P:R Roundtable: DC’s New 52 era Earth-2 Designs!

Note: Late last week DC Comics unveiled the first look at the heroes of their new Earth-2 to headline the upcoming Earth 2 and World’s Finest series. With these two covers we got to see some interesting renditions of DC’s top Trinity as well as two of its top comic heroines who’ve both been in need of a makeover. Let’s see what our P:R panel has to say about them all. – Chris A.

Jess: It looks like Superman’s manties are gone from every universe. Sigh.  I actually think this works better than the Earth 1 costume – fewer extraneous lines, and the yellow is carried through better – but I will mourn the shorts till the end of my days.

I’d like to get a better look at Batman.  (Does he have a little Peter Pan collar a la Dick Grayson Robin?  What is going on there?)  I like the basic idea of Wonder Woman’s dress, though it looks like it’s about to fall off of her, but the boots/headpiece/left gauntlet seem like afterthoughts.

Joel: Superman: From this image, this costume looks pretty good to me, and a definite improvement on the Earth 1 costume. The S-shield looks an awful lot like the one that, uhm, well, I designed for Project:Rooftop’s own Superman redesign. Not to imply any influence, I only bring it up to cop to the fact that I, personally, have an affinity for this solution. They should drop the two negative space triangles at the the top, though, which look like jack-o-lantern eyes. The belt is really intriguing in this shot. It references the manties, as well as the S-shield’s chevron, while still distinctly being a belt. But I wonder how it plays with the legs, the boots, and, you know, the crotch. Is there a way to off-set the crotch-arrowness of that belt? And, boy, I sure do wish we could see the boots.

Batman: From the belt up, I like this costume. I don’t think the rendition of the bat is sufficiently iconic for the main-Universe Batman, but it works just fine for a secondary instantiation. The layering of dark-gray elements gives the costume a leathery/plasticy armored quality like what we’ve seen in the last few decades of cinematic Bats, without getting too heavy. The armor is balanced with a more dynamic spandex-look in way that probably wouldn’t work on screen, but is well suited for a drawn medium. The part I’m not crazy about is the little bit of the legs that we can see. It looks like the strong vertical element on the torso continues down, and becomes inner-thigh stripes. Two-tones legs show up in a lot of costume designs, but very few of them stick around long. It’s just a weird look. It’s hard to tell if Earth-2 Bats is sporting a short cape, or if it just showing battle damage, but I think this is a costume that could support a shorter cape than the ankle-dusting cloak I’ve become used to.

Wonder Woman: This, in my opinion, is the least successful of the three. Wondy’s very spotty approach to armoring herself results in a totally unbalanced look, and points to no logic other than making sure the bad-ass metal bits don’t obscure any of the lady-curves. The skirt itself looks nice, with the separated panels adding some nice movement and the little red overlapping flaps being kinda reminiscent of samurai armor. Either keep the skirt and design a costume that goes with it, or commit fully to the armored approach, but this is neither fish nor foul. Nice sword, I guess.

Vito: Sigh…it looks like in every dimension, the heroes are fighting Darkseid and his minions. I wonder if it’s a simultaneous attack? I have no problems with Batman, whether it’s Bruce, Dick, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky or Mike. That costume looks fantastic…like a cross between Gotham by Gaslight and Kingdom Come. At least, from whatever myopic angle I’m looking at it from. Wonder Woman looks like Hippolyta by way of Donna. I don’t have any issues with that costume, other than it looks needlessly bulky. Too many extraneous elements like the scallops on the arm guard, tiara and, it looks like, the boots. I’m ok with Superman’s new look too, but I’m going to withhold full judgment…maybe one of you guys are going to show me something I missed.

Joel: You know what I hope? That Superman isn’t wearing boots. I’ve decided that the legs of this costume should end just like the arms do, with a little red cuff and then bare feet. It plays well with the generally more open aspects of this design, and the farmboy background, and, c’mon, It’s not like Superman needs boot soles to protect his feet. And while I’m joking, I’m still going to be at least half disappointed when it turns out that he is conventionally shod.

