Magneto’s X-Men by David Tran

Note: Artists redesign characters to give them new look, but also to give them a new story. Concept artist David Tran recently dreamt up a team of X-Men lead by Magneto that’s striking in both the character design and the intrigue of the story behind it. – Chris A.

Note: Tran explains this character as the former Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly in a new identity.

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  1. I’m not sure I really see the logic in Ben or Luke being on the X-Men, especially an X-Men team led by Magneto, who would probably still think of non-mutants with powers as being equal to humans. But disregarding that, I love the looks. It keeps the team feel of the X-Men while still giving each character their own individuality. Especially Cyclops. Until I saw this, I would have thought combining the skullcap with a more military-style uniform would be impossible.

    Although Shatterstar with black hair seems really strange. If it wasn’t for the character being named in this sketch, I would not know it was him.

  2. Did anyone else feel that all the guys kind of had the same build? It’s a little bit… blocky? Although overall I love the ideas, the drawings themselves seem a little too “1-body base” types.

  3. I don’t like black jumpsuits for the X-Men, and prefer a colorfull superhero look, but Jubilee’s design is a good update of her classic yellow jacket, and this is a Juggernaut who really looks fearsome.
    If he says that this is Shatterstar I would believe him, but he looks more like a mix between the 90’s and current looks for Warpath.
    Storm’s design would have been perfect for the movie. I like the white cape.
    Not a fan of the line-up, either, but that Magneto’s X-helmet is a pretty good element.

  4. nice! very rugged n real looking outfit for Cyclops, Shatterstar, Luke Cage, Cannonball (nice that the helmet / aviator head gear was kept), Jubilee looks cute and very nice spin with Magnetos helmet. Juggernaut and Shadow king look like real BadGUYS!!!! but redback looks like spidremans “cousin”, Maggot, mehh….and Storm’ll stop a battle by flashing her pupies

  5. I liked the fabric and thickness and Idea of the jumpsuits. It loses points in practicality though. I don’t understand short sleeves for Scott and heavy cleavage for Storm. Easy pickings for a sharp shootin’ adversary.
    As for the art: on point. I love it. The juggernaut is my favorite… that one is one point!

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