P:R Redesign: Jamie McKelvie’s White Queen!

Note: P:R Original Jamie McKelvie returns to the site with a reinterpretation of the White Queen with an eye towards the classic. The X-Men: Season One artist has taken Frost back to a more refined time, and back to the roots of the Hellfire Club’s origin. – Chris A.

Here’s what Jamie had to say about the design:

A quick design, but the thinking behind it was: if she’s called The White Queen, why shouldn’t her costume be connected to that? With that in mind, I looked up a couple of Elizabethan outfits and went from there, while trying to keep it true to her origins as a member of the Hellfire Club.

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  1. Nice! This makes more sense to me, I never really knew why she would dress like a hooker.
    This design makes her look regal and powerful whilst keeping it’s comic book sensibility.

  2. A lil midrift showing and some windows to show some skin on her thighs and viola pefect Emma. Otherwise yeah too conservative for her personality.

  3. I like the stomacher evoking the Elizabethan period, but I do agree with Paul that it could be more flamboyant. There’s room to do something interesting with the sleeves, for example, or a more dramatic collar, even if you want to keep the general look simple. Also — I don’t know the character well — while it warms the cockles of my heart to see her in actual trousers, it might suit her better to have a skirt. (Not of the Elizabethan sort, though. Farthingales are not good attire for super-heroing or super-villaining.)

  4. Nothing wrong with a Burqa, and in certain climates, it makes a ton more sense.

    I love the idea that inspired this, White Queen is such a strange codename when you consider the fact that her signifiers have always been T&A and the color white.

    Also agree with the notion that there’s a lot of room for drama when you subtract the skin and remember the persona. I assume McKelvie is trying to be more practical, but right now that lovely stomacher is all that’s really going on. We need some equally lavish boots or gloves, and a crazy Elizabethan collar. She’s a billionaire ex-super-villain diamond-hard telepath, no need to have a costume designed for comfort when the greatest weapon at her disposal is fear.

  5. I love this! I think it’s well-reasoned and well-designed. Marvel should consider something like this for her.

  6. I feel bad that my comment was so brief – this really is a well conceived and well drawn design. I particularly like how the fur-collared cape connects to the charmingly antiquated stomacher (a new word for me, thank you Marie) and how it somehow seems superheroic and regal simultaneously. I think this is the sort of thing Xavier may have insisted she wore if she’d dated him instead of Scott!

  7. This is very nice, the outfit looks beautiful and regal. Of course Emma Frost being Emma Frost could show more skin, but I prefer reasonably dressed superwomen.

  8. according to Emma herself- she does it purposefully. She proud of her body- and doesnt give a crap if people oogle her- it’s to THEIR detriment….and she uses that as a purposeful distraction.

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