Jon: Wonder Woman’s costume just doesn’t look like it was put-together by one person – thigh-high armor bootlets, but a skirt and exposed upper body? Armor for armor’s sake – surely if you have armor, you want it to protect your vitals. Red and blue in the trunk, silver on the limbs, low-cut sides – this is three costumes at once, it needs focus.

– I’m entranced by Superman’s belt, that’s a really nice treatment which is evocative of the S-Shield without just being an s-shield.The cuffs seem unnecessary but otherwise fine. It was inevitable that we’d eventually get the cape to wrap over the shoulders and form the insignia – during Man of Style, we must’ve seen a dozen designs utilizing that idea – but is the “S” just a flap on the front? It must make a ridiculous sound when he’s descending feet-first, slap-slap-slap-slap-slap … Also, I too kind of want Superman to be bare-footed, now that Joel’s mentioned it.

Batman – easily my favorite of this batch, I love the gauntlets and the shoulder pieces. I think it resembles his Flashpoint costume, but I didn’t read Flashpoint and only know it from the ads, so I may be mistaken. Reminds me a little of his Liberty Files costume, too. ANYWAY it’s the best of the three, definitely not iconic enough for a mainstream Batman but it’s great as an alternate universe Bats…

Rachel: Superman – This looks kind of like it was collaged together from pieces of other Superman costumes. The cropped “S” logo is super awkward; it looks like sloppy cutting lines instead of a deliberate design decision, and the cuffs make me think of kids’ thermal pajamas. I guess the belt is nice.

Batman – Is there a straight-on view of this anywhere? I like most of what I can see, but I can’t see very much. In general, I dig Batman costumes that more clearly reference the “knight” part of “dark knight,” and I love the shoulders and the gloves here–they’re spiky without getting too fiddly, which is a delicate balance. The bulky, bulging belt ruins the line of an otherwise sharp costume, and there’s something weird about the logo, but in general, this works well. It’s definitely the best of the three.

Wonder Woman – Ugh. This is like a diagram of every way you can do a superhero costume wrong: too busy, nonsensical armor, and no visual continuity. It’s like they went “Oh, tits! Let’s just slap some things on the other parts and call it a day!”

Dean: I don’t really have a lot to say about these. A whole new multiverse and nobody’s wearing underwear over tights? 70 years of globally recognizable iconography not cool enough for ya, DC?

Chris: Manties or no, I really enjoy the design here for Superman. The streamlined version of the “S” emblem is something I’ve been campaigning for for years, but I agree that the two yellow areas above the “S” are a bit jack o’ lantern-esque; maybe they could join the two in a shape over the “S’ that would give it a big more definition. The belt to me seems alright on first glance, but I’d need to think about it more.

For Wonder Woman, the design seems a bit feckless. I like the idea of a more armored Wonder Woman, but the placement of it (and lack thereof) make it seem ornamental rather than useful.

For Batman, this reminds me of those period piece costumes from Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, but the pouches on the belt throw off the design. I understand he needs some storage there, but there has to be a better solution than those style of pouches.

Jess: I actually really like Power Girl’s classic costume (when drawn reasonably), so it’s remarkable that I like this updated version as much as I do.  But I think it works!  It’s still very sleek and elegant, with a slight otherworldly touch.  I’m not entirely sure how those thigh seams work, and I’m on the fence about the boots and gauntlets (especially when Amanda Conner’s take on her boots was so perfect), but overall I think Mystery Designer did a good job making a DCnU costume less instead of more ridiculous.  I’m thrilled to see Helena in a full bodysuit version of her costume, too – her bellywindow always bothered me way more than Peej’s boobwindow.

Important question: does Robin-Helena have a mullet?

Vito: I’ll take them one at a time because this might be the most controversial of the two images…

Huntress – Nothing we haven’t seen…next!

Supergirl – Shares E2 Superman’s emblem, which is fine for me…I enjoy it when there’s a uniform look with a “family” of superheroes (like Ming’s awesome Superman Family).

