P:R Redesign: Michael Lunsford’s X-Men!

Note: Artist Michael Lunsford sent this in unannounced earlier this week, and blew out socks off (mine and Dean’s both!). Lunsford has revisited the inaugural class of Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters and given the group a modern day makeover. Lunsford gets bonus points for doing the costume variants for some of the members — the only thing I wish I could see more of is Beast in his original human guise before he went all blue. I like all of the designs, especially his take on Cyclops — the idea of hard armor over a more manageable cloth uniform is a great idea. – Chris A.

Look after the jump for bigger versions of each character, including some alternate designs!


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  1. That Iceman rules! I can’t say I’m liking Angel’s pants too much, but everything else looks great.

  2. I really enjoy Michael Lunsford’s X-Men design. The hard armor over the clothing works perfectly and is rather functional. I gotta agree that I wish we saw a version of Beast in his pre-fuzzy form. I’d also like to see him with shorts like Ice Man’s or something more. He kinda looks like he’s going about the house in his undies. ^^;

    The best outfit imo has got to be Ice Man’s. I love how he has ice armor covering the vital parts as oppose to his entire body being covered in ice. Looks much cooler (no pun intended) and offers flexibility in combat. I especially like the face mask.

    Overall, outstanding job on these remakes. Kudos to Michael Lunsford. =)

    Mr. Q

  3. AWESOME!!! Loving everything except the short pants on Angel. And the altenrates for him don’t really acknowledge his change to Archangel, but the desing is still cool. Love Cyclops’ look. Wouldn’t mind seeing it in the black and Gold. And Love the Ice armor on Iceman, not sure aboutthe bare feet. Jean looks great in all colors and love how the sash is inorporated. And I really love the Bigfoot look for beast, though he looks too much like Sasquatch from Alpha Flight now.

  4. It’s such a little thing, but I love that the effect on Cyclop’s visor looks like a single red pupil. I dig all these designs.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad to see some people dig these. Yeah I was a bit iffy on how Angel turned out too, I’m not super knowledgeable about the character, and the alternates are just color swaps for fun, not meant to be fully realized versions of those iterations.

  6. Scott looks so stiff and anal here, kinda like a cop

    “Name’s Scott Summers ma’am. I’m with the X-men. We heard there was a disturbance with the neighbors”

    “It was terrible. A sentinel came down and tore right through the roof. I knew their daughter was into some things, but this is jus-”

    “Please, just the facts ma’am”

  7. I /adore/ these designs. Perfect balance of uniforms and personalized outfits, with nice little touches (Cyclops’ single pupil, Angel’s intercom for surveillance duty) that pull it all together. And, best of all, they’re the kind of designs that both kids and adults can fall in love with. Amazing work, Mr. Lunsford!

  8. Well Stiff and Anal pretty much describe Scott in most if not all variations of the character, including the mainstream. So I’d say that fits. lol

    Edwin: Scott looks so stiff and anal here, kinda like a cop“Name’s Scott Summers ma’am.I’m with the X-men.We heard there was a disturbance with the neighbors”“It was terrible.A sentinel came down and tore right through the roof.I knew their daughter was into some things, but this is jus-”“Please, just the facts ma’am”

  9. Very nice. I love Cyclops, he always lends himself to cool redesigns, and this one is no exception, the single pupil look reminds of of Shockwave, I love it. I too would like to see pre-furry Beast, but then again pre-furry he’s just kind of a large dude, so there’s nothing that lends itself to an interesting costume. FInally, I like Iceman, but the only thing is I feel like he should have something under the plates, after all, he might not need clothes for warmth but it would still just to get his toes stepped on. And Angel and Jean Grey are both awesome too of course.
    Great work.

  10. Angle is too “Justin Beiber: Superhero” for me and those capri pants aren’t doing him any favors, but other designs are terrific.

  11. Cyclops and Marvel Girl look amazing, and all of Jean’s traditional colors work perfectly with this costume. Iceman has some really neat ideas going on with the design of his ice plating. The weak link here is Angel, with the capri pants being the main culprit. Warren should have more of a distinguished, classy fashion sense. Also, they make the Archangel alternates really hard to take seriously.

    I’d like to see this uniform design continued. Maybe another round with Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm and Shadowcat?

  12. Dan D: Well Stiff and Anal pretty much describe Scott in most if not all variations of the character, including the mainstream. So I’d say that fits. lol

    You ain’t just whistlin’ dixie, brother!

  13. Love, love, love that Cyclops! Too many people try to capture the Jim Lee look without innovating it. I love the blend of the functional with the classic. Likewise, that Beast is freakin’ PERFECT. I’m gonna have to go against the grain here, though, and say that I’m not crazy about the Iceman. The armor plates look a little video gamey, and I miss seeing his face.

    Really tight work, though.

  14. These are incredible. Seriously, while a lot of the posts here at P:R are great, I rarely see one that stands out like this. Iceman is amazing. I love Cyclops’ single red “pupil”. The alternate costumes are great reimaginings of classic designs. Great work!

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  16. The weakest of the five is Angels, but even his is pretty solid. I love the armor-over cloth, and Iceman’s costume is an interesting variation on that concept (although I’m not sure I like his mask). But Scott and Jean’s costumes are bangin.

  17. is that….a hockey mask on Iceman? Nice! Absolutely loving the designs, especially the form and weight of Cyke and Jean’s costumes. Angel kinda looks abit out of place- maybe its the lack of long sleeves. But loving it nonetheless!!

  18. I must register my agreement with George M.; of all the Beast designs I’ve ever seen, anywhere, this one might be my favorite. He looks both strong and fast (large but well-balanced muscles coupled with long limbs and fingers/toes), he has some frightening animal features (fangs, claws, fur everywhere), and yet he’s clearly kind and intelligent (the wry smile, the human eyes and nose, and especially the glasses). I would be supremely pleased if this “Professor Sasquatch” look became official.

    The others are all more than good enough to feature in an official comic (and maybe an official movie adaptation, too), but Michael Lunsford’s Beast is good enough to be the gold standard by which all Beast designs are judged.

  19. style : a bit cartoony. 3/5
    armor : 5/5 wow, one of the rare artists that understand that this guys go to war and are not durable as superman
    practicality : 4/5 the yellow above vital organs? not a fan of that. makes for an easy target when you think about it. all in all, my heroes should feel safe when engaging in battle in these suits…

    awesome work as usual. not being picky just stating my preferences but definetly enjoying the art.

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