20 comments to “P:R Redesign: David Williams’s Superman as the Kryptonian”
  1. I don’t like the parts before the feet. And I’d try removing the red part on the front of his forehead, keeping the parts on the side–could look better.

  2. I like it! Much better then the “battle armor”. It needs some yellow I think, on those hip shapes, maybe. Also more of the tradition looking shield. This one is too similiar to the “Electric” Superman.

  3. Very recognizable as the man of steel, with a regal and otherworldly quality. I wish some of the comic editors would take costume change ques from this site.

  4. Nice! I love the art style. I’d get rid of the shapes on his hips, though, they seem a bit pointless.

  5. Very well done. I love the nod to the original Superman design with the straps on the boots. Also the breaking up of the colors around the midsection is a great solution to not having undies on the outside. There is a lot to love about this one!

  6. The use of the red swatches on the characters hips is a good example of how one can effectively remove Superman’s red shorts without leaving him looking naked and us feeling icky. In my opinion, the costume designer for “Man of Steel” could have taken a cue from similar pieces.

    Overall this redesign works because it’s not a complete re-imagining of the character. Williams stays within the established parameters of the mythology. We’ve seen this style before and comic fans like it. So, it’s daring because it’s a shift from the traditional superhero costume into something slightly more alien but it stays safe because it’s true to the character. The gladiator sandals seem less sturdy and not as strong as even the sleek Superman boots. However, I feel this makes the image of “The Kryptonian” lighter and conveys the idea of him defying gravity. This makes the figure seem even more alien and widens the gap between us and him.

  7. I have a hard time seeing any major redesigns as being “Superman”, just because the costume and logo are so iconic. That said, I love the look of this one. As other people have said, there’s a lot of Greco-Roman influence, but it also recalls more Kryptonian characters like the Eradicator.

  8. I like it as something Supes might wear formally for something Krypton-related, but I think the partial face mask and lack of bright yellow distance the character quite a bit. Cool take on the S-shield!

  9. The headgear looks weird to me for Superman – his face should be uncovered to convey that he can be trusted IMO. I can live with the headgear, though, as making him more alien and stern which works with the overall concept as described. But those ‘shoes’ need to go! He looks to me like he’s wearing ballet slippers and standing in position ready to raise his arms up and prance about to Swan Lake!
    Either give him some red boots or carry the blue tights right down over his feet and have the shoes integrated into the suit. As it is he’s all business and any villain would be quaking with fear until they looked at his feet and started to giggle.

  10. Suit looks very solid until the shoes things, looks a bit flimsy there and seem out of place with the rest of the suit. Otherwise I really dig this. The head gear seems like a nod to the ‘electric blue’ outfit which I always liked (I know, I know.) This could even work without the cape. Oh, and I love the ‘not quite S’ – could be a an alien symbol.

    Good stuff.

  11. Wow!
    Thanks guys for posting my silly lil drawing.
    My intention with this was to make a “Kryptonian” look for him…
    By no means do I think my idea a suitable replacement for the classic.
    With that said…I was inspired by the classic that had the roman leg strap
    I was also influence by Flash Gordon and the space heroes of yesteryear.
    I always thought Supes suit should be Kryptonian in nature…not made by Ma Kent.
    I also felt that his suit should be one whole complete cohesive piece…
    Not separate boots,leotard and underwear.
    Anyway…that for posting…
    and all the kind words and creative criticism.

    Bestest from the Bro with the mo.


  12. I like it … Although reminds me of Union and I agree the boot straps look more like ballet slippers than roman leg straps … .sorry.

  13. I stand on the opposite shore of the folks who say that Superman’s outfit is iconic and must remain the way it has been for them without revision. I take the route that a superheroe’s outfit changes as they grow, age and experience new things. Without that sense of growth and evolution, Storm from the X-men would still be in her leather outfit with the mohawk.

    I like the idea of Superman having a period where he wants to reconnect with his birth culture and, for a time, wears a costume evocative of it. It think it would really help to see him flying and -definitely- smiling in this suit. Superman represents optimism and goodness. I’ve always felt that we need to see more images of him experiencing joy with his powers. This stern, unsmiling guy isn’t Superman. He’s the big blue cheese, let the man smile

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