Robin – Ok, now we’re getting to some meat. Without the benefits of seeing this in color, I only have one thing to go on, and that’s the R-symbol in the middle of the neck. I don’t really care for that idea because in my head, Bruce designs all of the costumes (or Alfred), and as such, he puts the emblem in a spot where it is heavily armored, ie, over the chest, to draw projectile fire. While I’m sure the costume would still be armored, I have a real problem with it being so close to her face…her unarmored face. Not even a hair above the top of the emblem, an enemy would have a clear shot at her throat. It strikes me as irresponsible designing. Sure, you could aim at these uncovered elements regardless of where the emblem is, but in that position, you’re asking for trouble.

Power Girl – I guess the first question I have to ask is why? I can see the connect to the Superman S-emblem, but why no sleeves? Why leggings? Why the closed…I hate saying it…boobie window? This just looks lazy; this is exactly what you get when you say, “Hey, we want a new Power Girl design, but we want the exact opposite of what she is on Earth 1.” The armored gauntlets and boots just look awkward and out of place. It’s times like these that I wish the Powers That Be at DC/Warner Bros. would literally raid the Project: Rooftop closet because we had the perfect Power Girl redesign when Joel Carrol did it. They’re not too far apart when you look at them, but Joel’s just speaks volumes compared to this one. Pardon the pun, but this Power Girl is just flat.

Thematically, if I were to guess, E2 Supergirl became Power Girl and E2 Robin became Huntress? Is that accurate?

Joel: Based on this image, Vito, I’m pretty sure it’s the Earth 2 Princess Di who becomes Power Girl.

Supergirl (Superwoman? Nah, probably not): Looks a little busy, what with tiny little yellow chevrons on her gloves and the stripey belt, but given that I assume this design is just there as character background, it seems fine, and I like that it plays off the Superman design.

Robin: Can’t see much, but I like what I do see. Boy, I sure do hope that’s not a mullet, but it would be a pretty hilarious call back to some of Nightwing’s less advisable stylistic choices if it were,

Huntress: For the most part, this looks like a solid reworking of the old Earth One costumes. The parts that were working have been kept, and the silly bits, like the bare mid-drift have been ditched. It’s a bit much with the accessories (nice shin guards, guy), and the mask is kinda heavy, but this is generally A-OK.

Power Girl: I agree with Vito that this would be improved by being a xerox of Joel Carroll’s PG design. Simple designs are the hardest because there’s nothing to distract from the weak points. And while I like the general direction of this costume, it has a number of weak points. The boots and braces just look overwrought and fiddly. The thigh-seams might actually pass the reality-test (I’ve seen shapes like that on high-performance athletic gear) but I still think they’re kinda odd. And the “P” is a noble effort that very nearly ties the costume into the Earth-2 Superman’s visual legacy while speaking it’s own individual identity, but needs about a hundred more thumbnails sketches before it will be resolved.

Jon: The Huntress’ costume doesn’t seem much different from her most recent costume, except they finally gave her all the parts that were missing – the upper thighs, the upper arms, the belly panel –  so that’s nice. She must be much warmer.

As for Power Girl, her kerchief-cape-collar looks like a lobster bib, she’s got 1980’s anchorwoman hair, like all the other seamed costumes in the New DCU those seams make no sense as anything other than a map of South American canals and tributaries,  AND her gauntlets make it look like she’s been punching and kicking her way through bowling trophies.

Supergirl and Robin, I can’t tell much about them except that they look like they were designed in a rush. Does that cover everybody?

Jess: You’re right, Jon, that hair is terrible.

Rachel: I actually really, really like this Power Girl. The gauntlets and boots are way overworked, but the rest of the costume looks like something an alien warrior might actually choose to wear. That said, as Vito and Joel have both mentioned, Joel Carroll did it first and better. Take note, DC.

Huntress’s costume doesn’t seem to have changed significantly, nor has Supergirl’s. Can’t see much of Robin, but that cape looks like it’d significantly restrict shoulder movement.

Dean: Chris pointed out  Power Girl’s Supreme-ishness the day these hit, and now it’s all I can see. Huntress looks fine, but I’m not too invested in the character.

