P:R Redesign: Bill Walko’s Power Squad!

Note: Long before the Birds of Prey was even a starling in a creator’s mind, DC had another group of female super-heroes in the works called the Power Squad. Created by former DC editor/writer Jack C. Harris and artist Trevor Von Eeden, the team never made it past the pitching phase but was recently uncovered by the gang over at DC Women Kicking Ass. Now some two decades later, P:R Regular Bill Walko takes those designs and brings them into modern times.  – Chris A.

4 comments to “P:R Redesign: Bill Walko’s Power Squad!”
  1. Is Vixen the only redesign here? That Enchantress getup really looks kooky, she needs some new duds. And isn’t Wonder Woman a no-brainer for this group? I guess she was tied up (get it?) with the JL.

  2. Oh, after actually reading the linked article I see that Vixen had this outfit before. Sorry, I’m more of a Marvel reader! Good article though. Nice & fun art, cheesy name for a group…Power Squad.

  3. hmm, all that is missing is a pet of some type for the complete 70’s hanna barbara style. j/k nice use of colors, very retro. now let me find the disco.

  4. I like the Supergirl redesign. I’m a huge fan of the smaller symbol off to the side like Guy Gardner, Superman in WONK, and Mon-El’s Man of Valor suits.

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