weakes of the bunch, he just needs a little more pop to him.

  14. what i love about the Hourman is had no idea who it was supposed to be till i read the name and then looked at it again and saw all the elements were there, the hour glass, the colors, great take on the character.

  15. I like the Green Lantern look but I don’t love it. The design is impressive but, and I gotta agree with Tim Gunn on his review of the GL costumes, its hard to pull off the Christmas colors without looking silly.

    The streamlined Flash costume is sweet but not sure on the darker tone with his look and the smaller helmet. Makes him look too sinister for a golden age hero. But that’s just me.

    Doctor Midnite and Doctor Fate are the top notch ones. Both designs are incredible. With Midnite, his suit is more updated but with a twist and Fate has a more mystical feel to him with this new outfit.

    Finally, the Hourman design looks great and would work on a next-gen hero taking up the role. Could work in the DCnU, but knowing Dan and Jim, he’d get more lines, seams, and useless armor. ^^;

    Excellent job, Daniel. Keep up the great work.

    Mr. Q

  16. Much has been said about the Fate and Hourman designs, but the Green Lantern is my favorite here: great job of breaking down the most important elements of a costume that is traditionally VERY busy and putting them to work in a great streamlined, contemporary package.

  17. James W – Thanks! Hourman was the toughest of the group for me, but things sort of fell into place after abandoning his cape.
    Rob – Thanks, mate! Yeah – the Drs were some of the most fun.
    Bobby2889 – How kind. :) I would love to see DC use Hourman this way. Wildcat may be coming…
    k3m15a – thanks, about Dr. Fate and sorry the others don’t work for you.
    Dennis – Exactly – Superhero via drugs. Could you imagine the stories? My earliest thoughts on him went there. I suppose I think of him more of an adrenalin junkie with his heightened abilities – but adopting a true parkour lifestyle – You could carry that over into how you panel him in pages, gorilla leaping through panels, etc.
    Jay – Thanks for such a thoughtful comment. :) I agree about GL – both he and Fate have such otherworldy abilities. I wasn’t really going for creepy, but with his mask and positioning – I can see that. Thanks about Flash and Midnite, and I agree about Hourman – His was the one character that seemed apart from the others – but then that was the approach I took with him. Thanks again!

  18. I would read the hell out of this. Hey, Didio and Lee- have you seen these? Feeling like idiots for canning the JSA now, huh? Huh?

    Yeah, thought so.

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  20. The art reminds me of Alan Davis mixed with Joe Staton, and while I’m a fan of neither of those guys, Dan makes the combo style work (in a good way)
    My fave design is Dr. Fate’s, however IMO it seems more befitting 4 a female form.

  21. Awesome redesigns! The idea to make Hourman a adrenalin junky with a parkour background is brilliant. I would buy his running boots! :D The patern of Fates costume fits great. Both are my faves in this run but I love them all!
    Realy good work!

  22. Wow. These are amazing. They look so organic. Dr. Fate being a perfect example. I always thought Alan Scott looked a little over the top next to the others. But your vision tones him down and still keeps him identifiable. Dr. Midnite has always been my favorite. He is just so unique and had elements of both medieval and Greek myth with that owl. I love this look. These are all brilliant. They don’t look like costumes but clothes. I wish you had redesigned the new DCnU. If JSA ever comes back after the DC relaunch I hope they get you on the book and design. Great job. I’m curious now on your treatment of the female heroes, especially Star, Jesse Quick and of course Power Girl.

  23. Your style and designs are amazing! Never one to go with the flow, your Hourman is my favorite! Love your design as well as your take on the character and how he could/would/should use his powers.
    Dr. Midnight comes in second, very cool slight modifications.
    Green Lantern is still retro looking without being lost in time. Nice redesign!
    Flash was only ok, but he does look like a runner now. I think the part I dislike the most is the helmet, prefer the old Mercury style hat.
    Unlike the majority of others, Dr. Fate is the weakest to me. Not really liking the design on the torso, seems out of place to me.
    Would definitely love to see more of your ideas though!

  24. Hoylus – Thanks much!
    Jonathan – Kind of you to say, sir :) Organic – that was my mantra.
    Q – Capt Marvel as Science Hero – dig it. Thank you very much, on the redesigns.
    Patrick – Merci, especially to the Hourman nods! You’ll soon get your wish – working on Starman now.
    John – Thanks!
    Mario Silva – Haha! Awesome :)
    Dedpool – That’s a good question. My approach was to update them – modernize their looks, while remaining true to their roots as far as colors and motifs. My outlook on most redesigns is to make something that’s both functional and stylish. Capes are cool, but in most cases they seem impractical – especially for non-flyers. Hourman’s in particular – with the renvisioning I was taking, made the cape obsolete. Really happy you dug them :)

  25. Charles Rouse_Rodriguez – Thanks about the applause for the Drs. Much appreciated :)
    Vito Delsante – Haha – thanks man. Something tells me it’s coming…
    Res – Oh if it were just that easy :) Thanks so much!
    Kipf – Right on. I can appreciate that. I think he and Hourman are farthest from the originals. I was actually going for something stiff high collar over a cape high collar. Thanks much.
    Bpbby2889 – Thanks :)
    tbolt – Thanks for the GL & Dr love. I think with Hourman, less pizzazz was what I was after – Someone who could dive past you over a stairwell without drawing attention.
    ash$ – Thanks a million – warms my heart to hear :)
    Mr. Q – Yeah the hardest part about his look is keeping his colors (something I departed from a bit with his pants.) I think if I were to go back I would perhaps give him a green tie, altering the cut of his cape and top to give him a classier look. Maybe then the green tie might work with the undercolored green of the cape. I can appreciate what you mention about Flash. I think his simplified helm wings add to that as well by coming across more as horns than I would like. Midnite, Hourman, and Fate – Thanks! Merci for the thoughtful comments.

