Daniel Govar’s New Mutants Collection, Part Two!

Note: One of our most industrious P:R Regulars Daniel Govar returns to the site to give us more from his imaginative take on Marvel’s New Mutants. Continuing on from his New Mutants Collection from last year, Govar given us new takes on Dani Moonstar (aka Mirage) and Warlock, with a little Cypher and Karma thrown in if you look close enough. Who wouldn’t want to see this in action? – Chris A.

15 comments to “Daniel Govar’s New Mutants Collection, Part Two!”
  1. the art is good, but the poses…. they all make me really uncomfortable. look at moonstar. does that not look ridiculously painful?

  2. Awesome! Totally awesome! Alright Hamilton.
    These are pretty much perfect. I’d pay good money for a graphic novel featuring these New Mutants. Mirage is now my favorite, replacing Sunspot. Also I like the less demonic look Magik has here without her horns & goat legs. One question, is Cypher inside Warlock for protection or is he controlling him? I’d like to see more detail of Karma too. Great work Daniel-san.

  3. Outstanding pieces by Daniel, especially the group shot. It’s great to see him follow up last year’s New Mutants revamp. But I wish he left some description on what went into the creative process. We are also missing a pin-up for Karma. I’m hoping both will be coming soon. Excellent artwork for 2012, Daniel. I hope we see more from you soon.

    Mr. Q

  4. The group pic is amazing! I see Magik has lost her demonic hooved legs. I really like these designs they’re all really strong and could EASILY be the current look for the characters.

  5. This just gets better and better. Can’t wait to see full versions of Cypher and Karma (my two favorites characters)! Give us more, Daniel!

  6. Great piece– I am on board with every character design except for the Cypher/Warlock connection… somehow having Cypher just riding inside Warlock looks a little cheesy. Almost like Voltron or Power Rangers, or something. But top-notch on the rest of the group.

  7. Unusual pose for Dani but I love the costume. She’s gone back to her grandmother’s belt and incorporated the x-symbol. Genius!

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