Chris: Yes, Power Girl is totally borrowing this from Supreme‘s closet, or rather Suprema, his sister. To be blunt… try harder. For the Huntress, it seems like a very slight redesign of what she’s already wearing in her recent mini. The Supergirl and Robin in the background are enticing, but simply not enough to look at to make any formidable comment.

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  1. Earth 2 Superman seems to be rocking a serious Miracle Man vibe. In truth, it’s a [b]vast[/b] improvement over the Earth 1 suit.

    I’m ok with the Power Girl design. I’m a fan of the original costume (when drawn reasonably), but I like this one and I find the logo pretty clever. If I had to complain about anything it would be the gold elements.

    Call me old fashion, but the red, white and blue palette were great for the character. The gold seems a little too similar to Supreme. Perhaps is those elements were less Witchblade, I’d be ok with it.

  2. I’m asleep here… i thought the whole point of extra dimensional story lines was to re-invent the concepts of the characters… this superficial cosmetic changes don’t cut it for me anymore.

  3. I saw someone bring up the point that the Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on the Earth Two cover could actually be Superboy, Dick grayson and Donna Troy. If that’s the case then they may have moved the idea of the Earth 2 world aging at a more regular pace and then just moved on to the next generation as the world’s heroes which would actually be cool. I like the costumes though.

  4. @Jess and everyone, Earth-1 Superman still has the underwear on the outside (Superman: Earth One comics). The mainstream Superman and all are from New Earth/Earth-0.

    I also don’t like Power Girl’s boots and gauntlets, they should have stayed blue and simpler.

  5. idk, redesigning superman is a tough deal, if it’s too radically different then you lose the iconic-ness of it, but at the same time, if it stays the same it’s boring… i don’t like the cuffs, the belt i can live with. Overall better than the earth-1. Batman i’m really not feeling, i hope it’s just colored weird and not made up of different color panel’s like a youngblood reject. i agree with the others on Wonder Woman, if it focused more on one style, it’d be better, but as it is the costume is too eclectic. My only problem with Huntress is the mask, Power Girl definitely needs some more blue to link her to the superman family, but those gauntlets? gaudy and un-necessary… i won’t even comment on the supergirl/robin costumes as there really isn’t enough color or design info shown… except holy bad hair Batman! (hopefully it’s just a pony tail)

  6. I actually really like the Superman design. I could do without the cuffs, but I think it’s loads better than the DCnU version. Wonder Woman, I agree, looks like several outfits spliced together; I’d be okay with it if the metal gauntlet and boots aren’t permanent fixtures. Batman I’d need to see more of. I’d like to like it, but so far, it’s alright.

    I never thought Robin had a mullet. It always looked like it was pulled into a ponytail to me.

  7. WW looks like she’s moments away from a nip slip.
    Superman’s belt(?) confuses me. Is it a belt? the waistband of his pants?

    Power Girl’s is just blah. I’ve read it was an editorial edict that she have pants and bare arms. I don’t really understand that. The gold boots and gauntlets are clunky and overworked, the cape looks like a poncho gone awry and there is a total lack of blue.

  8. I’ll be honest: I HATE Power Girl’s new design. It’s just so boring and white, I think the All-White thing works in the classic costume because there’s a lot less of it, but here it’s too much and I don’t like all those lines. Also the only color besides white is Red and that doesn’t make that much contrast, I think I rather see some blue in it.
    Finally, PG seems smaller, and I don’t mean (just) her breasts. Power Girl is supposed to be a large woman: tall, imposing, real upper body strength; this PG looks too skinny and short

  9. I dig the Superman and Batman designs so much more than anything else I’ve seen from all this DCnU stuff.

    I like the wonder woman arm armor but that’s about it for the ladies on this page.

    The Power Girls is such a predictable “lol see we covered up the open part on her chest” change.

  10. Vito raises an interesting point in noting the P:R Power Girls. We’ve all seen the interesting redesigns done for the site — but what does it take to design a character for Marvel or DC?

    Would it be possible for the panel to use their contacts, maybe get some feedback from the industry, and let us all know what goes into a character redesign? With such large companies, such valuable properties, I’m sure there’s a lot of opinions — and different criteria from how they’re judged here. I think that’d be valuable background for character designers.

