P:R Approved: Character Designs from “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” Animated Series

Note: We’ve all seen TV shows and movies take liberties with comic book adaptations, but the work done in the animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures is bucking the trend and producing some innovative designs for Iron Man and his associated characters. Check these out, and then check out the show! – Chris A.

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  1. I was very skeptical about this show when i first heard the premise of a teenaged Tony Stark but I have to admit it’s grown on me. I think the changes they’ve made work pretty well, and they’ve taken cues from the live action film by making the armors bulkier an a bit more realistic and yet they’re still completely sci-fi.

  2. That Unicorn costume is awesome, and the Mandarin is inspired, but I just can’t handle seeing this animation style in motion :/

  3. Yeah, the animation style gives me motion sickness. Esp. when they deal with human faces. Probably why we don’t see anyone’s faces in these costumes (save the bit of Unicron’s).

    Oh, and it looks like Manadrin just wants back the one true ring and the nine other ones as well.

  4. Wow! I like how some of those characters have been adapted into a more armoured-theme redesign from their more normal Marvel U counterparts. I’m wondering how much of a pain it is to animate some of those designs, given their complexity.

  5. Mandarin looks just like this magnetic micronaught toy I had in the 80’s, I don’t like him as an armored guy. Unicorn is cool looking but looks more like a bug than a unicorn. The rest are really good.

    Wait, the Crimson Dynamo isn’t crimson???

  6. They made the Unicorn actually look badass. The impossible achieved! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t note that they misspelled “welding”, though. Sorry, it’s like a disease.

  7. I think it’s a good idea for the Crimson Dynamo to be white to contrast Tony in a fight. I’d make Blizzard a light blue rather than have he and Dynamo both white. Are they on a team? Whiplash looks positively deadly and the ‘Buster armor looks great. Not so sure about the Mandarin, his armor doesn’t look Chinese in any way, more Welsh or Celtic with the two stag horns. The Unicorn looks like a hot mess. He looks like one of those Wonder Woman costumes on a man; green metal corset and undies with green metal stockings and red armored skin showing. Doesn’t work for me.

  8. mmmm well this is my impression:

    IRON MAN:the armor is really simple,maybe too simple for my taste and it looks like too slim for me.

    DYNAMO(HULK)BUSTER:i like it!heavy,bulky,mean,its functional for his role.

    MANDARIN:watch him,and watch my avatar,do you see some similarities?i do,and a lot!
    mandarin is heavily insipered(copied?) from manga and anime Mazinger Z,expecially on his darker version from Mazin Saga

    CRYMSONDYNAMO:I told you!Don’t wash it with bleach!!
    seriously,were crymson’s crymson is??

    WHIPLASH:I love him!he’s cooler than ever,he has something mixed between an Evangelion and a steampunk creature,i hope Marvel will use this design on principal universe too.

    BLIZZARD:he looks like a mech from videogame Armored Core,his design is more functional for a giant mech than for a man in armor

    Unicorn:his costume works,it’s technologycal but it looks like an armor worn by a man,i appreciate they have kept his original colors:green and orange.

  9. Some terrific design work on this show. Their Black Panther design doesn’t look like a Batman ripoff for once. I think that the Whiplash is by Eric Canete, but cant find any proof of that. And that Cimson Dynamo!

    Does anyone have any info on who was a part of this series Art Department?

  10. I like the idea of putting all or most of the villains in some type of armor, it makes the fights feel less asymmetrical. Also, Blizzard looks kind of like a refrigerator, as he should.

  11. I’m having internal issues with a teenage Tony Stark, but the designs are great.
    Although The Unicorn looks like a Guyver suit to me. I like it, but still….

  12. Great designs. Now, if only they were employed for a show that used animation that doesn’t make me want to vomit.

  13. Funny how the golden Avenger has less and less gold in his costume these days. There was a time when it was the most magical part of the armour—some kind of magnetically reinforced nano-scale steel mesh exoskeleton if memory serves. Now its been reduced to a residual function of highlighting his shiny red codpiece …

  14. Concept designers :

    Whiplash, Mandarin, Unicorn : Ivan Gomez Montero, Phil Guyenne
    Dynamo, Hulkbuster, Blizzard : Duster132
    Iron man armor, backpack : Duster132, Phil Guyenne, Bertrand Gatignol

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  16. i watch this show and the animation is very good, done in collab with french animators. maybe the same people who work on the cg aspect of Galactic Football. anyway animation’s way better that the mtv Spiderman. The concept and stucture of the story is quite entertaining even though a bit unbelieveable.
    oh yeah with the Crimson dynamo, in the show it’s been retconned into an astronaut’s suit capable of sustaining the life of the astronaut for long periods in space. so it was made white.
    With the mandarin armour i think they went with a more generic body and created the head based on samurai helmets to give it a slight asian influence. Also the armour is supposed to be made up of energy from the makluan rings so its essentially extra-terrestrial so doesnt need to Chinese anyway.

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