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  1. Hopefully this film will be the final nail in Cinema Superman’s coffin. DC, leave the comic book movies to Marvel

  2. I can see why so many people are going to balk at such a drastic redesign: superman definately deserves to have people really latching onto his classic appearance. The new look might have a few elements that lack design focus, but overall, it really does a better job of representing his actual character.

  3. I’m sure that the movie has some update to his origin, but I rrrreally want to know what the hell Ma Kent was thinking when she made that, and how she got that caliber of sewing material in Smallville, KS. Sure, the Underpants-on-the-Outside looks ridiculous, but that’s the point: Supes looks like a Vaudeville strongman so that we aren’t quite as freaked out by a guy shooting lasers from his face and punching asteroids. It kinda helps if he looks at least a little stupid in what he’s wearing. This… yeah, it’s been said here pretty well. Too many details, all centered around Cavill’s wang.

  4. @Freelancer: The cape NEVER “works” in any filmed version. It’s always jury-rigged. Chris Reeve’ cape was actually strung around his shoulders underneath the costume. You’re right. In real life, the way the comic cape is portrayed is unrealistic. But so is a man who can fly. ;)

    And it’s not that the crotch is stuffed, but that Henry is likely wearing a dancer’s belt, which if you’ve ever seen a ballet, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It smoothes the appearance of the “package” in such tight costuming, but the side-effect is an obvious bulge.

  5. It’s kind of funny to hear all this talk about his groin. He’s a man wearing a very snug outfit. Men have genitals, they take up space. Is he supposed to tuck like a drag queen and be as smooth as a Ken Doll?

    I hope the blue of the suit is more saturated on film. I think the red belt they are using in the comics would help break it up a bit. I like that the red is a brighter tone.

  6. First of I’d like to say… WHAT A BUNCH OF BABIES!!! I mean really, we all need to come to terms with one thing. Super hero costumes look RETARDED on the big screen. When I first saw batman in the 90’s my first reaction was, “Where’s the grey?” i was confused as a young B-Man fan as to who I was looking at. NO ONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH THOSE REDESIGNS! I mean yea he’s all high tech and gets a new suit every run, but jeeze, you act like the blues were doin Supes any justice. Its out dated. On paper its dynamic, on screen its cheesey as HELL! Come on guys lets be a little more open minded about these things.

    Also, there’s talks of this and ASM being bad movies being directly related to costume choice… REALLY!?!?! If the last Superman proved anything it was bad costuming is not the biggest problem. It’s translation, it’s making a character adored by comic book geeks like us, more accessable to non fans and action movie goers…

    All I know is Captain America’s jean combat suit was horendous, but the movie kicked a$$!

  7. One more thing…

    In regards to complaints about his musculature…

    Superman has been ripped ever since Action Comics. As far as I’m concerned they had another 15-25 lbs of muscle before I would have an issue.

  8. The symbol doesn’t look intergrated enough: it just looks like they took a blue jumpsuit and glued a Superman symbol on it

  9. The more i look at this suit the more I like it. And maybe it’s the lighting, but i think this particular scene may be a battle scene and the suit is dirty. If you’ll notice, there are inconsistencies in the color on the shield. The yellow belt is still there, albeit in a more alien form. Since there are no visible seems in the suit, I’m wondering if it doesn’t come out of the “buckle” on his waist, a la how the Flash’s suit comes out of a ring. All in all, I’m down to see where this is going.

  10. Also, for those who are questioning where Martha got that material for her sewing: remember Superman: Birthright. Clark takes the tarps and blankets from his ship and uses his heat vision to make the threads and works with Martha to design, sew and refine the suit. Since most of this movie seems to be hinging on Superman: Birthright…

  11. There are three aspects to this costume I absolutely love; the ripped abs look awesome and very stylistic, the wrist details are nice without being overpowering, and that back detaling is an awesome bit for something that will be covered by a cape most of the time. The cape is also pretty great, but I would have liked a yellow shield on it.

  12. My thoughts on this one are most likely pretty common. I miss the spit-curl, and I don’t care much for the wall of blue. It needs some other color to break it up, but he might not be wearing any in these pictures for various reasons, like keeping articles clean or it’s just a test run. But the red breaks up what could otherwise be an overwhelming color, even if it’s just a belt. It doesn’t need to be much, and it doesn’t need to be trunks. And the bulge doesn’t disturb me since it’s not over-the-top. Trunks would disguise that, but I’m OK with the trunks.

    I do like the armbands as Arkwulf did. They add a detail design without overpowering the rest. The second pic is my favorite of the series. It has a nice silhouette the shows the detailing. I like the shield size and placement, it looks good on his build. I like the square neckline and the texture on the fabric. It’s something you don’t realize, usually, when watching the movie, but it adds a subtle touch.

