Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 Second & Third Place Winners!

Note: Trying to improve on what Steve Ditko designed back in the 60s is a mean feat; just ask anyone at Marvel who’s attempted it over the past 50 years. Regardless, the art community came together for P:R’s Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 to show what could be done with comics’ wall-crawler. Yesterday you saw the honorable mentions, so today we present the finalists — the 2nd and 3rd place winners of the contest. Judging was heated, with these designs standing out as some judges’ personal favorite over even the winner. Tell us what you think, and stay tuned for tomorrow when we announce the first place winner. – Chris Arrant

Second Place Winner Brett Howard!

Brett Howard
Total Score: 55.5 (Out of a possible 70 points)

Vito: 8. There are so many things right with this one, it’s hard to pick a starting point. Colors are fantastic; can’t go wrong with black and red. The spider logo is solid, using the negative space very well, and I like the eye pieces. It looks good. I just think that maybe, just a little, it might skew toward Miles Morales’ costume a little (that’s not an indictment, but rather what it makes me think of). Just a little. But it’s still very good.

Rachel: 9. Yeah, but you could make the same argument about a lot of the others that are more heavily informed by the old-school Peter Parker costume–and, while the inspiration is obvious, I think this design is way, way sharper than the official Morales look. The spider-web is cool, but the bold, clean red-and-black just works so beautifully; if I were Marvel, I’d seriously consider adopting this design, or something close to it. The visual balance is fantastic, and I love the logo made out of negative space. Actually, I love everything about this except for the targets on the feet. Why are there targets on the feet?

Josh: 7. It’s a great design in terms of the graphics on the suit, and it’s definitely clean. It does make sense to have compound eyes, and yet, I do not want that, and I don’t think any kid who has ever found a sizable bug in his room at night does either. It’s a small point, but… ick.

Jon: 7.

Chris A.: 7.5. While I applaud the insect eyes, I think it takes away from an otherwise amazing design. I appreciate how Brett paid attention to the lighted-silhouette style and came up with designs based on that.

Conor: 8. You know, I actually really love the smaller versions with the more basic colors. I like it slightly less in the larger version, but that might just be because of the eyes. But overall it’s a really strong and stark design. If this was the new Spider-Man costume I’d be okay with it.

Ron: 9. I really like this one, a lot. It’s reminiscent of the classic design and even the late 90s Ben Reilly costume design, but also stands on its own in a unique inventive way. I agree with Josh on the compound eyes, but if you look at the lower left versions, with no compound eyes, then it sings.

Jon: Spiders don’t have compound eyes, folks.

Vito: Tell that to the spiders! I’m too busy running!

Third Place Winner Rosy Higgins!

Rosy Higgins
Total Score: 54.5 (out of a possible 70 Points)

Rachel: 10. So, you know how teenage Peter Parker is supposed to have made his costume from scratch? This is an accurate and awesome representation of what that would actually look like, and Rosy did an amazing job of translating the stuff that makes a superhero costume iconic to a punk / DIY aesthetic. I would read this Spider-Man’s comic in a minute. I would also pay substantial cash monies for that hoodie.

Vito: 8. This is an awesome costume, no doubt. It’s almost as if Rosy and Corey Lewis went to the same mall. The goggles are a great touch.

Josh: 9. Again, this is a “realistic” take done in a completely new way. The entire head is perfect, and perfectly attainable.I love how the goggles even hold the hood in place.

Ron: 2. I totally see and get the idea of a kid making his costume from scratch, but goggles AND a hood? Count me out. Not to mention the knee high boxer type boots? What kid has a pair of those?

Conor: 7. I love the goggle and the hoodie (and how they are applied practically) but I feel like the hair coming out is a bit much. There’s too much of Peter’s identity showing through. If the beauty of the full face mask is that anyone can be Spider-Man, this kind of tosses that notion out the window.

Jon: 9

Chris A.: 9.5. “Lovin’ you is easy ‘cause you’re beatiful…” Seriously, Rosy really took our contest to heart and came up with a near-perfect design. It’s a good prototype, but I think some of these elements could be streamlined if Rosy had a chance to draw it in action some.

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  1. I love that throughout all these designs, there are some common threads. Rosy’s design is amazingly similar to the one I submitted (but, of course, much better drawn and executed), down to the fighter boots and goggles. We all pull from the same stream of consciousness!

