P:R Redesign: Coran Stone’s Batman!

Note: Batman’s probably tops when it comes to the hero with the most costume variations over the years, but artist Coran Stone hits on something special with this take on Bruce Wayne. If you like this, click through to Stone’s DeviantArt account to check out his “Ego” series of hero pin-ups. – Chris A.

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  1. This is a pretty nice piece of work, the way it’s stylized is pretty interesting. Maybe a bit too brutish for Batman…almost ape-like. Anyway on the design – a bit too generic, without the ears I’d mistake this for a Hawk & Dove character with all those jagged lines. And, for me, a bat symbol is required for Batman.

    I love that fact that there’s any identifiable armor, seems like he would be more agile in this sort of outfit. Bravo for the realistic cut/look of the boots. Also that utilitarian utility belt is the bomb…do the kids today still use that expression? I like that it’s dark because it eliminates the need for the underwear (a technique that works for Batman but not Superman IMO)

  2. oops…

    I love that fact that there’s NOT any identifiable armor…

    P:R should add an edit feature to the comments!

  3. I love the styling of his whole artwork, very good grasp of attitude throughout his deviant page. That said the actual design part is secondary to the wonderful renderings.

  4. This feels almost like the Phantasm costume, in all the right ways i.e. the ragged cape scallops and the cowl that goes straight to the bottom half of a bat symbol on the chest

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  6. I like the moody coloring here. The bat-scalloped chestpiece blending into the cowl reminds me a lot of a Howard Chaykin Batman outfit that was done for some Elseworlds one-shot a few years ago.

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