P:R Redesign: Charles Rouse-Rodriguez’s Teen Titans We’ll Never See!

Note: At it’s core, redesigning super hero characters for fun is about imagining what you’d do if you were in charge of their character. Artist Charles Rouse-Rodriguez takes that one step further with this inspired new set of Teen Titans he would’ve liked to see in the New 52. Featuring both classic Titans and some new additions, these are six solid redesigns and an impressive team lineup! – Chris A.

Here’s what Charles had to say about the design:

So from left to right: Mal Duncan as The Guardian, Wally West The Flash, Dick Grayson as The Human Target, Karen Beecher as Queen Bee, Donna Troy as Lady Troy Celestial Amazon, and Garth as Aqualad. This is what I was thinking they could have gone with for the designs of the New 52 Titans but alas… Guardian’s look is more geared to what if Star Labs found some New Genesis tech and created his costume, Queen Bee (bumblebee) takes on a more mutated look as does Aqualad who I wanted to go in a totally different ways considering most water guys just get gills with green or blue skin. Dick I wanted to be more like his old colors as Robin and not bat-lite at all. Also when he was leading the titans he was always in disguise so i thought the Questions mask would allow him to change faces quickly. Donna I wanted to make more regal and taller then the others since I am a fan of the Amazons being taller than your average guy.
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  1. There is no redesign in the Flash at all (I know it’s all perfect as he is, but still..it should be called redesign for a reason)… The Human Target’s design is absolutely dull, looks like an Italian or Hungarian flag with those horrible colors… for me, Aqualad is the coolest of this pack..the others are just lame.

  2. While I’m not so sure about Dick without a face, I think you’ve got some pretty awesome ideas here. I’ve always thought part of the appeal of his character is that Dick can smile, Dick is human. When you take away his face, it robs him of that. I completely agree with the departure from the Batman-lite pseudo-grimness, though. And the Human Target idea is certainly a fresh take on a character that doesn’t have many places to go post-Batman Reborn.

  3. I like Donna’s costume except for the high heels–not very Amazon-like at all. Roy would have made a better Human Target than Dick (and I thought that was Roy at first). This lineup still is very male-centric. Where are Lilith and Harlequin?

  4. Love the redesign overall especially the aqualad. Is it just me or dose the gold/yellow on them create the team feel but in a nicely understated way. The name for troy is a bit clunky and the Dick as the Human Target idea loses some of his character or though I do like the idea of updating the character.

  5. You know what you are doing and you are amazing at it my only advice is on your Flash, you drew the Flash. You made everyone a different character by giving them a different costume The Flash is your only weak link everything else is gravy.

  6. I took the Human Target for Grayson to be a play on the idea that Robin was used as a decoy for Batman. The brightly colored Boy Wonder always in danger, a bit of a thrill seeker, seems the target is a perfect evolution for him, keeping the gaudy color scheme makes sense in that regard. But I do agree that losing his face and therefore his smile takes away a bit of Dick’s charm. Although you can still get a sense of it under the mask. The Kid Flash as plenty of subtle changes, enough to call it a good redesign I’d say; the fingers on the gloves, treads in the shoes,the neckline and the re-coloring of the emblem give him a fresh look, and the mask seems to function more like a wind-resistant helmet.

  7. I loved it when I first saw it in Deviantart.com and I love it here too. I’m a bit of the opposite of most here. Your Dick Grayson idea is my favorite. I’d love to see an elseworld story of this group.

  8. I like the four in the middle, but the Guardian is too plain. He needs a little flare or something to make him stand out more. Also, Aqualad is downright gaudy. The octopus-like head clashes with the human body. The idea for Dick is great though.

  9. I like this. I Definately agree that the Human Target is an okay choice to revive, the character isn’t that well known. By making Dick into the Human Target though I think that Dick’s fame would follow him no matter what role he played. Now is that Aqualad’s real head and stuff since it looks more like it could be a mask. I like the head though it does seem a little weird for a good guy to have tenticals growing out of his face, and head.

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