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  3. Brett Howard (2nd) – Beautiful super hero suit. I can see this working with red/blue and black/white palettes as well. The segmented eyes do seem out of place but without them the mask would be too simple…maybe change them to a webbing pattern? Anyway, worthy of it’s score, I love it. Even the foot targets can’t ruin this solid design.

    Rosy Higgins (3rd) – I can’t get behind this for the same reasons as Ron named in his comments. That spider’s legs on the back makes Pete’s head look elongated. Hoods are a bad idea for someone swinging around at high speeds, at best it get blown off and worst fills with air and puffs out. Also, I cant see that face mask staying in place when Spidey twists his head and neck all around. Wish I liked this more.

  4. I love the goggle and hoodie look. Reminds me of a modern version of the “Noir” look. I also love the hoodie and would outbid Rachel for it cause I wants one too!! I could definitely see Rosy’s design as his initial wrestling attire but not as a superhero suit, I’m not really with the whole normal clothes as a costume thing unless those clithes are unique at least.

    Brett’s design is great except for the feet and compund eyes. Gotta agree it’s just a bit much and looks better in the smaller pics without it. Overall great design though.

  5. Ditto what Jon said about compound eyes. I like Brett’s logo, but with those eyes he look more like Fly-man to me.

    I really like Rosy’s design, as (along with Pj) it is similar to the design I submitted. I’m not sure what’s going on with the spider’s legs on the back of the hood, and I don’t like the boots (I commend all the artists who included revealed toes in their designs) but I love the hoodie and goggles. I think she got the ‘friendly neighborhood’ aspect down to a T. Lovely work.

    At this point, I can only hope I am amid the runners up XD…

  6. Brett’s design is great, sort of like a hybrid of the Miles Morales costume and Alex Ross’s unused movie design, although the eyes say ‘fly’ to me rather than spider. A well deserved second place. Unfortunately I really don’t see the love for Rosy’s costume. Yes it’s realistic, but not in a good way. It just looks like an outfit that some hipster teenager would wear rather than a superhero costume that a nerd like Peter would put together. The random blue and white colours don’t go with the red and black elements (and why are the goggles yellow rather than white to at least match the logo?), the boots look restrictive and hard to run around in, and honestly I just don’t like it. It doesn’t stand out at all to me.
    Anyway, I don’t mean to pick on you Rosy (in fact, congratulations on making it so far!) but that’s my opinion.

  7. For a second place winner he sure got spider morphology all wrong. They don’t have compound eyes and those legs are just poping from wherever of those poor looking bodies. Love the coloring and the patterns but the design would win from actual spider shapes.
    As for the third, it’s nice to bring the black and red suit together, and even some golden goggles but DIY by a polymer expert wouldn’t realisticly look like that.

  8. I really like Brett Howard’s design,simple and cool,i have to say as Thomas Fummo,his eyes looks like more a fly than a spider,i think if you want to represent Spiderman eyes like an insect you should draw all the six(?) eyes of a spider

    I’m sorry i totally dislike Rosy Higgins design,there are too much colors and the black and white parts don’t work with the red and blue parts.
    it could be right for the first apparition of Spiderman as amateur wrestler but it can’t work for a comic,and the honorable mention’s hooded Spiderman was much better.
    this is just what i think

  9. Each has nice elements with something off. Brett’s is great, but the eyes look like fly eyes to me. Rosy’s is a little busy and seems more like something a female hero might wear.

  10. I am really sick of red and black.

    I like Rosy’s design much more, just because it looks more “fun”– Brett’s is so serious! He’s Spider-Man, not Batman! I have this problem with Miles’s costume, too. A little bit of brightness, please.

  11. UM. That came off ruder than I meant. I love Brett’s design from a purely visual standpoint (that use of negative space yesss), but it doesn’t feel like Peter.

  12. let me preface by saying that in no way does any of critique reflect on the artistic talent of any of the submissions we’ve seen. that said… wow. i’m definitely scoring in my head COMPLETELY different from the panel. runner-up with compound eyes? WRONG, as Jon put it. for me that sinks that ship. a red and black palette immediately brings me to a Black Widow spider…. female. the male of the species isn’t so stark, introducing tan/beige tones. visually the “feet target” look neat to me, but serve no purpose as i understand, so it’s superfluous. but perhaps the Parker in my head, or if i were Pete, is thinking too literal.

    as for the Higgins third place, again, looks neat to me, but looks like a bike messenger, or hipsterized version of Spidey. fine if that’s who the kid is, but seeing as Pete is supposed to have a science background, this doesn’t play for me. and why on earth does looking DIY, translate to what might available commercially?

    conceptually, i thought some of the honorables could have easily slid up to these spots. but again, perhaps i’m being too stringent on how i would score it. regardless, i applaud ALL of the design thought and artistic talent put forth! and Friday can’t come too soon.

