P:R Redesign: Ilias Kyriazis’ Avengers Of The Future!

Note: As we enter a new year, everyone’s been thinking about the future. Last week we saw a stunning take on a Batman Beyond movie, and now we see artist Ilias Kyriazis dream up what the Avengers would look like in 15 years. There’s no grandpappy Captain America here (although that might be interesting too!), instead we get the next generation of Marvel heroes featuring progeny of current characters and some of today’s younger heroes all grown up. Go after the jump for Ilias’ write-up on each character. – Chris A.

Luna Maximoff
: The daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal, leader of the Inhumans. She’s addicted to the Terrigen Mists and she’s been exposed to them again and again. Who knows what powers she possesses now beyond her visual empathy? I tried to give her a slightly Kirby-esque costume. Simple like her mother’s, with jagged lines like her father’s, metallic and reflective to show her alien nature.

Omega / Quentin Quire: In his mature years now, Quentin’s rebellious youth is in the past. He grew up to embrace the X-men ideals. He even wears the old school uniform (he always did like retro clothes), with purple instead of blue to reflect Magneto’s teachings too. He’s still an jerk though, hitting on Luna only because he wants to be able to brag that he nailed Magneto’s granddaughter.

Jewel / Danielle Cage: The daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones is super strong like her parents and trained in kung-fu by her “uncle”, Iron Fist. Only sixteen and totally into being a superhero. Her costume has a similar cut to her mother’s original Jewel one, a yellow and green color scheme like her uncle’s and her weapon of choice, chains, is a nod to her father (as is her kidda-like-a-tiara haircut).

Bruiser / Molly Hayes: Growing up as one of the Runaways, Molly has by now huge experience in being a superhero. She’s done it all, been an Avenger, teaming up with living legends like Captain America and saving the universe a number of times. Her costume is a mixture of the most typical superhero-y design she could think of (with nods to Cap and Spider-man) and the street clothes she’s gotten so used in wearing in her earlier adventures. And it’s pink cause… weee, pink!

Doom / Valeria Richards: The daughter of Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman. Top scientist of the world, sole survivor of the Fantastic Four, director of the FF, ruler of Latveria, most dangerous person in the world. She has no powers but the woman who can make her own version of the ultimate nullifier doesn’t need any. Her costume is a hi-tech version of the original Fantastic Four uniform with the cowl she’s expected by her Latverian subjects to wear.

Tigro / William Nelson: The son of Tigra and a Skrull Hank Pym impostor. Abandoned by his mother to grow up with the Cat People and with Skrull DNA in his genetic makeup he grew up with many deep psychological issues. He can morph into all types (and sizes, wink, wink) of cats and cat-like creatures, from a giant lion-monster to an army of alley cats. His costume has elements from both Skrull and Cat People cultures.

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  1. I would hope that by this time, society would have advanced to the point that he could be referred to as “Catfrican American.”

  2. I would love it if this was allowed to happen! Molly all grown up and Quentin (more or less) playing the team’s Wolverine? Fantastic! But alas, our heroes are not allowed to age and so the Avengers’ roster will never really change.

  3. Outstanding concept. I could totally see this being the next step for the Avengers of tomorrow. I love how Luna, Quentin, Danielle, and Molly turned out. I’m surprised how Valeria turned out but its no surprise, really. But will this mean she’s a friend or future foe of the Avengers? Then again, the Avengers has always had a history of their members going from one side to the other. Can see plenty of drama in this.

    My one nitpick is Tigro and its mostly due to his bio. In Avengers Academy, Hank explains that the Skrulls perfected their DNA infiltration so well, that the Skrull Hank was more Hank Pym than just a Skrull. So the idea of William having Skrull powers is kinda iffy but possible.

    Awesome job on this concept. If Marvel ran with this, I would definitely buy the series in a heartbeat.

    Mr. Q

  4. What I like most about these designs is that they use pre-existing characters; The thing that I most dislike about MC2 and what makes it feel so fan-fiction-y to me is that it was always making original characters, seemingly with the rational of “What if Thor and She-Hulk had a kid? WOOO!” instead of focusing on the interesting characters that already existed. For example, I’d be interested to know what happens to an aging Tony Stark; Is he still Iron Man? Has he gone full cyborg? And personally I would LOVE to see a Spider-Man who’s really grown up, maybe acting in the sort of Superman role in that he’s the inspiration for the new generation of heroes instead of having been thrown under the bus to set up his kid as the cool new character.
    Oh look at that, I’ve gone off on a tangent.
    Anyway, I really like all the designs and the backstories, especially Quentin Quire, though I don’t think he’d look that grizzled, he strikes me as more of a dandy. The only ones that I have reservations over are Doom and Tigro. Tigro because I never trust original characters who are set up as the offspring of pre-existing characters, and Doom because I don’t like the concept of her being “the sole survivor of the Fantastic Four” since it kind of throws all the other members under the bus and kills them, thus making them unavailable for future stories. And the list of her various accomplishments and positions makes her sound a bit Mary Sue-ish at first glance, I’m that she could easily be given some interesting characterization but as a reader my first impression would probably be that she’s just a bit too perfect.

