P:R Redesign: Aaron Diaz’s 5 Essential Super-Hero Designs!

Note: The creator of the webcomic Dresden Codak is taking his talents and putting them to work on redesigning five of what he considers the most needed fashion faux pas in the comics world. Look below for Aaron Diaz’s renditions of Superman, Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, Starfire and Ms.  Marvel, then head over to his blog to read his in-depth explanations and even some story ideas to go along with the designs. – Chris A.

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  1. Good artwork but not all the costume changes convinced me. The only one that I really liked was Dr. Strange because we all know his costume is one of the worst. :)

  2. I miss Strange’s colorful coat. Ms. Marvel looks a lot like Ultimate Captain Marvel. I’m not sure on the concept of his Superman. I like his creepy Wonder Woman and Starfire looks much warmer now, though. :)

  3. I like the idea of Kal El being an advanced being that can chage his shape to appear humanoid, and I actually like the costume. Wonder Woman looks great, but I’d step away from the living statue concept. That Ms Marvel would work better in the Ultimate Comics line, as I think that’s where some of this inspiration may have come from. Starfire looks waaaaay better. I picture her personality being more 60’s modern female, and the look goes a long way to make the character more likeable.

  4. My three favorites are Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, and Starfire. I went to his blog for his explanations and I like some of the concepts. My two complaints is the lack of the lasso on Wonder Woman and perhaps making Starfire’s dress into a two piece like in the Teen Titans animated show. It would have shown some skin without being over the top imo.

    Mr. Q

  5. I love these so much. These designs are so creative, and full of great ideas. These aren’t just aesthetic changes, they’re completely new takes on the characters. Aaron clearly has a lot of love for these characters, and has put so much thought into creating these new incarnations of them. Seriously, I would pay good money to read his Superman and Wonder Woman stories (Any chance of a full Justice League reimagining, Aaron?). Superb work.

  6. Whole JL up on tumblr now: http://dresdencodak.tumblr.com/post/10979241054/rebooting-the-justice-league

    Pretty damn good if you ask me. Out of what’s here I think Ms Marvel looks the coolest, and her actual costume is super lame. Obviously anything is an improvement for Starfire at this point. I like a lot of elements of the Wonder Woman thing, but I find it hard to deal with as a whole. Dr Strange is definitely a major downgrade, and the Superman works, I guess, but I think we should all be a bit traditionalist when it comes to Supes. For sanity.

  7. Oh wow, I just went on your blog and you already did reimagine the Justice League! Great work again, man.

  8. I dislike the “living statue” element of the Wonder Woman and I’ve never thought that the fetishy overtones in the lasso were that over-whelming, but the costume itself is top-notch. The others are all great, and morphing cyborg alien Superman has all my love. I know that it wasn’t included in the “5 essential redesigns” post, bat Aaron has a great redesign/reworking of Batman and Steph!Robin at his blog which should also be spotlighted here.

  9. I love the idea behind Aaron’s Superman, and if his origin for the character had been the one he had started out with originally in the comics it would be perfect. Unfortunately, it’s just too radical a departure for the character and the ability to relate to him is lost for the most part. However, I don’t doubt that this version of Kal-El would be incredibly intriguing. As for the design, it’s hard to tell what’s going on with the alien version, and the costume seems a little weak.

    Doctor Strange is very Vincent Price. I like it a lot!

    Wonder Woman’s costume is great, and her lack of bondage influence is welcome, but with her new statue appearance she suffers the same fate as Aaron’s Superman. I just can’t imagine readers being able to put themselves in her shoes.

    Starfire’s new look is a thousand times better than her New 52 costume and just about everything else she has ever worn. I think she is the strongest of all Aaron’s redesigns.

    Ms. Marvel is okay, but I think a character who shares the name of the comic company should have a more iconic look; something a little less alien in nature. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot better than her other costume, but I disagree with the direction taken here.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Wonder Woman design. The living statue idea is so out of the box it amazes me. The costume is also fantastic, with the toga exposing one side of the classic bustier breastplate, referencing the Amazons self mutilation. Amazing.
    Unfortunately this would never happen because…well, just look at what they’re doing, it seems there’s no creativity being allowed, just editorial leash holding.
    Imagine the headlines DC would have gotten with this last year when they redesigned WW? Something so outlandish and striking? Could have been great.

  11. I’m not digging anything about Superman here, his super suit looks like he’s trying to fit into something too small – what with the shortened sleeves and short cape. Also he doesn’t seem like a super “man” – more like a creepy, shape shifting alien. Having seen this thing crawl out of the spaceship, I bet Pa Kent would’ve tried to smash it with his tire iron rather than adopt it.

    Doctor Strange is good here. Has an almost Victorian look to it that I like on him.

    I’m blown away by that Wonder Woman, the sword works better than the lasso with this statue look. Just an incredible take on her. If not for Diana herself (although I like it for her) maybe it could an enemy for her at least, like a golem or something. Such an “outside of the box” idea, love it.

    Starfire looks like Starfire, only a little better.

    Ms. Marvel rocks. Looks powerful and very outer-spacey. All she needs is an “M” instead of that “U”

  12. cool, like the costume for WOnder WOman, not sure about the statue concept, Strange, Starfire and Ms. Marvel would be welcome redesigns for the characters. Superman is cool and kind of goes in line with what Grant Morrison is doing, don’t care for the shape changing abilities reminds me too much of the Martian Manhunter.

  13. I dig ’em, but I too have issue with the “living statue” idea on WW as well. I also feel the blue is a little too prominent or solid, needs to be broken up just a touch (okay, I’m a fool for white stars), but kudos on returning her Hercules’/Heracles’ Golden Girdle to her – it’s one of the things I’m more bummed about her losing in recent redesigns.

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  16. The only design I don’t like is Superman.
    I LOVE everyone else! I think Wonder Woman as a living statue is a very neat idea. Then you could have a story-line where she begins turning back into a non-living statue and has to find a way to stop it from happening.

  17. Except then she’s not really Diana anymore. She’s not everything that makes the character great. She’s warm, loving and inviting. She’s tough, but I see her being the one to give someone a hug when they need it (Superman too, actually) You really don’t want to hug a statue. I agree that Superman’s outfit looks like it doesn’t fit right and that Shapeshifting Alien has been done with the Martian Manhunter. All the others are keen

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