  13. I’m luving the 3rd place, I used the same concept.

    Second place…erhm, sorry but Parker would never add compound eyes in his SPIDER costume … he’s a geek, remember? I don’t want to nitpíck, but that design doesn’t deserve second place.

  14. Spiders have 0-8 eyes always in pairs. The most common being 8. They have 8 legs attached to the ”head” and a separate abdomen. Fangs in front spinerets in back.

  15. I think the “spiders don’t have compound eyes” thing is kind of a moot point. Spiders have eight eyes, but no one complains that Peter’s mask only has two.

    My problem with it is that, for me, it draws unnecessary attention to the mask by over-complicating things, when the rest of the design is so solid. Brett’s piece is, in my opinion, the best of the bunch so far, so I’m hoping that #1 really ups the ante.

  16. It bugs me that it bugs people that Peter made the costume. I never cared, rule of cool and all that. However, I do like the idea of a streetwear Spider-Man, just not as the main costume. Rosy’s done a cool version of that, though I think that either the black and white or Red and Blue should be more dominant. And once you leave full face mask territory it feels 100%less like Spider-Man.

    Ditch the compound eyes and Brett’s is great. Very Ult Spidey, and I like the touch of drawing his feet distinctly – better choice than having the fingers and toes poking out IMO.

  17. Apparently, some people never learn that spiders are NOT insects.
    Arachnidae carry 8 legs and possibly multiple eyes, while “bugs” – with which insects are meant but reduced to only one sub-species – have 6 legs and mostly faceted eyes.
    And I for one have ALWAYS been complaining about Spider-Man having just two eyes. And I literally despise any book in which those lenses can blink …

    The mission statement for this assignment was “Webhead 2.0” which means ABANDONING the previous concepts and starting all over.
    Rosy did a much better job at this than Brett, who just gave the standard Spidey-suit a new paintjob. That’s Spider-Man 1.21 or something (with all the alternate suits crawling around), but not a new concept. So, no second place in my judgement, sorry to say so.

    Rosy’s design is far more innovative, but I don’t like that she reused the old Spidey patterns (black lines on red, combined with blue areas): been there, seen that.
    The warped Spider on the hood is new – but seems oddly twisted.

    All in all a great outfit – if it could be recolored. Added gloves would be a big bonus. Spider-Man would be leaving his fingerprints all over town with bare hands, literally. If Peter were ever to be arrested and his prints taen, he would be done for.

  18. Second place design is doing nothing for me, looks bland and somewhat sinister due to the choice of colours.

    Third place on the other hand is killer. Diggin’ it! One of my fav’s.

  19. Oh, I like them both, but Rosie’s design really captures that whole whimsical teen hero feeling. The hoodie and googles are an inspired choice, and I love those knee high Converses (lol Ron). I could see this guy cracking jokes and busting muggers while booking it to first period, you know?

    As for Brett’s, I’m not a fan of the eyes, but it’s not enough to turn me off completely. This is more of the mature Spider-Man we saw before OMD who is grown up and a little disillusioned, and a nice alternative to the black and white suit. Love the logo.

  20. Freelancer:
    The mission statement for this assignment was “Webhead 2.0″ which means ABANDONING the previous concepts and starting all over. Rosy did a much better job at this than Brett, who just gave the standard Spidey-suit a new paintjob. That’s Spider-Man 1.21 or something (with all the alternate suits crawling around), but not a new concept. So, no second place in my judgement, sorry to say so.

    Check the P:R guidelines:

    For our regular P:R Redesigns feature, and all contests, except where specified, it is important to keep in mind that the task is not to re-imagine the characters, but to revise ONLY their costuming, as if it is to be used in current continuity.

    In my opinion, your assessments are reversed: Brett revised Peter’s costume, Rosy did a re-imagining.

  21. Peter is just asking to get outed with all that exposed hair. You’d think a science geek would know all about forensic testing. Hip design tho, I’d wear that hoodie with pride.

    The other is just too derivative of the Miles Morales look. Sure, it’s great, artwise and designwise, but in the end it’s only a minor adjustment. Hopefully the winner will be a little more radical in contrast to the existing costumes. If not, I’d accept the Iron-Spider look from Civil War.

