Joel Carroll’s Golden Age Superhero Collection!

Note: One of our P:R favorites Joel Carroll returns to us with an enterprising collection of redesigns of some great Golden Age Public Domain heroes. These designs were done for John Slater‘s Mystery Men role-playing game, which you can playtest here and get a copy here. Whether you get the game or not, these designs are a hit in the P:R offices. – Chris A.


Captain Triumph


Black Fury

Magic Agent


Miss Victory

19 comments to “Joel Carroll’s Golden Age Superhero Collection!”
  1. Is it a good or bad thing that I instantly thought of the following characters in relation to these drawings? Designs seem VERY similar….

    Wildfire = Scarlet Witch
    Black Fury = Black Terror
    Magic Agent = Dr. Occult
    Fantome=Phantom lady
    Miss Victory=Supergirl

  2. I love these golden age redesigns. Very sharp yet still retain the look and feel of their original garb. Wild Fire looks incredible as does Fantome and Miss Victory. I could see these character in the now as well as the past. Fantastic job, Joel.

    Mr. Q

  3. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME,this is one of the best redesign i have ever seen,Joe Carrol has stayed in touch with the original concept,giving these heroes a bit of modernity keeping them totally recognizable by readers.

  4. I personally think you’re stretching some of those comparisons — esp wildfire and ms victory, Sean but can respect that you’re getting echoes in general (which is fine I think esp. given that these are modern updates of GA characters, a bit reaping what they sowed imho).

  5. Hey, love these. Would it be possible to find out what programmes/tools the artists use for their designs on P:R soon?


  6. Nice Stuff all around. Miss Victory looks pretty Yummy. Hey, Magic Agent; now I know where Nick Fury came from.

  7. All are great, especially like Wildfire and Captain Triumph. Beautiful work. That crossbow dude reminds me of Boba Fett

  8. Always liked Captain Triumph and wished DC made more use of him – his concept could be used in a lot of fun ways.

  9. @Sean It’s neither good nor bad that you related some of the designs above to other superhero designs. Yeah, the designs are similar, but that is simply because that around world war 2 many companies wanted to cash in on the patriotic super hero craze and came up with rather similar designs or blatant knockoffs to already selling heroes from other companies.

    Though I think that your comparisons of “Wildfire = Scarlet Witch” and “Miss Victory=Supergirl” are a bit far fetched. Brown hair and red costume to me aren’t enough to make a Scarlet Witch and regarding Miss Victory, characters like Liberty Belle or Star Girl (masked and directly america themed) spring to mind.

    Oh and BTW Fantome doesn’t just look similar to Phantom Lady (very good call, Sean), it IS her.

  10. Not only are these deceptively simple and splendid redesigns, the drawings themselves suit my fancy also with their clean, sparse lines. Well done, Joel!

  11. Hey, thanks for all the kind words, guys!

    I changed Phantom Lady’s name to Fantome, simply because both DC and AC Comics are using Phantom Lady. She still looks the same as the original.
    I didn’t “redesign” these guys so much as just streamline them a bit….which is why I didn’t necessarily think of them as a Retrofix.

  12. I love Swiftarrow’s Boba Fett-style helmet. And the cape flipped over his shoulder, showing the gray underneath. You almost never see that.

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