Ilias Kyriazis’ Teen Titans Collection

Note: This collection by Ilias Kyriazis is inspired by DC’s recent revamp of the Teen Titans for “The New 52,” but the artist takes those heroes and puts them through a rigorous set of costume revisions to come to this amazing final product. After the finished pinup, look below for Kyriazis’ amazing concept sketches.  – Chris A.

Here’s what Ilias had to say about the design:

These were done with the DCnU reboot in mind so I knew that:
1- They should have a team look. (“Titans first, sidekicks second”).
2- Red Robin should have wings.
On the other hand I didn’t treat this as a complete “they-meet-for-the-first-time” relaunch and I kept some things from they past costumes like Superboy’s bracelets and Impulse elements in Kid Flash. Red was a common in everyone’s part costumes so it was an easy choice for a team color. I incorporated “T” logos and downplayed individual logos (Superboy getting an “S” in his shield could be a plot point). I kinda based the final illustation on Brett Booth’s cover and I threw in my take on “coal girl” (I don’t know if it has been announced who she is yet).

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  1. The Superboy outfit should be licensed by DC right now.
    Red Robin’s outfit is nice, though I still need to make my peace with the Titans’ T where the R would have been. It would be too easy to mistake that for a Tim logo! ;)
    Kid Flash’s suit has some nice nods to his Impulse gear, but it looks oddly…slow. I’m not sure I can articulate exactly why, except to say that somehow the lines make a relatively skinny kid look kinda frumpy. Also, too many Ts.
    My guess is that “Coal Girl” (who looks to me more like “Lava Girl”) could be some new (per)version of Terra. I’d rather see DC bring back the bosomy brunette, but that says a lot more about me than about the characters.

  2. Whoops. Forgot to mention Wonder Girl. I like that the top of her onesie is so practical for crime-fighting/saving the world/what-have-you, and the color scheme and lines are great. Also, her boots, and therefore transitively, the entire team’s boots, look great. However…does it have to end in hot pants? I know that female supers have to be sexy (I think it’s a union rule), but still.

  3. As much as I like the final designs I think there’ one in each grouping I like more. The ones with the white “T” on each were great but Wondergirl’s color scheme seems off.

  4. From the subtle double T’s, to Robin’s crutch-like wings, I love it. The Teen Titans have never had a uniform and I would to see them have more of a corporate identity like this — especially since each individual’s personality and look is still retained. Love it.

  5. Dude…WHAT? These are fantastic.
    Every damn set of these sketches would work– I don’t know how you chose!
    Why is everybody better at this than the people actually running this reboot?

  6. Things that bother me with your final choices are;

    Robin wings; too much like Falcon from Marvel and i find it too high tech for a super-spy, It becomes closer to a techie like Iron-man. I also find you chose the poorer of your Robin designs but you dismissed the green and that’s good.

    Superboy’s other blue is just fumbling the teams look. the no logo thing is a good idea, i’m not sure about how it looks.

    SuperGirl should loose the high socks and gain some TT’s on some sleeves.

    Kid flash just doesn’t need 4 T’s, either one works but both is too much

    I like better some of the other options you sketched, but the simple fact you tried so many options is simply great, it makes me want to redesign them too. I would have preferred this with some changes.

  7. I love the Superboy and Wonder Girl outfits, and Red Robin is ok, but the Kid Flash one just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t really know why, but I just don’t see why Superboy gets his own colour (blue) but RR and KF are so flatly red and black. Does that make sense? Personally I prefer the second sketch-design for KF and the seventh or eighth design for RR.
    I do prefer these designs to the DC ones, however, and I think it’s great work.

  8. Wow, pretty nice overall. There’s way too much to say on all of the sketches so I’ll keep my comments to the final/top piece.

    That blue patch on Superboy could just be black to match everyone else, the shield shape works well without the ‘S’. I like how all share the Doc Martin style boots, but Kid Flash (well, all speedsters) really should sport a running style shoes . Love how the star on Wonder Girls chest makes a ‘W’ above it. Robin is as good as I’ve seen him look, although for some reason he always seems pretty generic to me no matter what he’s wearing. These are all better than the DC versions…with Wonder Girl being the best one here IMO.

    Oh, and Coal Girl (or Smoldering Hot Chick, it’s more catchy and you know it) is most likely Terra.

  9. Agreed about the hot-pants. I would like to see your Beast Boy, but i like all of these much better than DC’s.

  10. Superboy is near perfect. Omission of the S in the Superman Diamond is something I wish they’d consider across all Kryptonian Superheroes. It’s a clumsy series of shapes that’s a holdover from a more delicate time. How the artist has integrated the diamond with the TT shoulders and the overall proportions of the “Superman” color scheme is simply elegant.