    Also … am I the only one who’s seeing a tuxedo on Batman? Totally just the way the shadows fall and the angle and the lines, but there’s the tie, the shirt, the vest …

  11. Huntress looks good. The little they have changed were common sense things.

    Power Girl looks horrendous. It’s damn near enough to make me not care for her even though I’ve loves PG for many years. It’s the only redesign from the New DC that I think is absolutely terrible. I can live with all the others. The only other one I really didn’t care for was Tim Drake. PG looks so bad it has sucked almost all the excitement I had for this book out of me. She doesn’t look like Power Girl at all. I like the “boob window.” It was her thing. But if you have to take it away you should still keep the spirit of the look. Again, Joel Carroll did an AMAZING job with his design. The “P” shield just looks awkward. A center chest emblem needs symmetry. I’m not sure this redesign would even get an honorable mention if it was in a Project Rooftop redesign competition. There is nothing here to tie her to the previous PG we know and love.

    Her body shape is all wrong too. And I’m not just talking about her chest.

  12. I’ve gotta get this off my chest, so forgive me if I go on a tangent.

    Its hard for me to find anything positive about these redesigns with the bad portions standing out like a sore thumb. I do like some of the elements on the Superman outfit but it needs room for improvement. It could have worked for the actual reboot rather than the armor look he’s forced to wear. Unfortunately, he, the other heroes, and characters are stuck in a realm where detail overkill and gaudy costume design is the law of the land. If this is suppose to be Earth-2, why not stick them to something close to the classic golden age look? But I guess logic in DC these days is as foreign an idea as is “originality” and “creativity”. -_-

    Powergirl and Huntress suffer the worst from this. Both their Supergirl/Robin costumes look lousy and their DCnU outfits are a crime. Powergirl doesn’t even resemble her previous look in so many ways its painful to look at her. I was hoping they would give Huntress a look that hailed back to her Earth-2 roots. The biggest shocker about it was that Kevin Maguire was behind this but only due to following “parameters” he had to adhere to (see link for explanation http://dcwomenkickingass.tumblr.com/post/17551262827/pjnewcostume ). Gee, I wonder who was behind that?! I found an artist on DeviantArt named CallMePo that did a much better job of a revamped Powergirl that was both stays true to her roots while offering his creative twist to it.


    I am so PO’ed with DC as of late with their 52 relaunch. The way they promoted it and their stance as a “not a reboot” had more holes than cheese cloth. Also, playing the creative shuffle every month with other titles along with the Static Shock debacle between John Rozum ( http://johnrozum.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-i-quit-static-shock.html ), the spineless Scott McDaniel ( http://www.scottmcdaniel.net/interviews/STATICSHOCK/STATICSHOCK.html ) is not helping their case. Finally, the Before Watchmen prequel is another nail in the coffin of DC as it is now flaunts its corporate greed and lack of creativity with reckless abandon.

    I’m hoping there will be some karmic justice against DC and the knuckleheads behind this disaster. My one hope will be that fashion designer Tim Gunn alongside Alan Kistler (of Newsarama.com’s Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. blog) will pick apart Jim Lee’s costume designs one by one in front of a Comic Con audience while Jim himself is forced to watch. When its over and Jim is left alone, exposed as a fraud while weeping softly to himself, I would like to see Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw of Zero Punctuation utter the following quote from his review on Darksiders’s art by Joe Mad.

    “Exercise art direction with a bit of f***in’ aesthetic sense for the love of God… of War!”

    Bonus points if he yells it in Jim Lee’s ear with a megaphone.

    Mr. Q

  13. I actually like the core of the Power Girl outfit (agree with others that the boots and gauntlets are terrible); I think the asymmetry of the emblem is a nice touch, helping avoid some of the predictability pitfalls I think these costumes can fall into. Wonder Woman, however, is not so good. If you’re going to put armor on a character, for the love of little fishes, put it where it will be useful. Otherwise don’t put her in armor at all.

