P:R Redesign: Shawn Yap’s Green Lantern!

Note: Making a stunning debut here on P:R, Singapore’s Shawn Yap brings his “A” game with this trio of Hal Jordan designs. At first they might be seen as three attempts, but I see this as three designs for Hal as he grows up — but maybe I’m reading into it too much. Seeing the armored construct over the black suit is a nice piece of work, and the cloaked Hal gives him a real esteemed presence as if he was inducted into the Guardians of the Universe. – Chris A.

When asked about his designs for Hal, Shawn said:

I love the idea of the ring creating the costume, but thought that perhaps the basic outfit (left) should be black with a sort of “galactic camo” (not unlike Starman’s), and the ring builds the overlapping outfit on top of it, depending on the circumstance. We have the standard, more militaristic uniform (middle)- very armor-like with emphasis on the ring hand, while the shoulder on the other side holds a sort of rank, and also a ceremonial outfit (right), for funerals and celebrations on Oa.

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  1. Oh man, I love that cape. It gives him a dignified look, like he’s Earth’s ambassador. I think this could be adopted in the New 52 and would really stand-out on the stands. Love it. Great work.

  2. I really like this, I’m actually really surprised that nobody has ever built into the concept that the ring changes the uniform automatically depending on the situational context.

  3. Nice, I like the different outfits for different occassions, but my first thought was that the left was Green Lantern Hal, the middle was Parallex, and the right was Spectre Hal. The explanation makes much for sense though.

  4. Is it me or does that cloak give Hal a whole Spectre/Paralax vibe. Almost feels like Hal has accended beyond GL status but still keeps the symbol out of nostalgia’s sake.
    That being said, the camo idea is brilliant.

  5. This shows a lot more creativity with the green lantern constructs than DC has been willing to do. I’m getting tired of seeing Hal simply shooting lasers and making chainlink/machine-gun constructs. I’m curious to see how this Hal would use his ring in combat.

  6. These are cool. The all black suit and green remind me of Luke from the Return of the Jedi. And that ain’t a bad thing.

  7. Oh man, that is some good work. Something about the belt-shape of the armour throws me a little, but the undersuit’s lovely, and that caped version has totally reduced me to rubble.

  8. This is fantastic and completely fitting for Green Lantern. I would’ve loved if they used this for the movie, even if they started using this for the comic. The green armor was implemented in the Kingdom Come future, but that was more middle ages style. Still like the ring making the suit idea. Great work!

  9. I like to think of the cape as the passive expression of a real adept’s talent, like a trainee’s kata for a complex construct that has become old hand for the master.

  10. I love the construct armor and the cloak. The “camo” undersuit is terrific too. The chest emblem feels a little weird in its execution though. I also hate it when artists put an emblem on a Green Lantern’s arm/shoulder. But the semi-transparent bulky armor would be amazing, especially for a live action adaptation as someone else above said. And even without thinking of the cape as a Spectre throwback, it’s still really cool looking and kind of makes some sense if you think about the fact that the Lantern creates their “uniform” and a hero on DC’s Earth would be apt to wear a cape just because many other heroes wear them.

  11. I’m in the minority it seems – I agree that the concept is cool but I’m not crazy about the look of these.

    The black/space camo one doesn’t make much sense on two points. First, it’s not green and more importantly he’s got a very visible head and glowing emblem…so what’s the point?

    The semi-armored version is OK but looks a bit clunky and low tech. And what is that on the shoulder? Is it a rank insignia? I never was a fan of overly asymmetrical designs though. Maybe if both arms had the plating/harness thing I’d be more into it…

    The ceremonial version does works great, as well as the overall concept. Also great illustrations.

  12. I like Shawn’s methodology here. Unfortunately, the first design looks too much like Kyle in his Ion persona and the third one reminds me a little to much of Hal’s time as The Spectre.

    I don’t know how much of that is intentional. But it pretty much leaves the second design as the only viable option to me.

  13. Amazing. I love this idea– being that the GL corps is a police force, it makes sense they’d have multiple uniforms like any other cops would: patrol, SWAT armor, and a dress uniform. So smart. A great design and great art.

  14. My only issue is with the armor’s shoulder logo, isn’t that the Indigo Tribe’s emblem? Fantastic other than that though, definitely kind of a Star Warsy vibe.

  15. too nice

    TOOO NICE!!!

    This is absolutely amazing. If I was DC I would give this guy a cheque right now.

    I think that’s my favourite Green Lantern ever

  16. Superior work! I love the “space camo” underpinning and that the armoured look shows what appears to be rank insignia on the shoulder. I love everything about these. Definitely a Green Lantern I would want to see in action.

  17. I love the concept, and the execution- in my fan-boy dreams, this becomes official.

    However, to nit-pick, the Corps always seemed like police more than army to me. Police don’t were camo- they walk around in plain sight, in order to instill hope & fear. I can imagine camo being used on special missions, but as the default outfit, I’d like to see something a little brighter. What if it was inverted? (All green with a black insignia? Thus the transition to “camo-mode” is a simple bleed of one to the other.) That, or, it’s a 2-D version of the armor, which sort of “pops out” when trouble starts.

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  20. Well, this is my new favorite GL design. The multiple-design nature of this outfit reflects GL’s powers more; simply put, he can create anything he imagines, so his outfit literally changes depending on the situation and his mood. The depth of the costume also suggests a more imaginative Hal Jordan, which is nice. Because normally he seems to have the imagination of a rock. A dead rock. And the Space Camo is a nice touch (because hey, most of their work DOES take place in outer space).

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