George Kambadais’ Avengers Collection!

Note: Frequent P:R artist George Kambadais gave us a bring surprise when he emailed us last week. Unbeknownst to us, he’d been working on a revamp of Marvel’s Avengers line-up based on a suggestion from a fan. Go George go! – Chris A.

See larger versions of each character after the jump!

Note: George says the device the Hulk is wearing is a mind-control device, allowing someone to control the Hulk’s monstrous outbursts.


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  1. Not so sure about his take on the others, but I approve of “Low-tech vigilante Cap” and “Nordic Thor”. His style of Cap brings the character closer to the people, the ideals that he protects rather than being a tool of the government, while Thor’s costume just looks natural on him.

  2. Not digging Thor or Ironman but the rest are pretty cool. Hulk interests me most, how is it that Banner never tried some sort of device to control the Hulk? Also like his short hair and body suit. I’d read a book with this Hulk on the cover…

  3. Nice, I love them all, especially Ant-Man.
    I’d love to see some notes on the creative process and ideas that lead to these redesigns.

  4. You know, as much of a fan as I am of Iron Man, until I read the comments, I was thinking that character was the Vision. I’ve got a question for the artist? What era do you envision for these designs- everything has a very 50s monster movie vibe, which rocks, except the very punkish, sexy Wasp.

  5. Wow, this is a “bring surprise”! I love all of these except for the Wasp. Although her hoodie is kinda cute, she just doesn’t really fit in with the rest. Still, I would definitely love to see this group on a monthly basis.

  6. Hello,
    Thank you very very much for your comments! I’m glad you like my redesigns. In my mind these guys live in a futuristic 1950 world. In the 50s but with more advanced technology. Actually, some of the characters are inspired by characters and monsters of b-movies. Wasp in the eyes of people look like an alien woman(attack of the 50ft woman or something like that.), Hulk looks like the Frankenstein monster, Iron Man like a robot and Antman like a mad scientist. On the other hand, Captain America is a vigilante, a Zorro like figure. And Thor, well, Thor is a God. Oh, and about Iron man’s crotch-laser, well, i didn’t do that on purpose, it was ment to be a little higher, like a belt or something, but i kinda like it there. Looks fun!

  7. Cap’s A kind of looks like it’s made out of bacon to me. Thor is kinda cool, but the round chest shapes sorta look like he has boobs. Iron Man has that crotch repulsor, haha. Aside from those 3 things, I like the rest. Especially Ant-Man.

  8. I really dig these. I love Ant-Man, but I actually thought he was The Rocketeer at first glance. I honestly didn’t notice the Iron-Man’s crotch laser or the Thor boobs until they were mentioned above, but now I can’t not see them, haha. I think, next to Ant-Man, Hulk is my favorite.

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  11. Cap’s stripes remind me of bacon, otherwise I like the look.
    Also Iron Man kinda reminds me of Mr.Hero, except without the stylish moustache.

    Really digging Wasp’s look though as well as Thor & Ant-Man

  12. Tony Stark would TOTALLY rock a crotch laser.

    When did “Hero of the people” start meaning that they had to be some Zorro figure or inexplicably blue collar. Cap was made as part of a government experiment. I swear, according to comics, the U.S. government is staffed by the worst people unless we’re talking about a president or agents of it are faceless Shock Troopers who abduct people and kill others without blinking in the name of “national security”. There’s something seriously wrong when people are writing their government that way. It’s almost this divisive “Us vs. Them” mentality that disenfranchises chunks of this country so one hero can feel like he speaks to them

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