Redesign Rewind: Mike McKone’s Secret Society of Super-Heroes!

Note: Out of a dusty back issue bin comes this week’s Redesign Rewind, taking a second look at the DC Elseworlds miniseries Secret Society of Super-Heroes from 2000. Illustrated by Mike McKone, these heroes have some enterprising upgrades to their suits. Superman is the most eye-catching for being so different from his standard duds, but what I liked most was the tunic-style costume of Green Lantern and the more confident Metamorpho redesign. Although never collected in one book, this two-issue series remains cheap on secondary markets and is worth a trip to the back issue bins.- Chris A.

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  2. interesting designs, but yeesh. the perspective of the bodies is pretty bad! Look at the pelvic region of the characters, specifically Green Lantern

  3. That asymmetrical buckle doesn’t really work with symmetrical designs of wonder woman and green lantern. If the star was on her shoulder instead of forehead, maybe…green lantern should have followed flashes and hawk and have the whole thing twisted side ways as well.

  4. @Richard May – Pretty Sure Green Lantern is wearing some sort of military/uniform jodhpur pants to play into the idea that he’s a space cop. No one else has that look.
    Otherwise, yeah, It looks like both his hips are dislocated.

    I was most distracted by Wonder Woman, whose legs clearly belong to a reference who was either in a relaxed stance or walking.

    Plastic Man’s my favorite. : )

  5. The perspective makes it hard to get a good idea of these designs, can you post other pics?

    @Richard May: Those look like directors or horse-riders puffy pants on GL to me. I’d be more concerned with what the heck’s happening with his knees (and everyone’s groins).

    Also, why has GL got puffy pants?

    @Mario Silva: I think on WW the buckle could be balanced with her lasso, but I agree with you on GL.

  6. Jodhpurs? On GL? On anyone? I just can’t get past them.

    Maybe it’s just the perspective, but Plastic-Man is the only one that I’m digging. The Flash looks like he’s wearing some bad pajamas. I mean…I guess that’s his prerogative.

  7. Superman is the only one I can get excited about, the rest are kind of drab and seem like downgrades of the original designs. Plastic Man and Metamorpho have had the fun and old school goofiness sucked right out of them. Don’t really care for the team unifying belt buckles either.

  8. I’m really digging Plastic Man’s outfit here. He doesn’t have his trademark personality in this picture, but I like the costume. Also, the version of Batman that Jay posted is extremely cool. However, Green Lantern looks terrible; the thigh-high boots/poofy pants/slick hair combo is not working.

  9. Patrick – That’s not an ‘R’ I made the same assumption that PM was Robin, it’s a ‘K’ and all of the team have it. I didn’t read the story so I have no idea why they have a ‘K’ insignia.

  10. I’ve not read the series either, but my google-fu leads me to the conclusion that the K-buckles is for the Kryptic Order, which features in the series.

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