P:R Regular Spotlight: Joel Carroll!

Note: The key strength that has kept Project: Rooftop going strong for over five years is the artists who contribute. From our co-founder Dean Trippe to a elite list of artists who by their own passion and ingenuity have become regulars here at the site. You see their names regularly in contests and individual designs, but we thought it worth it to show all their work submitted (so far!) in one place. First up: Joel Carroll.  – Chris A.

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26 comments to “P:R Regular Spotlight: Joel Carroll!”
  1. It’s weird how similar Joel’s Batman design is to the current Nightwing design. Great minds, huh? Anyway, this is a great idea. Can’t wait for Jemma Salume and Ming Doyle’s turns!

  2. Good stuff all around, I think the two that stuck out to me most were the two Aquaman looks, either of which would be much better than anything Arthur Curry has sported, ever.

    Also the western-themed Dr. Strange is something that should happen.

  3. Joel Carroll is one of my favourite artists here at P:R. I love his style, I love his design sensibilities, I love it all! I think my favourites would be his Flashes, The Falcon and his first Aquaman. Great designs! I hope to see more of ’em! :)

  4. A great collect of strong designs, except for that Cyclops/Jean Grey nightmare. My favs are the second Aquaman, very sleek – and that cowboy Doctor Strange.

  5. Great stuff. For me the stand outs are:
    –Doctor Strange and Power Girl. Two of the worst costumes in all of comics corrected, and done brilliantly.

    –Either of those Aquaman looks for me is a nice nod to the way the actual books have gone, returning him to his sleeker look of the silver age, in which he actually looked like a king of Atlantis that spends 90% of his time gliding through the ocean and not some armored up hobo that resembles the old Warlord comics from the 70s.

    –Wonder Woman, if for no other reason than it takes the look of her classic boots and makes them real world functional, a feat everyone at DC seems to have trouble with.

    –The Rocketeer. A great tribute to one of the greatest and most overlooked costumes of all time.

  6. So many are simply amazing. That Flash has always been way cool to me.
    I’ve never seen that Power Girl till now. SO STYLISH!
    I very much wish that would be her new costume. Definitely would be an upgrade : )

  7. Love ’em all. Hadn’t seen some before either. Technical question but will these spotlight pages update as artists continue to contribute.

    Second the comment about awaiting Doyle and Salume spotlights.

  8. I love Joe’s designs for the Flash (especially the insignia) and his picture of Damien is amazing! Dr. Strange looks a little too much like a pimp but I still love it, and “The Good, The Bad, and The Strange” is an idea that has some serious potential to be epic. Also, Joe’s WW and Black Canary are some of the best redesigns I’ve ever seen for those two. Great job Joe!

  9. My favorite part of the Dr. Strange is the hand position. It’s the classic spellcasting gesture, but the placement by his sides is reminiscent of an Old West shootout.

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