    Wrapping up, good designs, but I think the team needs a couple more characters, maybe Amadeus Cho or someone. A young Cable on his trip through time perhaps? I don’t know.

  5. This -to me- is a PERFECT Project Rooftop post. Ilias obviously put a lot of thought into these concepts and executed the whole idea really well. Each character’s designs and bios are fantastic. I’ve seen work by other artists that has blown me away more- BUT the artwork here is really great and that coupled with the strong conceptualization of the team, takes it to a whole ‘nother level. This is first class work. The uniforms make sense and the descriptions of the character are concise and to the point. Both pieces come together perfectly to prove the adage “concept is king”

    Bravo! Ilias

  6. Forgot to say! how much I loved the fact that the team is female heavy as well, but not in just an arbitrary “let’s flip the norm and find/include a bunch of girls for the team.” The choices are well made, and with Ilias’ bios- you know that these are the heavy hitters and are the best choices for the team. Strongest, smartest, and most believable. Especially with the lineage of Valeria, the Cage’s daughter, Luna… it just makes sense.

    -really- really impressed with Ilias’ work here.

  7. Great. I love this. I want a mini-series. Like this week.

    I do wonder where all the Young/Academy/Initiative Avengers are however. I think Patriot would be Captain America someday. And the if Quintin is there, where are the X-Men?

  8. Thanks to all for liking this! It was a ton of fun to draw :)

    About Tirgo, I know he’s supposed not to have Skrull DNA but I chose to ignore it. It makes for a more interesting charcter in my honest opinion and also it’s not like it’s set in stone. I can easily see a future story where someone discoveres that they where wrong in their diagnosis. Happens all the time.

  9. I like this team, but the members need some tweaking IMO. Luna – I think she needs her powers defined a bit more, the team really should know her capabilities. Tigro – is his name really “Willy” Nelson? Because that’s funny, right there…give him some braids. Jewel & Bruiser seem pretty similar power wise, but maybe that could be the basis for friendly competition/buddy rivalry? Also kind of disappointed that not a single member wears a mask, that’s just the silver age fan in me though.

    One other question, who is the leader here? Doom would have my vote.

  10. silver:

    Tigro’s technically not an original character. Tigra DOES have a son named William whose father was Skrull!Hank. To this point, we’ve only seen him as an infant, but the same goes for Jewel.

  11. serpent:
    Huh, did not realize that, I guess that’s the price I pay for only reading a few titles. I withdraw my previous objections about him then. I still think Omega should be a dandy though.

  12. My favorite design is definitely Valeria’s. The character is already a badass in the current Marvel Universe and I can easily see her growing into this future.

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  14. The attack of the next generation! I miss a couple of superheroe’s children, but I would like to see those selection growing up.

  15. My only real complaint is that Bruiser wore pink because she was in the unofficial “pink phase” of child development, and that assuming she still wears the color is similar to assuming every woman you know as a girl goes to work dressed as a disney princess.

  16. These designs are great. What’s also really striking is the way that textures are presented (the lustre of Luna’s suit compared to Valeria’s muted tones, for example). There are many solid attempts of demarcation all round. That said, I’d like to see Valeria’s future foundation suit with black and white design and her sleek upgrades of Doom’s armour (as well as how she became ruler of Latveria – THAT would be a story).
    I’m not particularly fond of Tigro’s Impish-ness, and would like to see some more heroic attire for him – perhaps he’s the team’s Wolverine? (although the original would still be kickin around) The Avengers also need a SHIELD liaison – would that be Molly? Or a symbiote-bonded Arana? I’m curious as to this future of the Marvel U – great job!

  17. Is it wrong of me to want Molly to grow up now? :D
    I love the idea of Valeria as ruler of Latveria, but more interestingly I’d like to know how she came to be… Not sure about Quire, but I never liked the character, so there is that. Jewel is nice, if perhaps a bit of an obvious choice (though the design is great and very well-thought). Tigro and Luna, I don’t know, I suppose the stories would have to sell them to me…
    But overall, great designs.
    One thing, though: who’s team leader? (not Quire, please)

  18. Looks cool. I like seeing characters of the future having some interesting innovations while still maintaining a link to the past. I like the designs and the execution of them. Very cool

    Also, I think a Willie Nelson comic is long overdue though, to be honest, it’s not how I imagined it.

