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  1. I really like the Hawkman and Sandman redesigns. Hawkman doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard (unlike the current version) and Sandman looks hi-tech and creepy.

    Starman is fine, but a little generic. Which, I know, Starman always was, but I wish there was a little more too it.

    Gorgeous illustrations, though!

  2. Fantastic pictures but I wish he offered some commentary to them. Would be nice to understand what went into each design.

    Hawkman looks incredible. I love the more streamline outfit he’s sporting. Has a bit of a fighter pilot in it but still retains the Hawkman identity. I do miss the symbol he always had on his chest.

    Sandman is perhaps my favorite of the three. I enjoy the modern take of the original Sandman’s outfit (I sense the inspiration came from the Vertigo title Sandman Mystery Theater rather than the golden age comics but that is my opinion). I do miss the trench coat, I always felt it was the one touch that made him more of a pulp comic hero and less of a spandex type. But I love the Tommy gun inspired sleeping gas gun and his ammo bag.

    Starman’s new outfit definitely fits him. Gives him more of a space hero motif. The loss of the cape is not missed but the new cowl looks perfect. I’m glad that you were able to move away from the Christmas colors yet still make him easy to identify.

    Outstanding job on these new costumes, Daniel. Hope to see more of your work on Project: Rooftop in the near future.

    Mr. Q

  3. That Sandman is excellent. I love how bold the image of a gas-masked, suited man remains, no matter what era. This one has some rad Gatsby-chic, which is a nice update from the 90s trenchcoat-fetish take.

    Starman’s not-quite-right logo works for me really well too, considering the character was traumatized by his contributions to the Manhattan Project; it seems to symbolize some kind of corruption in his ideals.

    These are great. It’d be so cool to see Govar’s take on some Legion of Super-Heroes costumes… but that’s just me.

  4. These are a great addition to the set with Hawkman being the best version of him I’ve ever seen…minus the mace. It’s kind of small – and why have only a mace? I always thought Hawkman could use some sort of projectile weapon…he could pick non-flying enemies off from above and have cool Topgun-like dogfights with flying foes.

  5. I really like these. Only nitpicks: agreed on moving Sandman’s laser sight ( to his gun perhaps? Otherwise just fire at the source of the beam) and change the color of Hawkman’s costume; it’s just a little too close to his fleshtone for me. Minor quibbles, these are very nice.

  6. I’d personally push for Sandman’s mask to look a little less Snake-Eyes and bring back more of the allusion to Dream’s Sandman Helm (itself an allusion to the original Sandman’s mask). But I very much like how the streamlining of the suit would lend itself better to more-modern INCEPTION-like explorations of the figure of the “Sandman”, and away from the “Green Hornet&his gas gun” connotations of the older design.

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  8. Cool stuff, like Starman a bunch, he has the look of what might have been if DC revived him in the silver age like they did Flash and GL with a new look. Sandman I like minus the Borg laser scanner thing. Hawkman I’m luke warm on, prefer the bare chest with harness look to this.

  9. excellent work again! Cant wait to see more of the JSA! Sandman looks great, as does Hawkman. Im personally a little less sure of Starman, but its a great redo nonetheless

  10. Love them just as I loved the first batch. I really like the modern/retro take on Sandman withthe Tommygun style gas gun, but having a laser pointer on the mask.

    Hawkman is absolutely perfect and I’d love to see that look in comics.

    Starman is great. Keeps the original colors, but gives it a look closer to the later versions. I like alot!

  11. I actually think the Starman has a cape… at least that’s how I’m processing the swath of stardust behind him. I’d dig it and has echoes of the Starman of ’51 but the color palette could stand to be streamlined a bit.

    Love, love, love Sandman’s cravat and Tommy Sand-Gun.

  12. Hawkman is excellent. I really think he looks better than the original.

    The Sandman is great, but I’m not a huge fan of the laser sight either. One of my favorite parts is the way the grenade launcher resembles actual 40mm revolving grenade launchers. Shooting canisters of sleeping gas strikes me as making much more sense than a pistol that just shoots out gas and isn’t much more than a glorified bug sprayer.

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