P:R Approved: Igor Kieryluk’s Gotham 1459!

Note: In recent years we’ve seen Batman pop up throughout human history, but this arresting rendition by artist Igor Kieryluk takes the cake. Taking the denizens of Gotham City back 553 years and moving them to Europe, Kieryluk gives us a stunning rendition of what the Dark Knight would be if he was actually a knight. – Chris A.

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  1. Hi Bob.

    Mea culpa. Maybe it’s my fault. I didn’t want to say that ‘knight’ in 15th century was vanished but the early days of knight class are very different by the glorius days of the first crusade, for example.
    Ok, it’s true that in some countries like mine (Italy), knights still were an important figure ‘cos of their connection to nobility and clergy and also it’s true that in armor field the XVth century was an ‘important’ age (but becouse of a sort of reaction to the loss of ‘importance’ of the Knight figure as an ‘operative’ military weapon) but knights of IX, for example, and of XVth century are different. I would have prefeared a ‘Dark Knight’ in early middle-age that at its sunset

    About the importance of cavalry we can talk for days and days :) Just to talk cavalry never was the ‘queen of the battles’ except under certain condition. Do u ever seen a cavalry charge? It’s psychologically terrible.

    About distintion between Europe and east-europe, if my argoumentation is weak as u say, the distinction between USA, Canada and Mexico history is equaly weak ;)
    The Gran Duchy of Lithuania was a different cultural reality by the west reality, despite its interactions with it. Also that geographic area at that time was really ‘isolated’.

    However, even if we have different opinions, it’s a pleasure for me have idea exchange with a so cultured and educated gentleman.
    ‘Chapeau’. :D

  2. I know nothing about this period of history at all, but if what you’re both saying is true, I actually prefer the idea of this Dark Knight operating in the twilight of the era.

    It fits much better with the idea of Batman as a somewhat desperate loner fighting an impossible battle and upholding values that are increasingly forgotten by wider society.

  3. These are incredible, in this world however, I see batman more as a rogue knight, perhaps readying to overthrow an evil empire instead of protecting a once cor.rupt one.

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  5. I actually think having Batman being placed in a time when the concept of the knight was dying off, would work. Batman would use a sword instead of the new guns and other new weapons of war, as well as other techniques. He would hang on to the idea of honor and chivalry (an idealistic idea, even in the golden age of knighthood, but Batman, being born after the heyday of the knight would have only known the good parts) long after the rest of Europe began to depend on mercenary armies. I want to see Batman’s alter-ego and the other characters! Gordon would definitely be a sheriff, his daughter, a lady, except when she’s Batgirl. The art is incredible too!

  6. …How exactly does Twoface’s costume work? It looks like he’s two separate bodies that have been reanimated and sewn together like that for shits and giggles. Which has the dual pronged effect of making this Twoface very silly looking, and utterly horrifying.

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  8. @ syntax
    twoface is 1/2 templar and 1/2 pagan
    those are bands on the pagan side to hold the templar curiass on, there are no stitches to indicate his body is sewn

  9. Funny thing – while I read Berserk, I thought Gutts in berserk armor looked like some kind of batman, and now batman looks like Gutts in bersek armor…irony, you amusing wench.

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