  13. I’m going to have to agree with a number of the previous posters when I say that I’m warming quite a bit to Henry Cavill, while also HATING that costume more every time I see it.

    For me, a huge part of the iconography that makes Supes stand out from a distance is the repeated red-blue-red-blue-red motif of his costume. In order to register as Superman to me, I need to see red cape, blue shirt, red trunks, blue pants, red boots. This costume doesn’t even REGISTER as Superman to me. If you took away the S-shield, you’d think you were looking at an X-Man or Ozymandias or something.

    That being said, there are elements that I like – the open collar is the right move; the piping around the middle is visually interesting and adds an alien panache to the costume without overpowering it; the silvery sleeve cuffs are cool looking. Unfortunately, without the more important iconic elements of his color scheme even being acknowledged, this costume is all-in-all a failed effort.

  14. ” In real life, the way the comic cape is portrayed is unrealistic. But so is a man who can fly.”

    You don’t know that.

  15. I think,if Superman(or other superheroes) would has trunks on movie they should not worn on the suit but painted,to avoid the effect of wearing panties over pants

  16. love it! the cape maybe useless but it’s so iconic to superman.
    my concern is the texture of the costume that’s to reminiscent of spiderman…

  17. Leave it to Nolan to get it right if you ask me. Waist-up, the suit and cape are awesome and I expected to hate it. I think he’s looking for functional explanation for aspects of the suit, but I agree the waist-down tights are lacking something from a design point of view. The question is – what function would the shorts serve and why do them?

    I think they could have framed the lower-body out a bit with more of the darker highlights somehow and given superman holster-like (akin to the belt-like) constructs to get the effect. Then you could perhaps see this as a way for him to carry things like (oh I don’t know) Kryptonian dog treats or maybe the keys to his space Bentley or the garage-door opener for the fortress of solitude. :-) You know – the essentials. Anyway – supes and small technology items aren’t a new thing – then you have form and function that would give us all some nostalgia value without putting Hanes Her-Ways on the costume – which let’s face it – only looks good in certain light.

  18. It just feels… boring. It doesn’t look like it was made by a Kansas woman, and it doesn’t seem to say much about his personality. The blue is too dark, and I don’t know what to think of the pattern. From the top, it works really well, it really does (though it needs to be more saturated). The bottom, though, is really unappealing, and it really suffers from the lack of color. Superman’s a guy who gets his powers from the sun, why wouldn’t he be bright?
    Also, removing the trunks serves four purposes –
    Making him look like an old-school strongman.
    Backup pants if the suit gets ripped while he’s stretching.
    Breaking up the blue and making his suit more visually interesting.
    Concealing DAT BULGE.
    And it just feels like the filmmakers didn’t really think about the impact removing them has on the suit’s color balance. If it’s not a more even mix, the red and yellow of the logo look tacked on.

  19. With what Ben said about ‘Ma Kent’ and how will she have created this suit. Has anyone seen the Zod set photos?


    The costumes are practically the same (Supes and Zod)

    My threory is they’re going to say the origin of the suit is from Krypton. Maybe Jor-El has sent it down with Kal. Even as ‘memorabilia’ for his son but Kal-El (Clark) decides to use the kryptonian costume himself. That or Mrs Kent uses the suit and attatches the cape.

    I’m really looking forward to this film, I grow to love the costume and Cavill more and more every day. I think it’s going to be one to rival Donner’s ‘Superman: The movie’.
    Only worry I have right now is Superman doesn’t have an ‘approachable’ feel to him. But that’s only by going with the official safe door image. But time will tell.

  20. The suit looks pretty cool. As much as I love Superman, the old suit needed updateing. The only problem I have is the color. Superman is the light. He is powered by the sun! Everyone admires him, looks up to him, and being form Kansas myself, there is always bright colors. I did see a suit where the colors were more saturated, and it looked so much better in my opinion. But, I’m not a movie director, so it’s not my place to say.

  21. It’s funny how a little time can change your opinion of something. In my original comment, posted a year and a half ago (!?), I expressed a lot of distaste for the silver piping. However, after seeing more and more of this suit as the release date draws near, I really don’t have a problem with it anymore. In fact, I really like it. I still maintain that different shades of blue would’ve been a more preferable way to break up the negative space, but this is a nice compromise. Also, I think it’s pretty clear by now that his suit is alien in origin, and honestly the piping is a good touch to aid in emphasizing that. Let’s be clear that even though the classic suit will always be the best, it does not translate well to the big screen. It’s ridiculous, and the undies just don’t work this day and age. I’m glad they’re gone, and I don’t know what I was thinking before. The blue is still a little dark, but I’m sure that’s exactly what they were going for with this grittier reboot. And although the honeycomb pattern is still overdone, it doesn’t kill the look for me by a long shot. All in all, I really love the new costume and I can’t wait to see the movie!

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