  19. Fun stuff. Nice selection of characters and love Luna, particularly because she seems to take after her father, who she idolizes so much.

    I think Molly should still be slight and Quentin to be a bit more punkish. I’d be interested to know Jewel’s powers as well.

  20. I’m late to the game here, commenting-wise, but I stopped reading Marvel books after Secret Invasion and for some reason just now I found myself thinking, “Is Jessica Jones’ baby still a Skrull or whatever? Her eyes were a weird color that one time and nobody in the comic noticed it? Is that a thing still?”

    After some googling I found out she was kidnapped by the Jarvis Skrull but later rescued, and that her name is Danielle Cage and blah blah blah. Anyway. Somehow now I’m here, and of course Ilias’ designs are fun as always, but now I can only think, “Would Danielle turn into this, or is she actually a stupid Skrull?”

    Time will tell?

  21. Since seeing this it has taken up altogether too much of my brain, so I’ve decided to post some thoughts. The test of a good comic book character is: are they complex enough to hold the interest of adults & iconic enough to grab the imagination of children? The women here all pass both tests with flying colors. They seem strong & interesting, beautiful without being reduced to sex objects. I can imagine little girls on a playground arguing over who gets to be Doom, who gets to be Luna, who gets to be Bruiser (not sure about the name, but love the design & description), who gets to be Jewel. The men don’t really pass that test. They’re both interesting, but I can’t imagine a little boy saying: “I want to be the cat man in the Skrull yamaka & fetish harness”, or “I want to be the guy in the purple trench coat that’s a jerk to everyone & no one really likes”. Having said that, the Omega design is perfect & he’s interesting enough to be included. Tigro needs to be re-examined. The costume just doesn’t work. He needs something more classically heroic & (like his mother) should adopt an upright pose when not actually engaged in combat.

    As soon as I read the description of Luna I was hooked. I started making up what powers she should possess. The trick would be to give her a lot of powers without making her overpowered or making her powers stupid/useless. The character should be weird & her powers specific, but potentially useful. Things like the ability to psychically control birds (So New York pigeons could spy for her), the ability to cause two people to temporarily switch bodies, something physically weird like elasticity but only in her hands/fingers, & something obviously combative like the ability to breathe fire. Her mist supply has probably been cut off, so the whole “power junky” thing would be a background feature of the character rather than having her constantly running off after another fix. That could also lead to a big storyline where she pursues a longshot chance to get the mists again. It could be her version of “Demon in a Bottle” & have a major impact on the character & the group.

    Doom is also spot on, striking the right balance of Fantastic Four & Doctor Doom influences in her costume & Story. I don’t mind the FF being dead or at least lost in another dimension & presumed dead. Franklin should still be alive, but the adult Franklin who’s been shown recently (beating up celestials) is like Dr. Manhattan. He’s so powerful that he’s become out of touch with humanity. He’d spend most of his time out in space dealing with cosmic issues & only occasionally coming home to visit his little sister.

    As far as team leadership, it would obviously come down to Doom & Bruiser. Val is brilliant & used to ruling a nation, but Molly has more direct superheroing experience. I can see then having a dynamic much like that between Iron Man & Captain America.

    I agree with whoever said that Brusier & Jewel are very similar, but that sets up both a mentor/protégé relationship & a friendly rivalry (who can KO the most giant robots in one battle?) between the women that would be fun.

  22. I love love LOVE this line-up. Molly is one of my absolute favourite characters, and I’ve always thought that Valeria would end up taking more of Dr Doom than she would from her father. After all, he did possess her for a brief spell, perhaps some Von Doom is left in there?

    My only complaint is that now I desperately want to read this team’s adventures, so much so that my brain is full of potential stories. What happened to Iron Man, Cap et al? And is Franklin Mr. Fantastic? Nico Minoru as Sorceror Supreme? The possibilites are endlessly exciting!

    I know a lot of people are a bit iffy about Tigro, but I see him as being the heart of the team. A shy, funny guy who doesn’t really belong, I can imagine him cracking wise to hide how scared he is sometimes, as well as being thoroughly freaked out by Luna. Think Spider/Nightcrawler and I can see him being a fan favourite.

    Personally, I’d love to see Franklin as the villain. Maybe the death of his family pushed him over the edge, causing him to become an omega level threat to all of existence. This could add some seriously Shakespearean moments between him and Val, and as he is technically a mutant, would explain Quentin’s involvement as an X-Man.

    I’m sorry, I just think this could be amazing Avengers team, so much so that I’d quite happily petition Marvel to see it happen.

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