P:R Redesign: Paulo Siqueira’s Justice League!

Note: There have been a swath of fresh new faces drawing comics in recent years, and one of the ones that have piqued my interest most is Paulo Siqueira with his work on Amazing Spider-Man. For fun, Siqueira is developing his own take on DC’s Justice League which has had some phenomenal entries. The Brazilian artist is only half-way done but I couldn’t wait in showing the P:R readers. – Chris A.

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  1. Wonder Woman: LOVE this.
    Green Lantern: Great design! But it looks more like John Stewart than Hal.
    Batman: It definitely has some nice elements, but the huge symbol is a distraction. I think it would work great in a noir setting.
    Aquaman: Awesome. Very regal and powerful. I love some of the subtle cues on him.
    Flash: It’s a great design, but looks more like Kid Flash, especially with the lightning in the front looking like suspenders.

  2. Can’t say any of these really blow me away design wise, except Wonder Woman, her outfit looks really outstanding. Maybe some color would help sell these better. Without nitpicking too much – that bat symbol needs work, and Flash could loose those elbow & knee pads…they would work better on Batman. The individual personalities were really captured well in these though, and the artwork is superb.

  3. Even though I’m not crazy about these designs (except Aquaman, that one is A+)– this art blows me away. I wish this cat would jump ship from Marvel, and go over to DC to make sense out of some of those stinky new-52 designs.

  4. The art in and of itself is great (as Siqueira’s stuff usually is, but I think some color would have helped give a better sense of the designs.

    Wonder Woman is the only one that really works for me. It projects a strong warrior vibe.

    I’m assuming the lines extending from the side of GL’s emblem are supposed to be some sort of spotlight, but the idea doesn’t really carry through. Other than that, it’s basically the same GL uniform that John Stewart’s been wearing for years.

    Batman looks like a professional wrestler. The way the cape gathers around and attaches to the Groucho Marx-mustache emblem looks like it would severely restrict his arm movement.

    Aquaman’s okay, but it’s a lot like the outfit he wore during his “harpoon hand” phase. The beard with the short hair combo looks good.

    The overall Flash design is okay, but the elbow/knee pads don’t really make sense for a runner; they’d restrict his movements. Having most of the costume dominated by black makes him look “heavy” visually, and kind of contradicts the impression of speed and fluidity.

  5. Fantastic designs on these DC characters, Paulo. My one nitpick for the pin-ups altogether is the lack of colors on these drawings. Would have been great to see if their original or a new color schemes would complement these new designs.

    When I saw the Wonder Woman drawing, I immediately felt that this is the one. To me, Paulo Siqueira’s design should have been THE Wonder Woman revamped costume. She is truly the amazon princess in this attire. A perfect mix of her classic costume and Greek battle gear. But I’d shorten the point on the bottom of the eagle. Looks like it might poke her in the abs if she bent over too far. ^^;

    My next two favorites are Aquaman and Batman. While Daniel Govar’s version is still my top fav, Paulo’s version give Arthur more of a “Poseidon meets superhero” look. He comes off as the actual Greek god of the ocean. He gives off this feel of a mature warrior king that has great power yet looks very regal. He definitely looks like he rules the seven seas and its inhabitants.

    Batman’s look has a feeling of reality but not like Chris Nolan’s high tech version. This one feels more year one and I quite like it. The gloves harken back to the original design of Batman and I’ve always enjoyed the longer ears on the cowl. Gives a more demonic feel to him, especially when he casts his shadow. Also, the zipper in the front of the pants is a nice touch. Always wondered how Bats went to the bathroom in a full body suit. ;P My one nitpick on his costume is the Frank Miller-ish symbol. It just over the top and far too much detail; it just ruins the design to me. I’d go with a more simple design like Alex Ross’ bat symbol and kept it slightly hidden behind the cape.

    The last two I’m iffy on. Green Lantern looks very good. Kinda leans towards John Stewart’s look and the JLU animated version. Simple yet not that eye catching. The Flash is the least of my favorites. Not sure on the design and the elbow/knee pads feel off to me. Maybe if they were implemented into the costume rather than a separate piece, they might work. But that’s just me.