    Similarly, the W + star on Wondergirl’s top is genius. I like that the bare shoulders and boyshort cuts of her pants reflect both Donna and Diana, respectively, but I do have to wonder if Cassie would be better served by more coverage. Short sleeves might help, and the artist even explored that in earlier series. My only suggestion would be to make the hip stars blue, and possibly add in more gold.

    Red Robin and Kid Flash could both do with another push through a simplifier. I’m not sure the center black needs a lightning bolt, and I’m not thrilled either with the diagonal T on Robin’s chest. I wonder what Kid Flash would look like with gold in place of red.

    Lastly, those boots, while a great unifying element, just seem off. I love the idea, but they need another pass to make them less Doc Marten.

  11. eric s.:
    These are all simple and brilliant, and makes the actual TT reboot look like a travesty.

    To be fair, the actual TT reboot didn’t need any help to look like a travesty. :P

    That said, these are quite good. I don’t love everything about it, but mostly that’s just personal preference over anything else. This is still heads/miles/light years ahead of the official redesigns.

  12. G.D., god only knows.

    These are pitch perfect. Great job on fixing one of the most disturbingly bad designs in the DCnU. No easy feat either, and you managed to make Coal Girl look interesting. Well done.

  13. I really like the superboy design. Red Robin looks nice too, except I wish there were a few more robin like elements, but that’s just because I miss Tim as Robin.

  14. Definitely think Superboy and Red Robin have been improved.

    I still feel that Kid Flash’s costume doesn’t need to be changed. It’s really one of the best designs in the business, and the red will match up fine with the team.

    I would also make Wonder Girl’s costume a bit lighter. Donny Troy has the dark Wonder Woman angle covered, Cassie’s always been the modern update.

  15. i do like you row 10 designs but row 6 with logos has more of the DC allure (pure team costumes with little individuality is a Marvel thing) i wonder how they would look merged. As far as Robin having the wings, seems a little misplaced since the inspiration was from Robin Hood and he looks like a totally different character.

  16. To be honest my ideal line up from the selection would have been this:
    but if you are going for a uniformed look (which makes sense) then you def did the right thing. Personally I like some more green on my Robin and more Blue on my supes but thats just me being nit-picky. I like the completed image to and WG def has better hair.

  17. Some really nice stuff. The art is nice and overall designs are solid. I do think the color schemes could use some tweaking. All the dark blue in Kid Flash’s outfit seems to weigh him down, visually. And Superboy’s pants should be the same blue as his shirt, to make the connection to Superman stronger, esp. since he doesn’t have the shield (which I like). And the “T” on Robin’s chest is distracting. It’s doesn’t really seem to be incorporated into the design. It just sort of sits there.

    I’m not really seeing the design logic behind Wonder Girl. Wearing a one-piece bathing suit top and stockings/tights that come 2/3 of the way up her thighs doesn’t seem to make much sense. Why leave that few inches of her legs uncovered? Either full leggings or get rid of them and just have the boots.

    But overall, I like the thought process and design aesthetic at work on these.

  18. A lot of great elements in all of the sketches. Really love the work on Superboy and Wonder Girl. RR is okay. Never been a huge fan of Kid Flash, but still like the idea behind his look. Love the idea of the “T” symbol (I always thought that the Titans should have more of a team look like X-Men). If only DC had licensed these! Great work!

  19. It would be a shame to loose the blue on Superboy. Instead, maybe each character can have their own color added into the black and red scheme. Robin – green, Kid Flash/Impulse – yellow, Wonder Girl – White? The T on Tim’s design doesn’t work as well as the others, needs to be incorporated into the design a little more. Love your take on the wings and the all the designs are SO much better than the ones being used in the new book it’s mind boggling. While I appreciate the Docs, maybe something a little less off the rack would be more appropriate.

  20. Superboy just needs to be done, RIGHT NOW. For the reboots, I’m in acceptance but it baffles me how everyone is doing a better job than the creators themselves.

    Also this Superboy looks way better than the “Let’s stick the “S” logo on my back with tape, because I’m so bad ass. Oh yeah! I have a bar-code tattoo too!” one in the reboot.

    DC needs some serious reboot with the creators.

  21. These designs are great, they really are. But it just shows me that mechanical bird wings look bad on anything – however brilliant the design!

  22. hoylus:
    These designs are great, they really are. But it just shows me that mechanical bird wings look bad on anything – however brilliant the design!

    This is bull, no matter how corny the trope there’s always a way of rethinking something in order for it to work and look amazing. Heck the fact you don’t like any wing design proves that other people designs don’t reach your own expectations. Make your brain work and come up with a better one, your vision of cool mech bird wings.

  23. Again as others have said…these make the actual reboot costumes quite sad. I do prefer the sixth Robin down though (with the Red Robin symbol on his chest.) Superboy’s and Wonder Girl’s being the best, although I would make the star on Cassie’s chest gold maybe, her costume is over all too dark.
    Kid Flash could use some lightening up also.
    But over all…way better designs than anything DC has shown us.

