P:R Approved: More of Kevin Wada’s X-Men Coutoure!

Note: One of the most popular posts in recent memory has been Kevin Wada‘s high-fashion take on Marvel’s mutants, and he’s back again with a new line of outfits featuring some classic (and surprising) faces from the X-Men corner of the Marvel U. Pay special detail to the fine detail put into each piece… and enjoy! – Chris A.

Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat




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  1. Maybe I’m too low brow or something, but these don’t do much for me at all. They’re fine artwork to be sure but are just too far removed from the comic book style that I prefer. I guess Kitty Pride is OK, but are those colored squares part of the outfit or just some weird representation of her powers? Also, the tone in some of these seem a bit erotic…almost at Barbarella levels.

  2. Awesome stuff! I particularly like the take on Lilandra and Callisto (Callisto’s shoes are seriously superfab)

  3. Don’t know about the designs as fitting reflections of the characters, but the illustrations themselves are great.

    So is #3 supposed to be Psylocke? If so, is that a psychic parasol she’s carrying?

  4. Wow, I love these. There are subtle and dramatic hints about their characters. Masterfully drawn. I like Kitty’s – although I wish there was a hint of dragon in there too!

  5. I need Callisto’s snake boots in my life, and Lilandra’s hair translated into an avant garde headpiece is inspired. I like these a lot, but Kitty’s is perhaps too literal. This would make for such a cool challenge. Most of the time, practicality and personality are key judging points, but a take on what a character represents rather than what they would necessarily wear would be interesting to see, especially if you put it into a high fashion context.

    Or maybe I’m just suffering from withdrawal from a extremely unsatisfying season of Project Runway.

  6. I love Kevin’s work.
    I think it’s worth noting, however, that he was doing this X-Girl-fashion-illustration project in conjunction with another artist named Max Wittert (who was his table-mate at the Alternate Press Expo in SF last month), and that Max’s drawings are also really excellent.

    You can see his contributions on his blog at:

  7. While I think the art is quite good, I don’t think it fits the characters much. Callisto would not wear those heels. Too hard to fight in. I also don’t think Karma would wear such a short skirt. Especially with the artificial leg.

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