    Overall, a very imaginative take on the JL. Would love to see how you would handle Superman, Martian Manhunter, and other JL members. Keep up the great work, Paulo.

    Mr. Q

  6. That’s probably the best Wonder Woman redesign I’ve seen in a long time. Most new attempts at her costume are just colorful versions of Ancient Greek armor, whereas this takes that idea and actually makes a “superhero” costume out of it. And even though it’s in B&W, it looks like the red/white/blue color scheme may have been changed to a red/white/gold, which I love.

  7. Right off the bat, I think the Wonder Woman and Aquaman designs are the best. Both capture each respective character’s concept so eloquently. As for the others, well they have design elements that work and some that don’t.

    I think the Green Lantern design suffers from the lack of colour, but that aside the design itself is a little too simplistic for the character. Like the others have said, it would better suit a character like John Stewart. The spotlight idea is intriguing though and I’d love to see it implemented in another design.

    Kalorama noted that the dominant use of black makes The Flash look heavy. I’d like to add that is also makes him look solid, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but when a character has the ability to run through walls in his repertoire, it kind of falls apart.

    Also, for a character who was recently deputised as a Blue Lantern, the use of black kinda comes off as an attempt to make him more “edgey “or “gritty”, which due to the character’s status as the first Silver-Age superhero just doesn’t make sense.

    The rest of the design otherwise works fairly well for me, though I think the pads could’ve been smaller and perhaps built into the suit.. What i really love is the character’s attitude, that right there says “I could do more in 18 minutes than you could in your entire lifetime”.

    The Batman design is a mystery. It has elements that I like to see in the character (like the exaggerated ears, Noir trappings, Big ol’ Bat symbol), but it doesn’t sit well with me. I think it’s how the cape and the symbol are so close together and how far apart the ears are for their size. The gloves are interesting though.

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  9. Holy cow! For starters, I’d just like to say that I too love the art style. More than any of the redesigns, the style in which they are drawn is what I find most impressive.

    As for Wonder Woman, I have to agree with most others that her outfit is the most solid redesign out of the bunch. It’s just about perfect. I think my only qualm would be reiterating what Mr. Q said about the point at the bottom of the eagle. It’s a little too long and should be shortened. Other than that, everything from the shoulder straps to the boots are perfect.

    Again, I have to agree with what some of the others said about Green Lantern’s design being a little simplistic. Not a lot of detail going on. At the same time, I will say that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s certainly better than making his outfit over-complicated. I like the fact that his hands are covered in this take, so as to avoid leaving finger prints behind. Overall, it’s a little plain, but easily recognizable, and that’s what counts for me. I think it’s a great design.

    As for Batman, again, I like almost everything about this one. The longer ears, the shorter gloves that hearken back to his original costume, the military style boots, the length of the cape…and yes, the inclusion of a “fly”, are all fantastic. I think the utility belt is my favorite part of this design. It’s big, as it should be, and the nightstick is a nice addition. The thing that kills it for me is that bat-symbol. It was a nice attempt at changing things up, but it just doesn’t really work. Aside from that, another great design.

    I think this Aquaman is my least favorite of all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely impressive. I just don’t get a “classic superhero” vibe from it. It does have a nice regal look to it though, and the more I look at it, the more I like it.

    The Flash is easily the most radical of these designs. The black coupled with the knee/elbow pads in this costume gives him a cool “biker” image. Whether that’s a good thing or not would depend on personal taste, and I have no problems with it. I have to agree with Mr. Q again in that perhaps the pads should have been implemented into the costume a little more. I think they make sense for someone who would need them if he ever tripped up. The overall design here may be too big of a departure from his traditional look for die-hard fans.

    All in all, these are each solid designs in there own way. None of them are overly complicated, and could easily be re-created by a child…and I mean that in the best way. I really can’t wait to see the rest of the JLA.

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  11. Wonder Woman rocks and in the not-DCnU I would say: implement now! I like the uniformity in DCnU right now for the JLA, though. That’s the ONLY reason I wouldn’t be 100% for it. But this is beyond perfect. This captures her character unlike any costume for her I’ve ever seen.