  24. I love Superboy and Wonder Girl.

    I wish Kid Flash had some yellow though. Just doesn’t say Kid Flash to me without any yellow. I think Black and Red make good team colors, but each costume could have a third color (like the blue on Superboy).

    A little green or yellow would make Red Robin seem a bit more Robin-ish, but the Black/Red simple design works really well too. I don’t like the the T though. He’s a Titan, and I think the costume colors are enough to demonstrate that. He should also have an R to establish his own individual identity.

    Overall though, awesome.

  25. Superboy: Pretty much perfect. Admittedly, my favorite Superboy outfit is the very last one before he started wearing a goddamn T-shirt, but this one exceeds that. It’s got enough callbacks to the original design to be recognizable, and the missing ‘S’ adds an element of iconography while tying into the character’s rebellion and factory-made origins.
    Red Robin: Oh, there’s just no fixing those goddamn wings, but you did a decent job. I’d have preferred a cape, personally, but you managed to make them look like he could actually, you know, fly. The rest, unfortunately, is pretty lackluster, which really drags it down. I like the faux-cowl and the flightsuit look, but it seems as though most of the detail was spared for the wings, and it kind of suffers. The only things I really noticed were the wings and the T.
    Wonder Girl: My dislike for the character aside, I am digging her upper body! Wonder Girl may have a storied history of miserably bad costumes, but I like this. The halter top is a nice callback to one of Donna Troy’s better outfits, the subtle ‘W’ looks neat, and the bracelets feel properly integrated. Below the belt, though, those hotpants look weak. I’m not a fan of long stockings on heroes, I admit (I keep imagining them having to pull them back up every few minutes). I’d have preferred that the stockings and hotpants just be tights.
    Kid Flash: Probably the only one I actively dislike. Black and red just doesn’t feel fast. The square ‘T’s on his shoulders feel like walls, stopping the costume from flowing together. The expression is giving me the creeps. The hair clashes with everything else. There’s just nothing in this costume that every other Flash outfit didn’t do better. Personally, I think it was trying to do too many things at once: it tried to create a good speedster outfit, in black and red, while homaging the character’s history, and integrating a few ‘T’s. If you look at Flash, Quicksilver, and so on, you’ll notice that their designs really eschew complexity for very simple outfits: Flash is basically just a red outfit with some lightning bolt details.
    Lava Person: Really, really generic, but not actively bad. Feels kind of like it was crammed in to fill a quota. I just can’t pick anything to like or hate about this one.
    Overall: Too much black and red! I admit that it was necessary to do the reboot properly, but black and red just aren’t hero colors. A whole team of teenagers dressed in black and red don’t really strike me as saviors, they strike me as people who are going to spend all their time either cutting themselves or killing each other. It works on Superboy and Red Robin, but everyone else kind of suffers. I think red on its own is enough to serve as a uniform color.

  26. I’m n0t sure about Red Robin, but I like the Team look, Wonder Girl should dress like this in the comics. (or like any of your sketches, her look is aweful)

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  28. See? These are fresh designs. Smart designs. Not 90s thowbacks. Superboy should be wearing this for sure.

  29. I like the third set of sketches better than the final version. First the all have a unified look will keeping their logos. Second Wonder Girls pants look more practical that the short shorts and thigh high stockings she got on the final version. The final version makes her look like a whore while the third version looks like something an actual woman could exercise in.

  30. love them all. i do have objections on the wings though… too falcon. i’d prefer a sleeker wing design or just flying squirrel sails light the classic nightwing…

  31. My favourites are sketches 1, 4, 5, 6.
    The final versions are nice, but I’d change a few things. I’d change the shapes and colours on Kid Flash’s outfit to make it more streamlined and “faster”. I’d give Kid flash and Wonder Girl some yellow and Robin some green; right now, superboy is the only one with three colours and he sort of sticks out. These are still great designs, they look like acvtual nice teens instead of those “extreme” and “edgy” versions we actually got.

  32. I’m really loving these designs. The artist’s version of Red Robin’s (oh how I loathe that name) wings are far more agreeable to me because they are a glider first and foremost instead of hanging off of Tim’s arms like a Vegas showgirl costume.

  33. ….Hell, this is fantastic. Seems to fit the DC relaunch, but it’s just kinda better. I like how you seriously considered some evolution for the costumes, and all of the iterations are fairly cool in their own right. What’s more I ALSO like that you included the wings for Red Robin (because after seeing them in the comic, I gotta say that I think they work well for him, as they fold into a very nice cape-like shape when not in use).

  34. I’m with the crowd on Wonder Girl’s hot pants. I feel like capris would have been a better choice while still being sexy. Love the Blue panel on Superboy, really calls back his predecessor in the red n’ blue.

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