P:R Redesign: Kristen Woo’s Jubilee!

Note: Sharing the spotlight with her mutant brethren might be hard for some, but the plucky Jubilation Lee has always been one to stand out. From her original yellow trenchcoat to her New Warriors days and even her recent blood-sucking ways, she’s hell on wheels. And in this design by Kristen Woo, she takes that to heart in this monochrome illustration. She looks better in skates than Dazzler ever did! – Chris A.

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  1. From a design standpoint, this doesn’t really say “Jubilee” to me. It has some interesting elements, though.

  2. I haven’t been keeping track of Jubilee (or any of the X-Men) for a good long while. So just to recap, and correct me if I’m wrong—
    She originally had her firework-esque mutant powers.
    She lost her mutant powers on M-Day.
    She joined New Warriors wearing a super suit as the hero Wondra.
    Now she is a vampire with all the stock vampire powers/weaknesses.
    Is that all correct?

    Reading Kristen Woo’s dA comments on this piece, she just says she likes Jubilee, but makes no mention of vampirism. So is this Vampire Jubilee or regular Jubilee? Probably regular Jubilee.

    Kristen nails all the articles of clothing Jubilee is wearing. The art is sound, and there are solid nods to Jubilee— the X-earrings, the high collared coat… and that’s about it. (I mean, we are working from a Jim Lee design, which important to consider).

    As far as new design elements go, they’re all basically related to the inline skates (gloves, skates, fanny pack) over a 3/4 bodysuit (I’m assuming). I like the bodysuit. I LOVE 3/4 sleeves. I also like fingerless gloves and buckles and straps when used in moderation (as they are in Kristen’s design).

    Here’s where I’m split— I think overall this is a costume for the Vampire Jubilee. It’s an evolution of her firework-spewing, yellow/blue/pink self into a, well, more gothic persona (DRACULAS). BUT HERE’S THE RUB! The skates remind me of another rollerskating, firework-spewing X-Man— Wolveri–no- no. DAZZLER. And I like that Dazzler connection, but only truly if this is a design for the Vampire Jubilee (btw, ‘The Vampire Jubilee’ needs to be some sort of event).

    I don’t read X-Men books anymore, so I can’t really say with any authority whether stripping Jubilee of her mutant powers THEN turning her into a vampire was a good idea or not (and whether or not it was motivated by pop culture’s newfound interest in sexy, mopey vampires), but as far as a redesign goes, I can see this working for either incarnation. The only thing I would change is instead of her little teensy tiny glasses, give her the trademark big square blublockers to protect her eyes from her bright BRIGHT mutant power (if she has her powers), and even if she’s a vampire those big blublockers would still be fun. They don’t have to be pink though.

  3. That’s what Dazzler always needed, a sidekick! I can see them now, skating the streets on New York zapping the Yancy Street Gang and other baddies in a laser-light/fireworks cornucopia of mutant justice! Oh, and then Jubilee can mercilessly suck every drop of blood from them as they beg for the release of sweet death.

  4. I always thought that Jubilee as a character benefited from a more stoic color pallet, given the nature of her powers. Considering her powers are based on fireworks, a dark pallet is also more appropriate (there’s a reason why firework displays are at night). But to me, this design doesn’t say superhero, it says skater girl having fun in the park…
    Also, it makes me think of the following scenario: “Hmm, Cyclops? I can’t chase that guy, cuz he went up a fire escape and I have my roller-blades on…”

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