    GL: excellent.

    Batman: As our Batman? no thanks, but a truly interesting departure and I would love to read about this guy.

    Aquaman: My only problem here is… it’s kind of been done. However, when it WAS done, it wasn’t done nearly this well. This a great portrayal of the regality and power that has become a huge part of his character, yet it still has a good balance of hero. I’m loving what Johns is doing with the character right now, though, and wouldn’t want him any other way.

    Flash: boss. GREAT Flash design. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the DCnU version of the costume. I think it’s perfect [given the way Manapul is utilizing it, anyway]. However, this would fit, I think, in the DCnU. Since this is a strong nod to Wally and/or the JL cartoon [I love the use of the logo and its balance with the rest of the costume], I could TOTALLY see this being the Kid Flash costume if ever Wally were to come out of the woodwork as a young adult, reverting back to his more jerkier days [which I would love and hate, as a Wally fan]. It would be so much fun seeing him bicker with Bart, who I would imagine being slightly younger, and trying to go about the mantle in a more respectable manner, while Wally chases skirts and paves his own way [an ironic departure from what is so ingrained in his character as trying to respect the legacy- it’d be even funnier if he called himself the Flash and had a “screw Barry” attitude- it’d be great and terrible fun to play with the fan-base like that, too- giving an in-universe voice, through the character himself, of the Barry vs. Wally debate, while cutting the legs out by making him a punk and too young to really be THE guy. gah. I want to read this now. :P ]

    Anyway, all in all, awesome. I need a mini about this league. I cannot WAIT for the follow-up designs. Superman, of course. MM? I hope! Blue Beetle? Booster? Zatanna? Hawkman [oh that would be good]? Atom? This is going to rock.

  12. Quick heads up on Paulo’s latest JL reboot pin-ups on his DeviantArt page. This next one is of Cyborg.


    I love how its more stream-lined than Jim Lee’s over stylized design. Vic looks like a cross between a football player and ED-209 from Robocop. Very massive as opposed to his original look. He has the feel of a high tech tank and the cannon to back it up. Personally, I would have gone with a more slimmer version. Perhaps something close to the design from the Teen Titans animated series. But that is just my opinion on this. What do you guys think?

    Mr. Q

  13. Great stuff all round, especially Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I love how bulky and powerful Batman looks: I do martial arts, and the highest ranking guys at my studio have pretty much that exact body type. I think that the Flash should give those knee and elbow pads to Batman, especially since Batman needs the padding more and he doesn’t seem to have much here.

  14. Something I forgot to comment on: Why is GL’s ring on his ring finger? I guess that’s what makes it a ring finger, but I like it better on the middle finger.

  15. Only downside to the Cyborg picture is the feet. Maybe those are retractable stabilizers? And no one ever redesigns Captain Marvel? Is his outfit just that iconic?

  16. So, is Flash supposed to be wearing a tank top? The coloring is kind of vague where it looks like he’s bare armed.

  17. not digging WW’s skirt. although i love the design, GL looks like a member of Fantastic Four. maybe it’s the color scheme. i dunno. the flash’s design looks interesting and loving aquaman!

  18. @ Lucas “Poderoso Porco” Ed: Thanks for finding the blog. Nice to see other artist contributing to this redesign concept as well. I was disappointed that there were so few Superman entries. But I’m guessing the explosion of submissions for WW and Batman pretty much tell the story of who’s more popular. ^^;

    Paulo did a nice job with Superman’s outfit but I have some concerns. Not too sure on the belt straps for his wrists and boots as well as the simple sash for a belt. The collar should have been zipped up, doesn’t look right unzipped imo. It’s a good interpretation but not quite on the mark as his Wonder Woman.

    Mr. Q

  19. If Flash lost the knee pads and changed the black to red, then it would make a great “Impulse as Flash” costume. Aquaman is superb, followed by Wonder Woman.

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  21. I didn’t like Batman’s symbol either… until I realized that it’s a big old armor plate made of stiff metal… and then I loved it

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