  22. and just to show that a little search can go a long way: Caponina may have 2-3-4-5-6 eyes so even odd numbers can be found…

  23. I like Rosy’s design due to the actuality that it presents. Knee high converse are on tons of kids now-a-days and I don’t think that they would be too far-fetched. Hoodies and skinny jeans would totally make up most of my super hero ensemble if I had one.

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  26. I really like the Howard design. The only two issues for me are the main color (really needs to be blue or black or both) and the eyes. I get trying for a more authentic “bug-like” look, but the line work across the surface is too busy. Other than that, it works quite well.

  27. @Pj: I was looking at some of the past events and I think some of them featured honorable mentions AND runners up. That may be entirely wrong … just put it down to a last unsupported glimmer of hope that my pic might show up here, s’all :)

    Looking at these two as well as all the designs and the panel’s comments, I have to agree with Freelancer.

  28. Love, love, love Rosy’s design. Geeks love chucks and giving Pete a pair is perfect. For all the nitpicking about the hood, it’s not hard to imagine that maybe it can pull really tight to help complete the full mask effect. Nails the fun, teenage whimsy je ne sais quoi of Peter that so many love about Peter and want out of the costume.

    Brett’s is solid (and the smaller inset sketches are even more powerful than the larger showcase image) and plays to the darker side of Peter’s personality — he’s not all whimsy after all and it’s that brooding guilt-driven sense of urgency that so many love about Peter and want to see somehow in the costume. The black/red palette, the fantastic negative space emblem… it all works for that basis. To me that it’s simply too much like the new USM model to even really vouchsafe as a redesign.

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  30. I’m a bit disappointed with these third and second place entries.

    They’re good designs, but I think few of the honourable mentions should’ve taken these spots.

    2nd place – For me, lots of black on a Spider-man costume = venom.

    I know the new ultimate costume is majority black, but I have the same criticism of that!! at least Miles Morales doesn’t have the history with Venom to know any better!

    Also, to down-mark one entry (Toks solarin) for being too similar to Ben Reilly’s costume, but not mind this being like the new ultimate costume? Strange.

    And yeah, the insect eyes are a big no no. (Especially surprised when the judges made a point of being complementary about them! “Well done on using eyes exactly like a spider doesn’t have”)

    Also, not such a fan of target feet.

    3rd Place – Prefer this to 2nd place, but don’t like the mash up of Spider-man and venom styles and agree with what one poster said about the practicalities of a hood at high speed!

    I think this works for a new version of Spider-man, but not as a redesign of the current.

    I would rather have seen Matt Major and Adam Cadwell take these spots.

    But each to their own!

    Looking forward to seeing the winner.

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  32. Brett: very snappy. It’s not a huge reinvention, but I like the colours and the two spider logos.
    Rosy: This is great! I love the hoodie design and the playful teenageryness of this, and i love the geeky little tuft of hair.

  33. Also, the hood on Rosy’s design would fly off that easily: if you look closely at the back, the goggles are holding it on

  34. This is my absolute favorite if only he had the full-face Spidey mask. That is my only suggestion. This really feels like a teenager would have put this together. It is awesome sauce.

  35. I’m guessing you don’t live in LA, Ron, cause those boots are everywhere. They’re knee high Converse, you can buy them literally on the street in the garment district towards East L.A.

  36. Poor Rosy. Take out Ron’s scoring for all contestants and you end up with Rosy on 52, Mike on 49 and Brett on 46.5 . Personal tastes and all I know but a 2 was a little bit harsh.

  37. I’m going to feel indignant on behalf of Rosy here. That 2 seems a bit too harsh, and it reeks of score manipulation.
    But why did no one mention the weird spider legs in the back? Seriously, that spider looks like it should be in pain.

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  39. Rosy did way better than Brett. Ron’s scoring is not just a little harsh. It doesn’t make any sense.The 2 should not be considered; it is standard deviations away from the rest of the others, who gave mostly solid 9s.

  40. I love how Rosy’s, 3rd place winner, Spidey seems to pulse with that classic highschooler, butt kicking, stealthy, wise cracking web slinger that I’ve always loved. I always have wondered how Peter Parker is supposed to have such an intricate costume from scratch by himself. But this design brings it back down to a realistic level.
    However, a few things I would wanna see changed are: remove the knee pads, add visible web-shooters, and definitely switch out those Converse sneakers for just some light material spandex type shoes because lets not forget that Spidey must be able to utilize his sticky feet.

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