P:R Redesign: Ilias Kyriazis’ Gen¹³!

Note: Although some people thought the shuttering of the Wildstorm line in 2010 meant it was the last time you’d see any of these characters, they’ve begun to pop up all over the place in DC’s New 52 line. And artist Ilias Kyriazis has his own ideas for the resident teenagers of the Wildstorm line that would be perfect if and when they would ever reunite in their new setting. Keeping with their original iteration showing street clothes over jumpsuits, Ilias has some inspired ideas of just how these kids could end up visually. – Chris A.

4 comments on “P:R Redesign: Ilias Kyriazis’ Gen¹³!
  1. I’ve been following this site for a couple years now, and been a Gen 13 fan since I was 13, so needless to say, this is my all-time Favorite Post here.

    Thanks Gang, Thank you Mr. Kyriazis


  2. These are nice but kind of generic (Gen13 has always looked generic IMO) … Id like to see more iconic/timeless outfits for this team because always thought they were the definitive 90’s super team.

  3. I like Grunge with the short hair and gauges in his ears. I like the arm tattoos as well, he needs more than just the one on his chest.

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