P:R Redesign: Kevin Wada’s X-Men Couture!

Note: While the main thrust of our site is to re-imagine super-hero wardrobe to replace what they have now, we’re also in love with fashion in general. Artist Kevin Wada has read our minds and come up with a series of illustrations putting some of the X-women in some high-class couture. Maybe the new Jean Grey School for Higher Learning has a fashion class Kevin can teach? – Chris A.


Emma Frost


Lady Deathstrike

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  1. Nice work, are these watercolors? I’d be curious if the inspirations for these are …
    Phoenix = Cher
    Emma Frost = Marilyn Monroe
    Lady Deathstrike = Michelle Pfeiffer (in Scarface) or less likely Uma Thurman (in Pulp Fiction)

    Mystique doesn’t really remind me of anyone though…and I like her the best out of this set, terrific coloring all around.

  2. In my opinion this is the best quality artwork and most original ideas I have seen on here in a while. Awesome.

  3. Oh WOW! These are beautiful. I absolutely love them all, but Emma Frost and Mystique especially are magnificent. Yes they wouldn’t work as superhero costumes, but I could totally see the girls wearing these when mulling about the school on slow-crime days. Phenomenal work.

  4. It is Klimt meets the Uncanny X-Men.
    Never been reduced to just superlatives by this site before, but:
    Wonderful. Simply marvelous.
    LOVE. IT.

  5. Mystique looks like Lanvin or Balmain. Lady DStrike and Jean look like McQueen. Emma looks like a mix of Gucci and Armani Prive. I LOVE these. I want these prints on my wall. A perfect fusion of comics and fashion.

  6. That is totally, totally cool.
    This would actually be a good P:R idea – evening wear for superheroes.
    Like, what if a superhero had the money to pay for custom clothes for going to social functions. Like, when the Mayor wants to give him or her keys to the city.
    She might like something that makes it clear just which here she is, but she also might like something that looked a bit more like evening wear and not the battle armor or leotard of a superhero costume.
    I bet the P:R community could come up with some cool suits with little hints of Cap’s costume or beautiful dresses that still let you know the lady in it is The Wasp!

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  8. Very engaging and stylish. The X-Men and Marvel’s mutants as a whole are always far more interesting if they’re presented as being a totally different subculture with their own values, their own art, their own sensibilities. That their costumes would be fashion statements really helps to put that across.

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