  26. Oh man, I love love love Green Lantern- the way you styled his cape through those loop things on his shirt was genius! He looks a lot more militaristic now- I can really see that he’s an upholder of justice.

    The Flash- I love his shoes and physique, but I don’t know, maybe it’s just because of his stance but it seems like his pants are a little too far down? That said, the helm makes so much sense- streamlined, elegant, all the rest of it.

    Damn, I love Midnighter, love it, love it, but what’s going on with his sleeves? Are they poofy, or is that just the cape obscuring them? That pin is wonderful though- I want one!

    Who’s next… Oh, Dr Fate! I’m not sure how that thing on his torso works- is it armour or cloth? but I suppose being a 4th dimensional being Dr Fate doesn’t have to make sense. The swirls are gorgeous, and I love the way his gloves? fade into his suit. His cape, needless to say, is wonderful.

    Last but not least: Hourman! THIS IS MY FAVORITE DESIGN EVER. I love it. I love every part of it, and I love how he’s evolved into this graceful parkour speedster because I have always thought his costume design was absolute pants. Sorry guys, but really, that yellow cape was dragging him down! He looks like the next new anti-hero who works hard and parties even harder. I would buy comic books about this guy, he’d be like street-Batman. I especially love how he looks like he could take off his jacket and blend into the crowd after his hour is up. I think we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!

    I’m so sorry, I’ve turned what was meant to be a short post into a rambling essay on how awesome your Hourman is. To conclude: These designs are awesome and so are you.

  27. Oh, good lord, I called Dr Midnite Midnighter. I have no words for the level of shame I am feeling right now.

  28. I think these are awesome.
    The organic Dr Fate costume and the capeless Hourman designs are simply inspired.

  29. I absolutely love how these are done! I believe that DC should use these immediately.

    Lets start off with Green Lantern, I love how well you modernized the costume with out losing what makes it classic. The high collar on the shirt rather than on the cape is makes the costume seem less over the over the top (it was approaching bad supervillain levels). The beige pants just look better than the green pants that are are originally part of the costume (which when paired with red shirt, made him look like some kind of bad Christmas advertisement). The buttons on the shirt and lack of ridiculous lantern symbol (dose he even need a lantern symbol on his costume), just make the costume that much better. Overall I give this costume a 9/10, his old one was a 3.

    Going on to the Flash, I love the simple and very slim design. I would make more sense for him to have a runner’s physique than the boxer’s physique (he is a runner not a boxer). The slim down helmet also would seem to make more sense (I swear the saucer that he was wearing before looked like it would have to have been stapled to head to keep it falling off). Flash’s new costume comes in at a 7/10, his old one was a 4.

    Doctor Mid-Nite, is not a character that fallow, but I do like what you did with the costume. First off the missing symbol on his forehead, is a great idea, seriously good choice (it just seemed silly, and its not like he had a lack of moons on his costume). I like the double breasted approach to the tunic rather than the traditional style, it just seems more clean cut. The wide opening on the top of his cape just looks better than the smaller one on his traditional costume. I just like how clean cut this is. Definitely a decent 8/10, his old one was a 4.

    Doctor Fate, um this is the one costume that I really don’t like and has to do with two things, the first being the lack of smooth clean cut lines, which seriously just looks messy. The second thing is the excesses of fabric, cape-like things. I am not a fan of capes, as the would prove to be more likely get said hero killed (the Incredibles, dose a good job of explaining why they are horrible). Compared to the original costume this one is a 2/10 were his original was a 3.

    Hourman- very, very good job. It has to be my favorite costume here. I like how you pretty much did a complete redesign of his costume. I love the parkour design so so much. Lack of cape, which with his powers would just get in the way. This just seems like it would work better and be less troubling. I like how you kept the classic colors, with the new design. 10/10.

    Overall you did a great job on the costumes. I love how they turned out. Very good job and they should be adopted into cannon.

  30. I think what I love most about these designs is how they’re all unique and betray something . Alan Scott is a wizard in the trappings of a general. Jay Garrick is a god of speed. Mid-Nite is a cunning falconer. Fate is an otherworldly sorcerer. Hourman is an agile runner.
    They really couldn’t be farther from stuff like the Jim Lee Justice League, where everyone looks the same with different colors and some accessories; there’s a lot of different builds, body types, and silhouettes. I’d love to see your take on some of the other members.

  31. I’m surprised it took this long for someone to slim down Jay Garrick’s helmet.

    You made a cape that I can believe is actually feasably worn. He hold it in place with the loops on his shirt and sticks his head through the hole. He doesn’t need any fancy alterations to keep it on and it doesn’t need to clasp in front and hide the rest of his outfit. Aces

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