  14. For the most part ugghh. Huntress is basically the same, PG has lost all her charm. Superman does look a bit young so it probably is Superboy and the costume is ok, would need to see more of it and Batman’s. I don’t get the removal of gold on WW in any universe. Hopefully when all the money spent on this relaunch is seen as a failure Lee, Johns and Didio will get the blame and be sent packing. IMO they have been at the wheel of DC far too long and have been nothing but a trainwreck of misdirection.

  15. Could you rewrite this article and include “manties” a few more times? Jokes of that nature are the reason we are losing those elements of traditional design.

  16. I’m a bit perplexed by this stuff. I thought the point of Earth-2 was a celebration of and continued access to the publisher’s Golden Age stories and characters. This doesn’t evoke the Golden Age to me. Maybe I missed the point all along :(

  17. I really hate Power Girl and Huntress. Two of my favourite characters have been made under into a snooze fest. I don’t mind Superman or Batman, but once again, my favourite DC character, Wonder Woman, is a terrible fail. Remember these? http://adistantsoil.com/2011/07/25/jms-wonder-woman-you-didnt-see/wonder-woman-concept2-colorduo/ Why can’t DC just get her right? I think the biggest disappointment for me is that Earth 2 always imparted a sense of Gold and Silver Age nostalgia, and these don’t impart that. Nor do that give you that “Elseworld’s” re-imagined feeling.

  18. Bram:
    Vito raises an interesting point in noting the P:R Power Girls. We’ve all seen the interesting redesigns done for the site — …but what does it take to design a character for Marvel or DC?
    Would it be possible for the panel to use their contacts, maybe get some feedback from the industry, and let us all know what goes into a character redesign?

    From the new 52 experience, the only thing it really takes is a big flashy name in the industry to attract buyers. If the artists are cornered in company guidelines as to produce this kinds of results then, i at least, don’t want any of it.

    To Mr Q, Jim Lee is a good pencil, why would DC choose him to design characters is beyond me. If i were to start (or restart) a whole universe, i would get a team of DESIGNERS, probably try to have some from the game, fashion, industrial, architecture fields… we have better concepts and designs from the movies and games this characters inspire… which, when you think of it, is ridiculous.

  19. mario silva:
    From the new 52 experience, the only thing it really takes is a big flashy name in the industry to attract buyers. If the artists are cornered in company guidelines as to produce this kinds of results then, I at least, don’t want any of it.
    To Mr Q, Jim Lee is a good pencil,why would DC choose him to design characters is beyond me. If i were to start (or restart) a whole universe, i would get a team of DESIGNERS, probably try to have some from the game, fashion, industrial, architecture fields… we have better concepts and designs from the movies and games this characters inspire… which, when you think of it, is ridiculous.

    Don’t get me wrong. I do like Jim Lee when he’s not working in the fashion department of DC. His work on Batman: Hush saga was great. But when it comes to have him oversee an entire new look for DC characters, DC would have been better off hiring a five year old armed with construction paper and crayons to do the job. -_- Also their BS parameters aren’t helping much.

    The whole DCnU look terrible. It’s basically a massive departure from the K.I.S.S. rule and goes hog wild with add ons and whatnot that serve no purpose other than alienate readers. If DC wanted to redesign their heroes, then they should have hired people who grasp the concept of “not going so far from the source material you cannot ID the character unless you ask them for their license and registration”. CallMePo understood that when he did his Powergirl concept, Daniel Govar is another example when he did his Aquaman and New Mutant redesigns, and many of the talented people on this blog or promoted on here get that. DC, sadly, does not.

    I will agree with you on never joining a company that goes with name recognition and design by committee as one of their policies. If I had to choose between sticking with my morals when it comes to making a comic book or handcuffing myself to idiotic rules and regulations that rely on gimmicky storytelling and flashy art, I’ll go with my morals. I’d rather be broke and retain my ethics than sell them away for a paycheck.

    Mr. Q

  20. Aren’t earth 2 heroes supposed to be the golden age counterparts of the new earth heroes?
    They looks like having the same age,whats the reason to have a lot of universes filled with the SAME characters???

  21. Superman – don’t hate it, but, as stated, it DOES look like one of the PR designs as well as at least one “future” Superman that showed up at one point. The belt is an okay start – the missing red trunks and yellow belt added a level of balance to the composition of the suit.

    Batman – given how many times his costume has changed over the years, it just looks like a “variant” outfit. Not crazy about the soft, bulky, yellow utility belt, when the rest of the suit has way too many clean angular moving parts, and they’re all in various shades of dark grey.

    Wonder Woman – meh – doesn’t look as much like a variant of her traditional outfit, as a generic “warrior woman”. Looks like someone she would fight.

    Huntress – a light cosmetic change to her outfit – just more coverage.

    PG – hate the new do, don’t care for the bare arms (hated it in the Mr. Terrific revamp as well – how bland, and off the rack athletic wear did that look?) and the boots and gloves. The armless version makes her upper body look weak. The seaming that came into play in her last incarnation was at least garment-like. And for the record, I liked the boob window – not because you can see her cleavage, but because it looked stylish – and in particular, the rectangular one (the floppy waterballoons in spandex open neck version never clicked for me, nor the perfectly round porthole).

    The reboot on Karen was one of the unkindest cuts in the New 52 (up there with Zatanna) – she’d finally gotten to be interesting, rather than JUST a boob joke (and at least she owned it by the time of her solo book), and now I’m not sure who she is going to be this time.

    I’m not entirely sure why we have an Earth 2 again, anyway – if it’s not going to be WWII heroes and their descendents, then why exactly create a new Earth for it – just introduce the new versions of these characters in the main universe. Think of the opportunities: invert the trend by recreating modern heroes with a golden age theme.

  22. I will say this: I like these outfits BETTER than all the outfits worn by the heroes before the DCNU (with the exception of Batman; for some reason he works with-or-without the trunks, and the only reason they don’t look silly on him is that the contrast between black and grey is much subtler than red and blue, though this new outfit looks really good to me as well). However, of all the outfits, Superman’s is the only one that I think is truly a good design, and it so happens to be one that I and five-hundred other fans have made similar sketches of. Power Girl… yeah, I really liked the Joel Carrol design http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f86/projectrooftop/powergirl_joelcarroll2.jpg , but this one is still better than the boob-window. It always kinda bothered me. That said, the stripes make it look like corduroy, which is not exactly superheroic material.

  23. DC and corporate greed sounds aboutt right. Even the logos have that bad corporate stink to them. I think a main problem with DC is that their television properties from Batman: The Animated Series and onward — even the semi-goofy Teen Titans and Legion of Super-Heroes, and the semi-inconsistent Smallville– have always established character and writing better than the comic books. Even the minimal designs on the animaited series look a lot cleaner and classier than Jim Lee’s over-rendered and overwrought design. Add to this, writing generic dark characters (that for the most part are sarcastic like a bad Disney sitcom) that pretty much act the same for ther most part. Look at Justice League 1-9 and you can recognize what I mean. This was the book I wanted to see, and when I read the first issue was completely disgusted. DC did overdo its previous history by convoluting it beyond comprehension but with 45 part sagas, how does a new reader get into this stuff? Why can’t this stuff be a hell of a lot easier to read with more solid writing and a non-Image method of storytelling. The reason this all occurred in the first place was when you let writers and artists have too much control and no editor to guide them for fear of losing their jobs, you create material that constantly has to be rebooted. Check out the first reboot pf Crisis on Infinite Earths and keep going. Just so repetitive and frustrating. And for God’s sake, Mr. Lee, learn some damn basics like perspective so a character doesn’t heave a small head with a gigantic body.

    Note: I did read Action 1, but had absolutely no clue to Clark Kent’s motivation. Hence, another piece of crap. Wonder Woman 1 wasn’t even in the first few pages of th book and when she was in it, I was ala\so clueless why she headbutted some centaur or bull guy, I don’t recall. but we did learn she sleeps naked. Ohhhh, boy, that’s a book I can get women to read.

  24. I love the designs but to truly critique any of them you need the concept sketches that actually show the full costume instead of just the first issue cover images which dont do any of them justice in my opinion.

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